Arizona sports betting

If you consider yourself a sports fan, this might just be your new favorite year. That’s because Arizona sports betting is live for residents of the Grand Canyon State. will help you find the best Arizona sports betting sites in July 2022, along with the best deals and how to bet on sports in AZ.

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Compare Arizona Sports Betting sites


This guide will explain some of the histories that led to the new Arizona sports betting regulations, walk you through how to get started with AZ sports betting sites, compare which Arizona sports betting sites are the best, and also break down some of the offers you’ll find online. After reading through this comparison guide, you’ll have all the information you need to win big.

Guide for Arizona sports betting sites

Today, Arizona is one of the states in the US with the most extensive selection of sports betting in the US. The state offers several land-based casinos and state lotteries, and as of late, sports betting, both online and retail, joined the lineup.

So if you like the idea of wagering your hard-earned cash and maybe winning some real money, then Arizona is a state that can help you with this. In our guide, you can compare Arizona sports betting sites easily.

  • Land-Based Gambling (Casino)
  • Retail bookies
  • Arizona sports betting
  • Racetracks
  • Lottery
  • Bingo

Top list Arizona sports betting sites 2022

$500 Welcome offer
  • Odds boosted daily
  • Parlay+ (money line, totals & props)
  • Great live betting options
Bet now Betfred Arizona
$250 risk free bet
  • Great betting experience
  • Refer-A-Friend & get $50 each
  • Infinite parlay boosts
Bet now Unibet Arizona
$1,100 first bet insurance
  • Bet $20 get $200 on any event
  • Weekly betting promos
  • Great odds
Bet now Caesars Arizona
Risk-Free Bet up to $1,000
  • 1 month free FuboTV
  • Great app experience
  • Several promotions
Bet now Fubo Arizona
$250 bonus
  • Huge variety of odds
  • Great bonus terms
  • Excellent loyalty program
Bet now BetRivers Arizona
Up to $1,000 risk free
  • Fast payouts
  • Cash out options
  • Refer-a-friend gifts
Bet now FanDuel Arizona
Risk-Free bet up to $1000
  • Free live streams
  • $10 free weekly bet
  • iOS & Android app
Bet now BetMGM AZ

Best Arizona sports betting sites

sports betting arizona flag round

We will always try to stay up to date with the best Arizona sports betting sites since we ourselves are avid sports betting lovers. Find your favorite top pick in our list of Arizona sports betting sites today. If you want more info about each brand, check out our full guide on Arizona sportsbooks here.

FanDuel sports betting site

fanduel logo

Fanduel Arizona offers one of the largest betting markets in the US at their Arizona sports betting site. They do this through their well-designed betting site. The betting site leaves no resident wondering who they are. Mostly, since they spend a ton of money on branding and marketing in all of the USA.

✏️ Sign up offer$1000 Risk-free first bet
🏣 Retail sports betting partnerThe Phoenix Suns
📺 Live bettingYes
⚖️ Live in ArizonaYes
💸 Payment optionsPayPal, credit/debit cards, bank transfers, PayWithMyBank, VIP Preferred, PayNearMer, Cash at Cage.
🌞 Special betting rewards for AZExperience thanks to Daily Fantasy Sports

BetMGM sports betting

A major player on this list is BetMGM Arizona with its well-polished sports betting site. They are among the top-rated sports betting operator in the whole country. With their ever-expanding operation, they just keep growing and setting up sports betting websites in AZ.

✏️ Sign up offer$1000 Risk-free bet
🏣 Retail sports betting partnerArizona Cardinals
📺 Live bettingYes
⚖️ Live in ArizonaYes
💸 Payment optionsPayPal, credit/debit cards, bank transfers, PayWithMyBank, VIP Preferred, PayNearMer, Cash at Cage. Bank Wire
🌞 Special betting rewards for AZM Life Rewards

Fubo sports betting

fubos sportsbook logo

The Fubo Live Gaming community has been screaming for sports betting options for the famous sports betting provider. The market is ripe for Fubo Sportsbook Arizona to offer its fans one of the best sports betting in Arizona.

