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Boxing Betting in Arizona

From picking the best boxing betting sites AZ to taking note of the expert tips and tricks, we’ll cover everything you need to know about boxing betting in Arizona here. Read on for how you start this wonderful sports betting in Arizona.

Boxing betting in Arizona guide

We won’t leave any stone unturned. By the end of this jam-packed step-by-step boxing betting guide, you’ll be able to wager with the pros. It’s time to make some serious cash. So let’s get started by looking at how to pick the best Arizona boxing betting sites for you.

Top list boxing betting AZ

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Best Boxing betting sites Arizona


Best boxing betting sites Arizona is a great option for sports market in our grand canyon state, when deciding on which bookie to use, keep the following in mind:

Boxing sportsbook reputation in Arizona

A solid track record is vital, and nothing beats a brilliant reputation. So look back at the Arizona boxing sportsbook’s record to see where they’ve gone wrong in the past and how they worked to fix it.

Banking methods in AZ

There should be plenty of options for you to deposit and withdraw funds. You’ll likely end up using only a couple, but life changes. If you switch up the way you do your finances, you need a sportsbook that can accommodate.


Of course, the safety of your data and money should be your top priority. Look for a padlock in the left corner of the URL bar. This is a tell-tale sign that the site is using the latest security software.

Boxing betting promos and bonuses in Arizona

Anything that increases your bankroll is a winner in our eyes. Just check the terms, though, as some Arizona sports betting sites like to implement lots of rollover conditions.

Wager coverage

The more options you’re presented with, the more accurate bets you can place. Therefore increasing your winning potential.

Customer service

What happens if something goes wrong? Absolutely nothing without a high-quality customer support team! You should be able to contact them via phone, email, and live chat 24/7.

Boxing sportsbooks in Arizona

  1. FanDuel boxing odds in AZ: Generous welcome offer in the form of a No Sweat First Bet bonus for Arizona, user-friendly, and an excellent selection of markets.
  2. PointsBet boxing sportsbook: Great market variety, exceptional daily betting, and brilliant welcome bonus.
  3. DraftKings boxing betting: Clean layout, fab app, and easy to navigate.
  4. BetMGM boxing lines: Super competitive boxing betting odds, strong offers for new users, and incredibly quick verification.
  5. William Hill boxing: Excellent sign-up package, boosted odds on Moneylines, and a decent mobile app.

Bet types available for boxing in AZ


You have conquered the first step. Let’s tackle the second. All of the bet types below are quite easy to get your head around. You’ll be betting with the pros in no time.

  • 3-Way moneyline: Unlike a regular moneyline bet, you can bet on a win, loss, or draw with the 3-way version. Although, draws aren’t very common in boxing.
  • Round betting: The most well-known type of round betting is wagering on the specific round the fight will finish. If you want to get super specific, you can even bet on who will finish the fight in that round.
  • On-points betting: Here, you need to figure out which boxer will win the fight by decision. The points equal the score awarded by the judges after each round. The fighters receive a maximum of 10 points per round.
  • Over/under betting: You wager on how many rounds you think it will take to win the bout. The sportsbook will give you an estimation of 7.5 rounds (for example). If you bet over, there must be at least 8 rounds to win. If you bet under, it cannot be more than 7 rounds.
  • In-play boxing betting: Nowadays, live betting is all the rage. Not only can you bet before the match starts, but you can bet while it’s happening.
  • Winning method betting: With this bet type, you have to wager on how somebody will win the match. This could be a knockout or something else. You just need to get it right.
  • Long-term and series betting: Whenever there is a boxing tournament, you can bet on the winner of the whole event. This will take longer to realize, but the payout is always amazing.

Pro tips for Boxing betting Arizona


You’ve arrived at the third and final step! It’s time to take note of some expert boxing betting in Arizona tips.

Make logical decisions

You’re not going to get very far if you bet with your heart. It may sound blunt, but it’s true. So look past your favorite fighter, and consider who you should logically bet on. That’s how you make money in the boxing betting Arizona game.

Set some money aside

We’re sure you understand the risks of betting on boxing. But we’ll mention it anyway. It can be very easy to succumb to the exhilarating moment of making a wager. It gets your adrenaline pumping and your heart rate thrumming — a deadly combo when it involves money. So, to save yourself from a sticky situation, set money aside to fund your boxing betting in Arizona.

Research the fighters

You can’t make profitable betting decisions without knowing the fighter you’re wagering. You should think about the following factors when researching each boxer:

  • Speed and power — Fast fighters can move forward, throw a jab, and move backward. Powerful fighters might lack this agility, but they’ll do more damage with one page than the faster individual. It’s worth understanding that strength does not mean power. They might be able to lift heavy at the gym, but power comes from the ability to use strength with technique.
  • Technical ability — We all love a KO. But the heavy hitters can experience trouble when they go up against technical fighters. The only way to truly understand technique is to do it yourself. But if that’s not an option (or you just don’t want to) watch some YouTube training videos. Knowing what the proper technique looks like will make all the difference.
  • Quality of trainers — A boxer is only as good as the person he trains with. Someone lucky enough to train with the top dogs will learn a lot and improve consistently. If not, they likely stagnate at their current skill level. It’s also worth considering how often they train.
  • Camp length and quality — Is the camp long-term? Is it a short notice camp? Is the camp intense? What workouts are they doing? How strict is the regime? What are they eating? All this is important to know. You can then consider whether one boxer trained harder than the other. Understanding it all will give you an edge over other bettors.
  • Recent punishment — Basically: have they been clocked in the head recently? If so, they may have lost their edge for the next fight. Be mindful of the damage they’ve taken. It might not be wise to bet on them to win after that.
  • Injuries — Past and existing injuries should be taken into account here. Although, be mindful of where you get this information from.

Know the scoring system

Once you know the players, you need to know the game. Bouts don’t always end with a knockout. Generally, the matches come down to the judge’s decisions. And this is usually where it gets complicated. Despite what they say, judges do have favorites and different ways of scoring certain matches. Objectivity is hard for everyone, after all.

Be mindful of strong favorites

Winning is great. But you need to know if the bet has value before wagering. The larger the favorite, the more you must bet to get a decent payout.

Shop for the best boxing betting lines

Every AZ sports betting site will have different lines for the same fight. So make sure you get the best of the best by shopping around.

Understand motivations

Does the boxer really want to win? The chances are they do. But how badly do they want it? Badder than their opponent? You might be surprised how much this can change the outcome of a match.

FAQ’s About Boxing Betting in Arizona

Why are towels thrown into the ring?

Throwing in the towel during a boxing match ends the fight. However, if the referee has already requested the fight to stop, the towel won’t count.

Can a boxing match end in a draw?

Yes! Depending on the bet types you make, you can bet on a draw outcome. However, keep in mind that it’s rather rare in boxing.

What is fight winner 3-way?

This is another name for a 3-way moneyline. You are able to choose from 3 outcomes (win, draw, or loss).

Why don’t boxers wear shirts?

Boxers typically don’t wear a shirt because it slows the fight down. Whenever you see something to grab, instinct tells you to do so. This wouldn’t be helpful in a boxing match.

Can you bet on boxing in Arizona legally?

Absolutely! In early 2021, Governor Doug Ducey signed the sports betting bill into immediate effect.