NFL betting in Arizona

The NFL is exciting on its own, but if you have never incorporated betting, you are missing out. To ensure that NFL betting in Arizona will enhance your experience, we have gathered all the most important information on this page, along with the best online operators in AZ for NFL wagers.

NFL betting guide in AZ

If you want to bet like a pro, you will utilize the tips outlined in this guide and take the time to learn everything you can about NFL betting in AZ before you sign up for a few of those sportsbooks and place your first bets.

Patience will be key to success, along with managing your bankroll, but your endeavor will be well worth it. In this guide, you’ll find info on:

  • Basic tips to get you started
  • Basic knowledge needed to bet effectively
  • Why you should use a legal sportsbook to place your bets

By the time you are done, you will be roaring to get started, but taking the time to read through will make sure you have the best chance to start strong.

NFL betting top list Arizona

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BetRivers NFL betting in Arizona BetRivers Sportsbook Get up to $100 in bonus
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Unibet NFL betting in Arizona Unibet Sportsbook $100 Second Chance Bet
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Best NFL betting Arizona 2024


The key to betting on any sport or league is research, but this is especially important when you are getting involved in a market as expansive as one tied to NFL games. Here are three tips that will set you up for long-term financial gain.

Compare NFL betting AZ

The easiest way to obtain the knowledge you need is by looking for game recaps online, but nothing will give you as much information as watching the games as they play out.

You need to take the time to watch as many games as you can and update yourself on the ones you cannot. NFL betting in Arizona is best done when your head is full of information that is relevant to your cause, including:

  • Applicable information
  • Statistics
  • Data

You should also evaluate your research to ensure you are not digging around with bias in your brain. While you can certainly have preferences when it comes to NFL Betting in Arizona, these preferences should not have you looking at a specific handful of teams.

Manage your bankroll without chasing losses

These go hand in hand for Arizona sports betting. You will have the urge to pursue any money you lose, especially if your confidence in the bet is high. This is something you should never do. Just as win streaks are real, losing streaks gain momentum easily.

You can prevent this desire to chase after your losses by establishing a specific bankroll and budgeting your bets. So while the guidelines will really only function as guidelines, having something in place is another hurdle you will have to cross before making the mistake of bounding after bad bets.

Even if you bypass these guidelines, that can be a key indicator that you need to seek help. Managing your bankroll is essential to betting responsibly.

Know the difference between betting with your heart and your head

You might be told you should always bet with your head, but we don’t think that is entirely true.

There are plenty of reasons you should bet with your head, and they are all valid. However, placing bets that are well informed increases your chances of winning. It is what separates betting “for fun” from betting with intention.

However, there will be times when your heart seems to know something your brain does not. This is usually when you cannot seem to lock in on a specific bet. Know when to recognize these times, and you just might find your heart has learned a little about it from your mind.

NFL sportsbooks Arizona


NFL sportsbooks in Arizona offers a huge opportunity for the residents of the state, with special partnerships with NFL teams in the state. In turn, this affects the NFL draft betting likewise.

NFL team in Arizona: The Cardinals

The Arizona Cardinals are one of four teams in the NFL Conference Western Division. They have two NFL championships historically, though both wins occurred when the team was based in Chicago.

The Cardinals are the only NFL team to never have lost an NFL playoff game at home, making them the poster team for home-field advantage. To bet on the Cardinals, don’t forget to use an

With the big event coming up for the two fabled football games that are Arizona Thanksgiving betting here in our top list of Thanksgiving sportsbooks in Arizona. Find the best Arizona Cardinals sportsbook cash bonus here.


Most popular NFL betting types AZ

Though there are plenty of different specific ways to bet on NFL games, the four basic types are:

  • Moneylines
  • Point spreads
  • Over/unders (Totals)
  • Futures

Moneyline bets are pretty much standard when it comes to Football betting in Arizona. These involve putting your money on the team you believe will win the game.