✏️ Sign up offer$1000 Risk-free bet and 1 Month of FuboTV
🏣 Retail sports betting partnerAk-Chin
📺 Live bettingYes
⚖️ Live in ArizonaYes
💸 Payment optionsPayPal, credit/debit cards, bank transfers, PayWithMyBank, VIP Preferred, PayNearMer, Cash at Cage.
🌞 Special betting rewards for AZFull access to FuboTV live streaming

DraftKings sports betting site

Biggest in the game. We find DraftKings Arizona, which has set up operations in nearly all legal sports betting states in the US. Through a partnership with TPC Scottsdale, punters in AZ get access to one of the biggest names in online sports betting.

DraftKings is not only highly regarded in the community. Also, provides a wide range of bets and quality deals to draw in new members. Also, to keep them coming back for more.

✏️ Sign up offer20% deposit match up to $1000
🏣 Retail sports betting partnerTPC Scottsdale
📺 Live bettingYes
⚖️ Live in ArizonaYes
💸 Payment optionsPayPal, credit/debit cards, bank transfers, PayWithMyBank, VIP Preferred, PayNearMer, Cash at Cage.
🌞 Special betting rewards for AZTrack your deposit bonus

Caesars sports betting site

caesars logo

Many of us are familiar with this betting site. As it’s backed by one of the largest Las vegas operators in the country. It is, of course, Caesars we’re talking about. Punters at this operator have season-long access to a wide selection of bets and offers.

Which they can access online through their desktop or while on the go using the Caesars Arizona sports betting site. When you sign up with this brand, you’ll also gain access to their Rewards Credit program. In turn, they grant members points for every bet they place.

✏️ Sign up offer$1500 deposit match
🏣 Retail sports betting partnerArizona Diamondbacks
📺 Live bettingYes
⚖️ Live in ArizonaYes
💸 Payment optionsPayPal, credit/debit cards, bank transfers, PayWithMyBank, VIP Preferred, PayNearMer, Cash at Cage, ACH e-checks
🌞 Special betting rewards for AZCaesars Rewards Platform

BetRivers sports betting online

A well-known operator for all kinds of gambling. The BetRivers Arizona gives bettors in AZ the chance to try their new betting site in the state. Check out the campaigns and deals that this brand has in store for the residents of the Grand Canyon state.

✏️ Sign up offerDeposit offer up to $250
🏣 Retail sports betting partnerArizona Rattlers
📺 Live bettingYes
⚖️ Live in ArizonaYes
💸 Payment optionsPayPal, credit/debit cards, bank transfers, PayWithMyBank, VIP Preferred, PayNearMer, Cash at Cage.
🌞 Special betting rewards for AZGreat VIP program

Unibet online betting site

unibet logo

Unibet Arizona is one of the hottest online sports betting websites in Arizona today. In our full guide to the platform, we’ll find out why they’re so popular in the European market.

✏️ Sign up offer$500 risk-free bet
🏣 Retail sports betting partnerTurf Paradise Racing
📺 Live bettingYes
⚖️ Live in ArizonaYes
💸 Payment optionsPayPal, credit/debit cards, bank transfers, PayWithMyBank, VIP Preferred, PayNearMer, Cash at Cage.
🌞 Special betting rewards for AZRefer-a-friend $50

Sports betting in Arizona: present day

Sports betting in Arizona for fans can finally enjoy the fruits of a long and rocky road for sports betting in Arizona. We are finally here where sports betting is live in the state, and the numbers were off the charts for participants.

