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Moneyline bets Arizona

Never feel nervous about Moneyline bets in Arizona ever again with this detailed guide. The Moneyline in betting is always really popular and for a good reason: It’s a super simple and straightforward wager to make and perfect for beginners!

Quick overview of Moneyline bets in Arizona

If you’ve been thinking about Moneyline Arizona betting but aren’t sure of where to start, this is the guide for you.By the time you finish with the inside information below, you’ll have a perfect idea of how to:

  • Make the right Moneyline bet from here on out
  • Give yourself the best chance to cash out big time whether you’re making Moneyline NFL or Moneyline NBA bets and
  • Parlay Moneyline bets into even bigger payouts

Below we cover things like:

  • How the Moneyline works
  • How to handicap the Moneyline and
  • How to shop for the best odds so that you’re always in the best position to win (hopefully winning big)!

Let’s get right into it.

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Best Moneyline bets Arizona


The beautiful thing about betting the Moneyline in Arizona is that it is super easy to understand. Ideal for beginners and experienced sports betting veterans alike, all you really have to do when betting the best Moneyline is picking the winning team in a contest.

If you think a team is going to come out on top in a specific match or competition, bet them on the Moneyline. For example, let’s say that the Arizona Diamondbacks are getting ready to play the Chicago Cubs.

You know the Cubs are coming off of a losing streak. You also know the Diamondbacks are playing at home and have their ace on the hill. On top of that, you have a good feeling that the Diamondbacks are going to come out on top.

Well, to run this Moneyline in betting, all you have to do is pick the Diamondbacks to win. Then, you are good to go!

It’s really that easy.

What do the (+) and (-) mean? – Betting in AZ

One of the biggest problems people have analyzing Moneyline Arizona betting odds is figuring out who the favorite and underdog is.

With the Moneyline, you’re always going to have one team with a (+) and one team with a (-) next to their name. That’s going to be followed by the odds that a particular sportsbook has attached to them.

Let’s say that the Arizona Diamondbacks were the favorite and the Chicago Cubs were the underdog. The Moneyline in betting might look like this:

  • Arizona Diamondbacks -100
  • Chicago Cubs +200

This tells you a couple of different things, including:

  • That the Diamondbacks are the favorite
  • That the Cubs are the underdog
  • That the oddsmakers feel the game will be relatively close scoring

It also lets you know that for every $100 you bet on the Diamondbacks, you would win another $100 (for a total payout of $200).

A bet on the Cubs would pay $200 on that same $100 bet for a total payout of $300.

After some experience making Moneyline bets, it all starts to become second nature. You’ll be reading and breaking down these odds in no time.

Pretty soon, you’ll wonder why you ever needed the Moneyline explained before!

Handicapping the Moneyline in Arizona


One thing that experienced sports bettors do more often than your average sports bettor is handicap every wager they make. So they don’t just start throwing money around willy-nilly.

Now, handicapping the Moneyline isn’t always going to require hours and hours of research.

Plenty of people hit it big by throwing a dart at a board with their eyes closed. Then, just picking one team or the other based on gut instinct.

Still, if you are going to be doing a lot of Moneyline sports betting, it’s not a bad idea to get used to handicapping. You can tilt the odds in your favor as much as possible with just a bit of research.

Here are some tips for doing exactly that!

Opening odds matter

The opening odds from a Arizona sports betting site are always going to change as you get closer to the start of the game. But, even still, they tell you a lot about what sportsbooks think will be the eventual outcome for that match.

To handicap, track odds and the movement that they make between when they opened and the game kicking off. This gives you a good idea of what public and sharp money think. It also lets you know what the oddsmakers really think will happen when the final whistle blows.

Pay attention to home-field advantages

Home-field advantage is very much a real thing. It’s important that you understand just how much of a difference this can make. This is especially true when two teams that are going head-to-head are otherwise closely matched with one another.

At the same time, you’ll want to double-check analytics that tells you some teams do better on the road.

Every year there are a handful of teams that seem to defy home-field advantage completely. So much so that they actually do better when they are playing away from their home crowd.

Sometimes you can steal a lot of value on a Moneyline bet with this kind of “inside information”. This is huge if the public is going in the opposite direction, betting the home field advantage heavily.

Matchup mismatches matter, too

A lot of what professional handicappers do comes down to studying individual mismatches between different teams. The whole idea is to find hidden edges that might help them with their wagers.

You’ll want to do the same kind of research as much as possible. Even if it means looking at how a specific team runs their offense versus how their competition runs their defense.

Teams that are particularly good at stopping the run in football, for example, may not do so hot against teams that are throwing touchdowns all over the place. That’s true even if the odds on paper look like that run defense team should dominate the game.

This is a huge piece of the puzzle for having real success when betting Moneyline at FL Arizona action!

Analyze the last week of progress for each team

It’s important to understand that the past is not a perfect predictor of the future. This is definitely the case if you are analyzing too large a chunk of time in the world of sports.

Looking at how a team did all season long is just too far zoomed out.

Looking at how a team did or the last week, though, gives you some real “recency bias”. You can use it to make smarter Moneyline Arizona picks for sure.

Shop for the best Moneyline odds in Arizona


One of the biggest secrets to success with winning the Moneyline in betting on a consistent basis is shopping for the best odds available from different sportsbooks.

Different platforms have different odds all the time. And their lines are going to move and adjust independently of one another.

That gives savvy players that have accounts on a couple of different sportsbooks the chance to snap up great Moneyline value. The kind of value that wouldn’t have been there otherwise. Check out Arizona sportsbooks like:

For the best chance to get value when making Moneyline Arizona moves.

FAQ’s About Moneyline bets Arizona

How do you read a Moneyline?

Reading a Moneyline is generally pretty simple and straightforward. The team with the (-) next to their name is the favorite, while the one with the (+) is the underdog. The number following that symbol lets you know what the specific odds are. It also lets you know what your payout would look like.

Is the positive number the favorite or the underdog?

The positive number for Moneyline betting odds is always for the underdog. That can be a little bit confusing for people who associate positive with favorites. Think of it more as the team that is “getting points” rather than having “points taken” from them. Look to see how these odds even things up, and recognizing the favorite and underdog becomes a little easier.

Is there a difference between Moneyline and spread betting?

The Moneyline has you picking an outright winner. The spread requires you to pick a team you think will win by a specific amount of points or a team you think will lose by a specific amount of points.

How do I know how much I stand to win on Moneyline bets in Arizona?

The number following the (+) or (-) will let you know what your payout is going to look like.

Can Moneyline odds change?

Moneyline Arizona odds are changing all the time. They are always shifting one way or another depending on news regarding Players and coaches, wind and weather, public and sharp money, and all other factors that only each individual sportsbook really understands.