A point spread also requires you to pick a winner, but oddsmakers handicap the teams. This usually means that the favorite must cover a point spread that deducts from their actual score, but an underdog can still win the point spread while losing the game.

In an over/under bet, you decide whether you believe the total points scored by the end of the game will be more or less than the total score set by oddsmakers. This is a better choice if you aren’t sure who will win.

Future bets give you the opportunity to put money down on things that will not be resolved in one game. For example, you can bet on the Super Bowl in Arizona and which team you believe will win before the season even starts. Odds tend to be more favorable the further out you are from fruition.

Benefits of using NFL odds in Arizona


You may be tempted by sportsbooks that operate offshore or under the table, but nothing is going to beat a legal, licensed Arizona sports betting site. Here’s why.

Safety and security with the odds

Legal operators consider your safety and security a top priority. This means that their websites protect your information, and if there were ever an issue with your funds, there would be a pathway to recover them.

When you work with an odds provider that is “off the books,” you have none of these protections. This could also limit your confidence to play bets because you would never be sure you would see your winnings.

Responsible odds practices

Legal online oddsmakers put the bettor’s wellness before their own. This means that they take the necessary steps to make sure you are of proper age and citizenship to place bets for events like Thanksgiving football betting Arizona.

Beyond this, legal odds givers often have information and resources to help you out if you run into problems with your gambling habits. This is key to nipping any issues in the bud, and it shows that they truly care about you beyond the money you can give them.

Quality odds and apps

Subpar sites and applications will have shoddy interfaces that make it difficult for you to navigate.

Legit ones do have a reputation to uphold, and they want you to be able to navigate their services easily. This can make NFL betting in Arizona much easier, especially if you get into live betting where odds change every few seconds. In those cases, time is very much of the essence.

Promotions and bonuses for NFL Betting in AZ

Legal AZ NFL sportsbooks face a ton of competition, which puts pressure on them to get you on site. One of the ways online NFL sportsbooks try to set themselves apart is by offering you welcome bonuses and running a unique set of promotions for NFL betting in Arizona.

An offshore operator will probably never do this, which means you would be missing out on hundreds and even thousands in the long run.

Recommended NFL sportsbooks in AZ

Our favorite legal NFL sportsbooks boast all these benefits and more.

  • BetMGM NFL odds AZ: luxury interface, potential payout calculator, a welcome bonus of $600
  • PointsBet NFL Arizona: large bonuses ($500 insurance bet bonus; $1,500 insurance bonus PointsBet), competitive odds, unique style
  • DraftKings Arizona NFL: superb live updates and statistics hub, regularly updated bonuses, a welcome bonus of $500
  • FanDuel Arizona NFL odds: fast processing times, great odds for future bets, a welcome bonus of $1,000
  • William Hill AZ NFL: one of the biggest names in sports worldwide, great bonuses, easy to navigate, a welcome bonus of $500

FAQ’s NFL Betting Arizona

Is NFL betting in Arizona legal?

Yes, it was legalized in Arizona in April 2021 when Governor Doug Ducey signed HB2772 into law.

How does the regular season work in the NFL?

The NFL is comprised of 32 teams. These are divided into two conferences, and within the conferences are four divisions of four teams. Each team plays 17 games in 18 weeks, and the top teams in each division qualify for playoffs that end in a division vs. division.

Is live betting better than pre-match betting in AZ?

Live betting in AZ can provide valuable opportunities, but you need to be completely confident in your bet and able to act in seconds. Pre-match is the safer way to do NFL betting in Arizona.

Can you bet on preseason games?

Preseason involves placing bets on the scrimmages that coaches use to evaluate players, but because the goal of these games does not necessarily involve winning, it can be hard to figure out how to bet. The lines on these games are usually guesses or default odds.

Is NFL betting in AZ worth it despite the popularity?

NFL betting in AZ is worth it both because of the popularity and in spite of it. Football is a competitive sport to bet on, but this means that the payouts can be that much sweeter. There are also plenty of safe ways to bet or exotic options that increase the overall fun of spectating.