The long road for Arizona sports betting has been pretty smooth, without much delay initially, but after the bill passed. The licenses have been handed out to serious operators in the state; we cant wait to see how the future unfolds. Even though the state generated a betting handle of $777 million in the first two months (Sep-Oct 2021)

Here is a quick rundown of the market in AZ so far:

  • Sports betting in Arizona has been legal and live since September 2021.
  • Account pre-registration for sportsbooks began on August 28.
  • So far, 18 online sportsbooks are live in the state, with Golden Nugget being the latest to join the fray.
  • Physical and online sports betting is available within the state borders thanks to Senate Bill 1797 and House Bill 2772.
  • Several physical locations offer sports betting in Arizona at their local venues.

Latest AZ sports betting news

Make sure to stay tuned by following the latest AZ sports betting news here!

Sports betting in Arizona offers

az flag offer ribbon

Bet types aren’t the only terms you’ll need to learn before you start using your new sports betting site in Arizona. You’ll also need to understand the different offers and perks online sports betting in Arizona offer to gain new members.

When signing up at an Arizona sports betting site

When you sign up, they’ll likely provide incentives such as addition bets, free bets, or even matched deposits.

Risk-free bets

Although nothing is entirely risk-free. The risk-free bets offer punters a one-time chance to bet big without the risk of losing their money. Often, online sports betting in Arizona operators place a limit on how much you can bet. But those limits tend to go up to $500 or $1,000.

Free bets

Free bets typically kick into gear after you place your first bet on sign-up. After wagering a certain amount, the bookie will offer a free bet equal to the same amount as your wager. Again, online betting Arizona operators often place a limit, though, ranging from $500 to $1,000.

Deposit matches

Just as it sounds, once you deposit money into your bankroll. A deposit match will match that amount up to a set limit. This is an excellent way to double your bankroll without having to deposit more money into your online sports betting in Arizona account.


These are the only truly free offers you’ll find. Typically, they work as a low-value single free bet that the online sports betting Arizona site offers on sign-up. Don’t expect to earn much, though, as they tend to max out around $25 or $50.

Rebated offers

Rebate offers kick into effect after you’ve lost a significant amount of money. Arizona sports betting sites offer rebates as a sign of good faith to keep you coming back and as a thank you for your loyalty.


Reload offers are similar to deposit matches but typically only come into effect after you’ve already used up your bankroll. Once you deposit more funds, you may receive free bets or a deposit match. While this is by no means an exhaustive list. Reloads are one of the most common types of deals you’ll find on any major Arizona sports betting site.

AZ sports betting markets


Now that the state finally legalized AZ sports betting online and offline, residents can make their bet from wherever they want. They’ll need to be well prepared for what is about to come. In this section, we’ll clear up some of the uncertainties surrounding the online AZ sports betting markets.

Picks for AZ sports betting

The picks for online AZ sports betting offer an extensive number of sports to wager on. A lot of different sports to bet on are included in the massive Arizona online sports betting markets. In our full guide, we’ve gathered a comprehensive list of the sports to bet on at the AZ sports betting market. Regarding the sports market in AZ.

Events and tournaments

What about sports events to bet on at online Arizona sports betting sites, then? Yes, all the major league tournaments offer futures at most Arizona online sports betting sites. However, nearly everything is up for grabs in Arizona online sports betting.

How to bet on sports in Arizona


Signing up for sports betting in Arizona is only half the work. From there, you’ll need to do some research into the types of bets you can place. Also, how to apply rewards to your betting strategy. Fortunately, we’ve got your back. Follow our guide for “how to bet on sports in AZ” for an easy step-by-step process.

First, you need to select the best sports betting AZ sites that you want to gamble at. Then, we recommend using our list at the top of the page to find your way to a suiting betting site. For bettors that are interested in Arizona sports betting news, we also deliver the latest and updated ones.

Registering at Arizona sports betting sites

register image guide

Once you have selected your betting site, you can follow the step-by-step guide to register at the AZ sports betting sites.

