Arizona Super Bowl betting

Knowing the top tips and tricks from experienced sports bettors can go a long way if you are interested in how to bet on the Super Bowl in Arizona. In this article, we will learn the seven most essential tips for Arizona Super Bowl betting, such as Super Bowl odds and what NOT to do. Read on to learn more.

Arizona Super Bowl betting guide

The Super Bowl can be a lot of fun, but new bettors often don’t know where to begin. In order to make the most from your Super Bowl betting Arizona wagers, keep the following tips in mind: understand Super Bowl betting odds first, select the best Super Bowl sportsbook, don’t risk it all, don’t place contradictory wagers, bet early, be smart, and learn from past Super Bowls.

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Super Bowl betting in Arizona


The top tip for Super Bowl betting Arizona is to understand Super Bowl betting odds and how Super Bowl betting works in general. To begin, know that oddsmakers will set Super Bowl betting lines immediately after the AFC and NFC championship games. Usually, this occurs two weeks before the Super Bowl, give or take a couple of days.

Once you know which two teams will make it to the Super Bowl, you can check out different betting markets and odds. Because the Super Bowl is considered the most popular single sporting event in the United States, tons of betting markets are available. The most popular include point spread, over/under, and Moneyline, but there are other betting markets.

Arizona Super Bowl betting point spread

What you do: Pick who will cover

The most popular betting market for the Super Bowl betting Arizona is the point spread. The point spread refers to the margin of victory for the favorite. Point spread odds will be indicated with a negative (-) in front of the favorite and a positive (+) in front of the underdog.

To place a point spread bet, you will select which team will cover the spread. For the favorite to cover, it must win by more than what is predicted. As for the underdog, can win outright or lose by less than what was expected to cover.

For example, let’s assume that Kansas City is the favorite with a -3 point spread against the Cardinals, who have a +3 point spread. You can either bet that Kansas City will win by more than three points or that the Cardinals will either win entirely or lose by less than three points.

Arizona Super Bowl betting over/under

What you do: Pick if the combined score will go over or under oddsmakers’ estimated total

Super Bowl betting Arizona over/under bets, sometimes simply called totals, refers to the combined final score at the end of the game. Oddsmakers will predict what the combined score will be. You can either bet that the final score will be under this prediction or over.

Let’s assume that the oddsmaker set the totals to be at 56 points. If you bet over, the final score must be over 56 points to win. However, the combined score must be 55 points or lower if you bet under.

AZ Super Bowl Moneyline

What you do: Pick who wins

Moneyline is considered the most basic bet in all sports betting. For Moneyline bets, you will pick who wins outright. Point spread, totals, and any other factor do not affect the money line bet at all. Check the action in what the youth football has to offer when you want to bet on the NCAAF in Arizona or the CFP betting odds in AZ.

For Moneyline odds, the favorite will have a negative sign (-) in front of a number, whereas the underdog will have a plus sign (+). For example, Kansas City may be the -165 favorite, while the Cardinals may be the +145 underdog. The number following the + or – tells you how much you will win based on your wager.

For the favorite odds, the number tells you how much you need to bet in order to win $100. So, if the Moneyline odds are at -165, you have to bet $165 to win $100 on the Chiefs. In contrast, the underdog odds tell you how much you will win if you bet $100. So, in the example above, you would win $145 if you bet $100 on the Cardinals.

Other Super Bowl betting Arizona bets to know

Point spread, totals, and money line may be the most popular bets for the Super Bowl, but they are not your only options. Here are some other famous betting markets to consider for Super Bowl betting Arizona:

  • Props: Fun or proposition bets that are on specific events, players, or scores
  • Live betting: Betting that takes place while the Super Bowl is on
  • Parlays: Bundle 2 or more wagers in the same bet
  • Teasers: Bundle 2 or more bets together while you also have the ability to move spread and totals
  • Futures: Bets that can be placed any time of year, even before the Super Bowl teams are announced

Super Bowl sportsbooks Arizona


The second tip for Super Bowl sportsbooks Arizona betting is to know the best Super Bowl sportsbooks AZ available. NFL betting in Arizona can be something worthwhile. The major benefit is that all of the sites general are reputable and trustworthy. Compare our favorite Arizona sportsbooks for Super Bowl betting:

DraftKings Super Bowl sportsbooks

Partnered with TPC Scottsdale and PGA, DraftKings is a leading sportsbook in Arizona and the rest of the United States. DraftKings has a super updated interface that is easy to use and very sleek. The sportsbook also has some of the best odds, betting markets, and resources to make betting fun and easy.

FanDuel Super Bowl betting

FanDuel Arizona is partnered with Phoenix Suns and the Phoenix Suns arena for Arizona residents. This sportsbook is especially popular because of its easy-to-use and fun app. It also has some of the best resources, odds, and betting materials for bettors around the nation. The bonus comes in the form of an insurance bet for Arizona residents.

