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Arizona Sports Betting Apps

Mobile betting provides the most opportunities for winning, so a necessary step in any betting adventure is choosing a reputable app to bet on. In this article, we will go over the benefits of mobile betting, along with how you can choose the right Arizona sports betting apps and what to expect from the onboarding process.

Guide to choosing AZ betting apps

If you are used to more traditional betting methods, then using Arizona betting apps may seem pointless or insecure, but they provide more opportunity for betting than you would get otherwise. As long as you choose a legitimate operator, you are sure to have a fantastic experience and increased betting opportunities.

Top mobile betting list AZ

$25 free on sign up
  • $25 free bet
  • 100% deposit match up to $1,000
  • iOS & Android app

Best sports betting app Arizona


While you should do your own research to determine which Arizona online sportsbooks app will work best for you, we have compiled a list of six that we believe stand above the competition. At the very least, you can be assured that these are safe and secure options with plenty of great sportsbook app reviews, and they serve as a great place to start.

Sports betting app AZ

To find the best sports betting app in AZ, you have to look at the “app” itself. Most of the time, the app is well optimized for simple use with your mobile phone. This makes it much easier to find and click what you as a bettor is trying to find. Check out some picks below:

BetMGM mobile app – Arizona

Arizona App Welcome Bonus: $600 risk-free bet

BetMGM Arizona is the online betting child of MGM Resorts International, a major name in entertainment worldwide. They have brought this luxury to mobile betting by creating a luxurious interface and easy betting experience. Their potential payout calculator means you can find value in bets easily, and they have an expansive selection of sports to bet on.

PointsBet app Arizona

Mobile App AZ Welcome Bonus: $500 risk-free bet on fixed-odds; $1,500 risk-free bet for the PointsBet app

The most distinguishing feature of PointsBet is its unique betting option called PointsBetting. PointsBetting bets are either rewarded or penalized depending on how close you were to the actual result, so it functions on more of a spectrum.

They have a solid lineup overall with competitive odds across the board. Because of this and the sizable bonuses, PointsBet AZ app can be a great staple for starting out.

DraftKings mobile application AZ

Welcome Bonus for the AZ App: $500

If you plan on live betting at all, DraftKings Arizona is known for its live updates. This will make it significantly easier to gather information and place bets at the same time. Overall, their stats hub proves to be useful in keeping up on the sports you bet on, and they run bonuses that set them apart from other mobile betting apps.

FanDuel mobile betting app

Welcome Bonus Application: $1,000 risk-free bet

FanDuel AZ consistently offers great pricing on their prop and future bets. They have a low minimum bet requirement and fast processing times that make it easier to use your funds. They are good about releasing next-day lines early to give you a chance to jump on wagers, and they occasionally offer reduced juice on certain lines.

William Hill Arizona app

Welcome Bonus: $500

If you are looking for a reputable mobile sportsbook app, you’ve found it. William Hill was founded in 1934, and since then, they have become one of the largest and most respected names in betting.

You will see that their priority lies with sports on the British Isles, but they maintain competitive odds worldwide. In addition, they have a fantastic interface and great customer service that makes using their mobile application a breeze.

AZ betting app bonus


AZ betting apps has increased in popularity as technology advances, and it has become a forefront of betting in general. Whether you decide to bet exclusively online or blend it into your betting method, several benefits should be weighed.

Mobile betting is convenient

The introduction of mobile betting has made sports betting much more accessible as the years have progressed. In most cases, bettors cannot walk somewhere and place their bets. Mobile betting means that more people can get into betting, which increases the experience for everyone involved.

Furthermore, mobile betting offers the convenience of time. Instead of making elaborate plans to be able to place specific bets at specific times, you can just open up a mobile sportsbook app and enter your wager before continuing with your day.

The availability and convenience also ensure that you do not miss bets because you cannot make it to bet in time. This increases your opportunity to win, whether your winnings are big or small.

Mobile betting apps bonuses Arizona

When you sign up on a mobile betting app nine times out of ten, they will offer you some sort of welcome bonus.

These bonuses are helpful for the mobile betting app because they increase their appeal to potential bettors and help set them apart from the competition. If you have already decided to use a mobile betting app, this is just an opportunity to get free funds to add to your bankroll.

Beyond the initial welcome bonus, mobile betting apps will offer promotions and bonuses pretty often. It’s a good idea to check their promotion page regularly to make sure you are taking advantage of these opportunities. You can easily make thousands off these bonuses alone.

Mobile betting gives you access to more sports and betting app bonus

There are so many more options for Arizona online sports betting. You will have plenty of sports to choose from, which is great if you already keep up with them. However, they also provide an opportunity for someone more serious about betting beyond its entertainment factor.

Mobile betting apps also give you a greater selection of the types of bets you can place. While more traditional betting experiences may limit you to moneylines or point spreads, mobile apps are full of unique prop bets to enhance your betting experience.

Mobile betting apps are also essential for live betting. For example, when you are betting during a game or a race, you might only have seconds to place your bets. Betting online ensures you will have ample time to respond.