  • Click on your Arizona sports betting choice in our list “BET NOW” button.
  • Once you arrive at the AZ sports betting site, click on “Sign up.”
  • You’ll now be directed to a new page with a registration form that you’ll need to fill out. Populate all the fields requested with information about yourself.
  • This information is usually: Name, date of birth, social security number, address, e-mail address, and telephone number.
  • The next step is to select a password for future logins.
  • Fill in any rewards code if requested.
  • Accept the T & C’s required and then click Next.
  • You have now made your first registration at an Arizona sports betting site. Also, you can now make your first deposit to start playing.
  • In the end, you can choose your preferred settings like language (English or Spanish), color themes, and more.

Bets to place at Arizona sports betting sites

odds homepage

When you have signed up with your preferred AZ sports betting site. Below, you’ll find a breakdown of the most common types of bets and odds you’ll find on any AZ sports betting site:


These are the most basic types of bets you can place. Essentially, it works how you might think sports bets work. You pick who you think will win the game and place money on those odds.

The lower the odds, the more you’ll earn if your team wins. Betting on higher odds won’t pay out as much, but you’ll have a fair chance of winning.


When you place an over/under bet, you’re placing money on whether or not the winning team will score more or less than a set number of points as determined by your bookmaker. For example, if you bet that the Suns will win with a score over 72 and they do. You earn the profit from that bet.

In-game bets for Arizona sports betting sites

Although in-game bets aren’t a separate type of bet. You’ll likely see this option on any major Arizona sports betting sites. As the name suggests, placing an in-game bet means that you change your position during the match. This type of bet is commonly placed during horse races; however, you may see it in any sport.


Parlay bets are not for the faint of heart. When you bet using a parlay, you are betting on the overall outcome of a series of matches. They’re commonly used for tournaments where your favorite team is expected to win several rounds back-to-back.

The profits compound with every win but, if they lose once, you lose everything when using Arizona online betting.

Prop bets

Prop bets might as well be called the wild-card of bets for Arizona online betting. Rather than betting on the outcome of a game, you’re betting on everything else that happens. Common prop bets include who will perform the Nation’s Anthem. Also, who will throw the first pitch or anything else that you could imagine betting on during a sports game.

AZ sports betting partnerships


Keeping with the provisions set out by House Bill 2772. Arizona’s professional sports teams have partnered with some of the biggest names in AZ sports betting. Below, you’ll find a list of all of these partnerships, along with a breakdown of each betting operator’s strengths and weaknesses.

Collab with the Phoenix Suns for AZ sports betting

phoenix suns team logo

Arizona’s pro-basketball team was locked and loaded to jump into online sports betting before Governor Ducey signed House Bill 2772. In partnership with FanDuel, they’d inked out a contract in preparation for the day they could accept online bets.

But this brand has its eyes on more than just online booking. They’ve recently announced plans to also build a retail sports betting kiosk in the Sun’s home arena. For anyone new to AZ sports betting, this operator is one of the premium names, often considered the top offering in New Jersey.

They were ready to take on new members as soon as sports gambling became legal on September 9. In addition, have prepared some quality rewards to lure in, hopefully, bettors.

Arizona Cardinals as AZ sports betting partner

AZ cardinals team logo

Although the Arizona Cardinals waited a little longer than other sports teams, they scored a prime partner in MGM casinos betting brand. As one of the largest online bookies in the world, this brand will provide Arizona residents with a wide selection of possible bets, attractive offers, and a streamlined, easy-to-use mobile app.

Additionally, the operator has also partnered with the Gila River Tribe, meaning that you can also use AZ sports betting at their retail location in the Gila River Tribe casino. In addition, for your bets on the Cardinals, you can use an Arizona Cardinals sportsbook bonus to get that extra betting power up.

DK and the TPC Scottsdale Open

The TPC Scottsdale Open might not be a professional golf team. But it’s definitely one of the largest golf events in the nation.

Suppose you recall back to the typo that nearly put a halt to online sports betting in Arizona. In that case, you’ll recall that legislators allowed venues that attract 150,000 or more attendants at a time to apply for betting licenses. The PGA Tour and the TPC Scottsdale Open definitely qualify.


arizona diamondbacks logo

Major League Baseball fans have reason to celebrate as their favorite Arizona team, the Diamondbacks, have signed on with Caesars big casino platform to bring AZ sports betting to their fans.