BetMGM Super Bowl online betting

Currently, it is unclear exactly who BetMGM Arizona will partner with Arizona, though it looks like they will partner with the Gila River Indian Community. Regardless, BetMGM is a leading sportsbook because of its numerous betting options and resources. People especially love BetMGM because they have some of the most impressive bonuses and promotions for their users.

Other options

Some other sportsbooks in Arizona to check out include the following:

Arizona Super Bowl online betting


Know what NOT to do

Once you know your Super Bowl betting odds and sportsbook options, the next major tip is to know what not to do. Unfortunately, too many first-time sports bettors and Super Bowl bettors especially make some grievous mistakes that are outright no-no’s to more experienced players.

Don’t risk it all

One of the essential tips to keep in mind is not to risk it all or bet too big. Even when the odds may appear that one team will definitely win, upsets happen all too frequently. If you bet too big or risk it all, you’ll find yourself in a lot of trouble financially.

Don’t contradict yourself

Another common mistake many new bettors make is placing bets that outright contradict one another. For example, you might originally bet that the Super Bowl will be a high-scoring game and go over the predicted totals. Then, that same day, you might wager under the totals on a different sportsbook.

New bettors often place conflicting bets in order to ensure they win at least one bet. Although it is true that contradictory bets will often lead you to get one bet correct, you usually don’t win anything. In other words, the bet you get incorrect cancels out the bet you win, resulting in no overall earnings.

Bet early

As you already learned, oddsmakers will set the lines pretty early after the two conference winners are announced. Therefore, it’s best to pay attention to these odds because these odds tend to be the most accurate. In other words, it’s a great idea to bet as early as possible once the Super Bowl teams are announced.

Be smart when betting on the Super Bowl

As we learned above, one of the biggest mistakes new Super Bowl bettors make is betting way too much and risking it all. Instead of betting big, it’s better to bet smart. Making intelligent decisions may not be as much fun, but they almost always result in better earnings.

To bet smart, you should calculate which bets are worth it and which are not. You can do this by comparing odds on the Super Bowl from different sportsbook sites and calculating how much you can potentially earn based on stakes within your means.

This tip applies to way more than just Super Bowl betting, though. Any form of betting, including Arizona sports betting or investing in the stock market, should be approached with a lot of research, discretion, and intelligence.

Learn from past Super Bowls

Finally, the last tip for Arizona Super Bowl betting is to pay attention to trends from past Super Bowls. For example, past Super Bowls have shown that props about low-scoring first quarters tend to be successful and lucrative. More so, past Super Bowls have shown that the team that scores first is often the team that ends up winning.

Arizona Cardinals Super Bowl betting odds

There are other things you can learn from past Super Bowls as well. Looking at past trends will help you make more educated bets and learn from the mistakes of bettors of the past. For example with the odds from how the Arizona Cardinals performed in the past. Make sure to use an Arizona Cardinals sportsbook cash bonus to top up your next bet.

How to bet on the Super Bowl in Arizona


Now that you have learned the most essential tips and tricks for how to bet on the Super Bowl in Arizona. Here is a simple step-by-step template for placing a bet on the Super Bowl this year:

  1. Choose a sportsbook and sign up

You have to choose a Super Bowl sportsbook to place your wager on first. Any of the above-mentioned Super Bowl sportsbooks work great for Arizona betting. However, the state may introduce more sportsbooks since not all 20 sportsbook slots are filled yet.

You will need to sign up for that Super Bowl betting AZ operator as well. You will have to put in your name contact information and verify your identity to sign up. Keep in mind that you will also have to put in some sort of banking information to fund your wagers.

  1. Browse the odds

Using the Super Bowl betting AZ provider of your choosing and other resources online, browse the odds. Look through as many odds as possible to get the most holistic picture of what different oddsmakers are saying will be the outcome.

  1. Place your bet

Finally, place your bet. Confirm that your deposit went through, and watch how the game plays out.

Get to know the other bowls to bet on in the state:

Arizona Super Bowl betting FAQ

Is it legal to bet on the Super Bowl in Arizona?

Yes. As of 2021, sports betting is legal in Arizona, and that includes wagers placed on the Super Bowl. But, of course, bettors must be 21 years or older and be located within the state lines of Arizona for Arizona sports betting to be legal.

When is the Super Bowl held?

Ever since 2004, the Super Bowl has been held on the first Sunday of every February.

Is Super Bowl betting AZ popular?

Yes. Super Bowl betting AZ is prevalent. In fact, it is considered the most popular singular sporting event for sports betting worldwide.

When is the best time to place bets on the Super Bowl in AZ?

Statistically, the best time to place Super Bowl bets is right after oddsmakers have first listed Super Bowl lines. But, of course, this happens after the two conference championships determine who plays in the Super Bowl.

Is it safe to place Super Bowl betting AZ bets?

Generally speaking, it is safe to place Super Bowl betting AZ bets online. However, this is only true of reputable Super Bowl sportsbooks. Any of the above-mentioned sportsbooks, as well as any other sportsbooks licensed in Arizona, are safe and completely reliable for placing bets and inserting personal information.