Sportsbook app Arizona


The first thing you should do is conduct extensive research on the applications you are interested in and pick one or two that meet your needs. Then, take the time to ensure that these apps are both legal and reputable by searching for licensing and reviews.

A reputable sportsbook app should post their licensing freely or, at the very least, be forthcoming with the information when it is requested. Check into the licensing authority; you may not immediately recognize them, but their background should match the demands for the best sportsbook mobile app Arizona.

Cross examine sportsbook app lines

You will want to compare the betting lines between sportsbook apps to make sure you will have access to valuable bets.

To do this, you should pull lines from multiple mobile apps on the same bet (i.e., a Moneyline on the same football game). For the most part, the odds should be similar, if not the same. However, keep an eye out for any sportsbook apps that have less favorable odds. They will stand out when you put them in a lineup.

You will want to do this multiple times to limit the chance of overlooking poor odds. You should also note which apps seem to have better odds for certain types and sports.

Compare bonuses and promotions

Most mobile sports betting apps will offer a welcome bonus to immediately boost your bankroll by matching your initial deposit or offering a risk-free bet up to a certain amount. In addition, some will offer a reload bonus, meaning that they will reload your account once you have lost everything.

This may seem a bit pessimistic, but it can come in handy when you are just starting and likely to lose more than a few bets.

Beyond the welcome bonus, you should look into the additional bonuses and promotions they offer. These are intended to hold onto bettors, so you will want to see how they treat you once they have you.

Ensure your preferred sports and betting types are an option

An online betting mobile app is obsolete if you cannot use it to bet on the sports you want in the way that you want to. However, you should also be aware that just because a sportsbook app in Arizona offers betting for a sport does not mean that they will have betting opportunities for all the events you want to bet on.

For example, despite the history behind betting on horse races, many sportsbooks applications do not offer opportunities beyond the Triple Crown and its qualifying races.

The mobile betting app AZ you use should also have ample opportunity in the betting types you prefer.

Test out the user interface and customer service

A mobile betting app AZ should be easy for you to navigate, and it should be compatible with your device. Unfortunately, while there are mobile versions of most websites, that does not always mean the mobile app are easy to use.

Test out both the websites and apps on any devices you think you might access the mobile betting app in AZ from. A well-designed page should be easy to navigate quickly and lead you to anything you need to find without much digging.

At this point, you should also test out their customer service. Pay attention to customer services hours to make sure they line up with the times you are most likely to be using the app. Make sure their methods of communication are comfortable for you, and then go ahead and test them out.

To do this, you can shoot them a quick email or get them on a phone call. Just make sure you have legitimate questions, so you are not wasting their time. Also, take note of how long it takes them to respond to you, how well your questions are answered, and how you feel about their response.

AZ sports betting apps


Getting started with mobile app betting in Arizona is a simple process.

Pick at least one sportsbook app

Using the guideline listed previously, try to pick at least one sportsbook app that meets all your needs and hopefully all of your wants. One mobile app is great to get started, but two or more will give you more options if you feel like you can handle them.

Provide the necessary information

Once you have decided on the mobile app you want to use, you will have to go through their sign-up process. This varies from app to app, but there are a few consistencies. Most Arizona mobile apps will require:

  • Photo identification
  • Proof of address
  • Social security number
  • Mobile number
  • Email address

Legitimate sports betting apps are required to follow a specific process to verify your identity, age, and location, so do not be put off by the amount of information they request. The only time this would be an issue is if you were signing up with an unsecured application, but you have already researched to make sure that is not the case.

Enter financial information

Most Arizona mobile betting apps have a variety of banking options, including:

  • Credit/debit cards
  • Online bank transfers
  • E-wallets (like PayPal)

After you have finished your verification process, you will need to fill out the information necessary to deposit money into your account, but you will also let them know how you want your payouts to be released.

When you are determining which payment methods you should use, you need to consider what the estimated processing times are going to look like, as well as any minimum or maximum limits.

Make your first deposit

To bet on the mobile app AZ, you will need to deposit money into your online account. The cool thing about this is you can do it from anywhere.

There usually is a minimum deposit, but most mobile betting applications keep that pretty low ($5 or $10).

FAQ Arizona Sports betting app

Are mobile betting apps safe to use in Arizona?

As long as you use a reliable app, your bets should be safe. Unfortunately, most of the issues people have regarding online betting come from websites that are not reputable, so researching before signing up with a app is key.

How many mobile betting apps should I use in AZ?

You should use as many as you are comfortable with and capable of managing. This may be just one to start with, and that is fine. However, most people find more success when using two or more mobile betting apps because it allows them to shop for odds.

Should I use a mobile betting website or a mobile betting app?

It’s up to you which you decide to use. Ideally, you would use a sportsbook app that gives you access to both, so you will have an optimized interface both on a computer and on your phone.

Do mobile betting apps make it harder to manage my bankroll?

Most of the time, mobile bettings apps make it easier to manage your bankroll. Most have built-in auto draft features that make budgeting seamless. The biggest issue you will face is the increased access to bets.

Is mobile betting legal in Arizona?

Online betting was legalized in Arizona in April 2021 when Governor Doug Ducey signed HB2772 into law. This goes for all ways of betting, whether they are in person or online.