Likewise, you can find a retail location at Chase Field, the Diamondback’s home stadium, in Phoenix.

The Rivers online betting site and the Arizona Rattlers

arizona rattlers team logo

The Rattlers—based out of the Footprint Center in Phoenix—quickly became one of the nation’s brightest stars, rightly deserved to have the recognition of an AZ sports betting license. Today, you can find their odds through BetRivers Arizona, with whom they’ve already signed a deal so that Arizonan fans can bet on their games.

Bally’s and the Phoenix Mercury

mercury team logo

Although Arizona’s NBA team had already paired up with a sports betting AZ platform, you can also access basketball bets through Phoenix Mercury’s partnership with Bally Bet.

The WNBA team owner Robert Sarver, who jointly owns the Phoenix Suns, meaning you have equal access to both teams. Interestingly, Bally Bet Arizona is the first online AZ sports betting site to partner with a women’s team.

Which is setting them apart as a pro-female sports business. Through their partnership, members gain access to everything they’d expect from a top online AZ sports betting site with a variety of bets, good odds, and attractive deals for special events, so you can start March Madness betting in Arizona.

Phoenix International Raceway

Just as the TPC Scottsdale Open acquired a betting license based on its thousands of attendants, the Phoenix International Raceway was able to secure an AZ sports betting license. Thanks to the thousands of fans who pour into the raceway each year.

Considering that not one but two major races—including the Championship—take place at the Phoenix International Raceway each year. It only makes sense that they were approved for a license. Even more logically, they paired up with the Penn-National Barstool, one of the largest motor betting platforms in the world.

Along with all the perks and bets you’ll find on their online platform, Barstool sports is also planning to open a physical location at the raceway. So keep an eye out for it and place your bets online today!

Arizona Coyotes with SaharaBets

arizona coyotes team logo

The Coyotes pair up with SaharaBets Arizona and hockey fans can rest assured that they’ll also have access to their favorite team. Arizona’s premier hockey team possesses a betting license from the state legislature as a professional sports team.

However, It shouldn’t be too difficult for them to get the “puck” rolling with their new partner, as many other hockey teams have previously partnered with the likes of PointsBet and William Hill. Once the Coyotes have paired up is live with the AZ sports betting operator, residents will be able to place Arizona Coyotes bets on their favorite team.

Reported partnerships for Arizona betting

Along with the professional teams, local tribes are currently hammering out the details of their own contracts. Within the next few months, expect to find finalized partnerships between these Arizona betting sites and native tribes:

Once these deals are finalized, you’ll be able to find retail locations at the local casinos and through their, Arizona betting web-based platforms.

Funding your sports betting Arizona account


For those who are curious about the range of banking options in Arizona, we can announce that the range is pretty wide.

Therefore we’ve compiled a list of all available payment methods offered for sports betting in Arizona. Here you will find payment methods for both deposits and withdrawals, but keep in mind, the offer can vary depending on which sports betting website AZ, you choose to play at.

As many bettors are in favor of quick payouts, Fast payouts Arizona has what you need. For more specific information about sports betting in Arizona, we recommend reading the individual reviews for these. Payment methods to choose from sports betting in Arizona can you see under our dedicated guide.

Pros of sports betting in Arizona


Why have sports betting become so big worldwide, and why is there great hype surrounding online sports betting in Arizona? The main reason why sports betting is so popular is that sports enthusiasts have such a burning passion for particular teams or sports and thus have excellent knowledge of the subject.

This opens up the opportunity to make money on your passion. Which is something most of us dream of. Many punters have made big wins this way, and in some cases, in-state teams can gain financial support by having their fans bet on them.

There is more to collect for players when it comes to online sports betting in Arizona. We will get into some of the three main benefits of online betting below so that you can gain an overview and understanding of the hype.

Big offers for sports betting in Arizona

The main benefit of online sports betting in Arizona is that you as a player receive a hefty welcome Arizona sports betting bonus and promos from the bookie of your choice.

This is more the rule than the exception, and all sites regularly offer Arizona sports betting promos and welcome offers. Of course, this award is different depending on which site you choose to create your account on, but these awards are always favorable for players.

For example, you can get a deposit offer in the form of a matched deposit offer. Meaning the sports betting Arizona site will double your deposit up to a certain amount.

You can sometimes even get access to a risk-free bet or odds boosts. These deals are perfect if you want to try a bookie out before making your decision on whether the site is for you or not.

Sports betting in Phoenix Arizona

arizona maps local

Another benefit of sports betting in Arizona is that it is incredibly convenient. Imagine that you are lying on the couch at home, your favorite team will play in half an hour, and you want to put a wager on the game.

With sports betting, this can be done in seconds. It doesn’t matter if you are in Phoenix or not. All you need is to set up an account on a single betting site in Arizona, fund this account, and then you’re ready to play.

With online sports betting in AZ, you can play from the couch, on your lunch break, or when you’re out and about. It’s low effort and convenient for those with a tight schedule. However, for those fans that like the local sports betting part in Arizona, you can visit physical casino located in the state to place your bets.

Live streaming

When you choose to bet from your mobile device, you get access to a number of sports betting Arizona sites offering the chance to live stream a game right on your smartphone with live betting in Arizona.

All that is usually required is an active betting account with an active bet that you’ve placed within 24 hours. This is perfect for those of you who don’t have the time to watch a game you’ve longed for, making your smartphone a TV.

This is an incredible feature that is offered by several bookies in the US today. For example, you can live-stream gameday matches from the Unibet site, Draftkings AZ site, and more. A great opportunity for nearly all purposes.

How Arizona sports betting came to be


Online betting might have a long and storied history in the United States, but it’s been categorized as a nefarious and illegal black market for the majority of that time. Over time, though, the public and legal perspectives on sports betting have slowly shifted towards acceptance.

As with many other states, our has joined the ranks that allow Arizona sports betting. It wasn’t an easy road to legalization, though. After many years of debate and a few legal setbacks, September 2021 marked the first time in Arizona history that residents could legally sign up for Arizona sports gambling.

Let’s look at how we got here and explore the many ups and downs that happened along the way.

Legalization at the federal level for Arizona sports gambling

If you’ve been following Arizona sports gambling, you’ve probably noticed that a lot of states have legalized online sports gambling over the past two or three years.

While it may seem like a coincidence that these states decided to shift their policies simultaneously, it all started at the federal level. In 1992, the United States legislature effectively banned online sports gambling when they passed the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act.

Although the act laid out provisions for online bookies to operate in a few states, the overwhelming majority of the country was barred from allowing sports betting within their territories. This all changed in 2018 when New Jersey attempted to work around the law, thus throwing it into the public eye.

Their challenge rose to the Supreme Court, which ruled that the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act prevented state legislatures from mandating their betting regulations. After overturning the law, states were given the green light to draft their own legislation, effectively opening the door for legal Arizona sports gambling.

An uphill battle toward AZ sports gambling legalization

Although the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act had been overturned in 2018, it wasn’t until 2019 that the Arizona legislature began debating whether to legalize AZ sports gambling sites. At first, the proposition to legalize online sports gambling in Arizona faced a lot of opposition from tribes throughout the state.

Local tribes feared that legalizing AZ sports gambling would create competition against their own gambling operations. However, this all began to change in 2020 when the COVID-19 pandemic destroyed local tourist revenues.

Because there were not enough travelers coming to Arizona, tribes and the state legislature realized that legalizing AZ sports betting, could create a new revenue stream and keep their economies afloat.

A single typo almost ruined legalization for AZ gambling sites

Even still, the movement towards legalizing AZ sports gambling sites was a slow and grinding process from one committee to another. Once a bill finally reached the state Senate, it seemed as if Arizona congressmen were prepared to legalize Arizona sports betting when things suddenly came to a halt over a minor typo.

Initially, legislators planned to provide every professional sports team with either their own mobile sports betting apps in Arizona platform or an online betting license. This also included the PGA Golf Tour’s Scottsdale venue and the Phoenix Raceway, where NASCAR hosts biannual races.

However, the bill originally allowed “collector car auctions” with 150 or more attendants to also apply for betting licenses, which in turn, is different for AZ sports betting in general.

This would mean that any bar or venue in the state could host a “collector car auction” and apply for AZ sports gambling sites licenses. This wasn’t legislators’ intention, though, so they quickly adjusted the number, realizing that they’d meant to type 150,000 attendants.

Unfortunately, that single typo caused a delay and sent shudders through the local tribal communities who already felt that they would lose customers.

The final push towards legalization for Arizona sports wagering

The constant push and pull between tribal leaders and non-tribal senators kept the bill at an impasse for more than a few weeks. One senator proposed expanding the reach of all gambling regulations, which caused many tribal leaders to oppose the legislation.

However, tribal senators knew that if they compromised just a little bit, they could also expand their markets. By the end of the debates, both the Governor and the tribal leaders reached an agreement and were able to draft legislation that suited both of their interests.

After months of back-and-forth, Governor Doug Ducey finally signed House Bill 2772 on April 15, 2021, thus legalizing registered Arizona sports wagering.

Sports betting in Arizona went smoothly for fans

After a lot of regulations and law-making, finally sports betting in Arizona is finally live. Many sports betting fans are happy, and the state has finalized the best sports betting bill for any state. AZ will always be a benchmark for other states on how they can move forward with legalizing sports betting in their respective state.

Sports betting is legal and live in Arizona


Compared to other state regulations, House Bill 2772 created a set of guidelines unique to Arizona. For example, rather than offering unlimited access to AZ online sports betting. They created 20 openings for mobile platforms to apply for gambling licenses within the state—10 of which are reserved for tribal operations.

The other ten licenses went to the state’s professional sports teams in partnership with big-name AZ online sports betting brands. Teams are also permitted to open on-site betting venues within ¼ mile of their home fields. Additionally, tribal venues are allowed to open on-site bookmakers at their pre-existing casinos.

FAQ Arizona sports betting online

Is sports betting legal in Arizona?

To answer the question, is sports betting legal in Arizona? Yes, sports betting in Arizona is legal. Since we have listed and gone through many of the platforms that offer sports betting. You can pick and choose regulated and secure sports betting sites here.

Can I bet on sports online in Arizona?

Under House Bill 2772, online sports betting is legal within Arizona state borders, but that comes with a few caveats. Currently, there are only 20 licensed online vendors. All of whom are partnered with either a professional sports team or an Arizona Native American tribe. If you find online sports betting in Arizona sites that are not partnered with one of these bodies, it is not legal.

Can anyone join Arizona sports betting sites?

There are a few requirements you must meet before registering and being approved for the sports betting AZ site. First, you must be at least 21 years old to place bets in Arizona. Second, you have to be within state lines. If you cross out of state, you could be breaking the law by using registered AZ sports betting sites.

Which AZ sports betting sites are currently operating?

As of September 2021, there are 20 licensed vendors in Arizona. They include all of the big-name operators, such as DraftKings, TwinSpires and more. Currently, the Arizona Native American tribes are working with online AZ sports betting sites to hammer out their own deals. They should have offerings within the year.

How can I gamble online in Arizona?

Our guide helps you find sports betting sites where also you can place real money bets on your favorite teams in the state.

When can you bet on sports in Arizona?

Yes, you can bet on sports in Arizona, since Arizona sports betting is live since September 9:th 2021. With the legalization opened much earlier.

Where can I find the best Arizona sports betting sites to use?

We at have gathered the best Arizona sports betting sites in our top list at the top of the page.

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