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Arizona MMA betting

MMA is exciting. It’s adrenaline-pumping. It’s shocking. And it’s even better with some skin in the game. With this guide to MMA betting in Arizona, you can go from losing cash to making cash in 3 simple steps.

Find the best MMA betting site in AZ

First, we’ll discuss how to choose the best MMA betting site in AZ. Then, we’ll look at the betting types you can make. And finally, we’ll share some expert tips and tricks to truly boost your cash. So let’s not waste time and jump straight in!

List of MMA betting sites Arizona

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Betway Arizona MMA betting Betway Sportsbook First Bet Reset $250 In Bonus Bets Bet Now Betway AZ Review
BetMGM Arizona MMA betting BetMGM Sportsbook Up to $1,000 in bonus bets
  • Free live streams
  • Early Cashout feature
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Caesars Sportsbook Arizona MMA betting Caesars Sportsbook Up to $1,250 bonus Bet now Caesars promo code AZ
Betfred Arizona MMA betting Betfred Sportsbook Get up to $1,111 in Fred Bets Bet now Betfred promo code AZ
Desert Diamond Sports Arizona MMA betting Desert Diamond Sports $250 Welcome Match Bonus Bet now Desert Diamond AZ promos
DraftKings Arizona MMA betting DraftKings Sportsbook Bet $5, get $200 in bonus bets
  • Same game parlay boosts
  • Multiple in-game bonuses
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BetRivers Arizona MMA betting BetRivers Sportsbook Get up to $100 in bonus
  • Great bonus terms
  • Excellent loyalty program
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SuperBook Arizona MMA betting SuperBook Sportsbook Get up to a $250 bonus Bet now SuperBook AZ promo
FanDuel Arizona MMA betting FanDuel Sportsbook Bet $5, get $200 in bonus bets Bet now FanDuel promo code AZ
Unibet Arizona MMA betting Unibet Sportsbook $100 Second Chance Bet
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Best MMA betting sites Arizona


Okay, you can pick just one, but you won’t find the best value this way. Instead, you need to shop around for the greatest payouts. But we’ll talk more about this later.

Right now, we need to chat about how to choose the best MMA betting sites in Arizona. You don’t need to follow these steps in order. Just make sure you consider all of the factors below:

  1. Welcome bonuses. Juicy welcome promos make the site incredibly attractive. You want to choose an MMA bookie with a high sign-up bonus so you can get the most out of your first bet.
  2. Customer service. While there shouldn’t be any problems, you want to use a bookie that will help you if things do go south. Our picks below have great customer support teams and contact methods.
  3. Market variety. It’s always good to have sports market options.
  4. Easy to use. You don’t want to struggle to find MMA betting options or banking methods.
  5. Quick withdrawals. You want your money as quickly as possible! Who wouldn’t?

MMA sportsbooks for betting Arizona

  1. FanDuel MMA betting Arizona — Sleek layout, brilliant welcome offer, and excellent MMA prop bets.
  2. William Hill MMA odds — Great reputation, mobile app for iOS and Android, and great MMA-specific promotions.
  3. PointsBet MMA lines — Unique spread betting options, generous promotions, and a variety of MMA markets.
  4. DraftKings MMA bets — Easy to use, good bonuses, and reliable software.
  5. BetMGM MMA betting — Very well-known brand, incredibly competitive MMA betting odds, and lightning-fast payouts.

MMA betting types in Arizona


Right, step 2. We need to look at the MMA bet types. You can’t make good use of the Arizona online sportsbooks without understanding this bit. So we’ll begin.

Card bets

There will be several fights in a night. Thus, you have the option to bet on more than one fight throughout the evening.

In practice…

Jon Jones and Kamaru Usman are set to win their respective fights. The odds are 4.0, and the stake is $100. So you’d get a return of $400 (profit = $300) if you bet on the outcome of both fighters.

Fight bets

Sometimes called an outright winner bet, you simply choose which fighter you think will win.

In practice…

Alexander Volkanovski to win. The odds are 1.3 and the stake $100. If you wagered $100 here and he did win the fight, you’d return $130 (profit = $30).

Method of victory bets

As we’re sure you can tell, you’re wagering on how a fighter will win the match. There are multiple ways to win an MMA fight, including:

  • Submission
  • Disqualification (you cannot bet on this option)
  • Knockout
  • Points

MMA betting in practice…

Connor McGregor to win by knockout with odds of 1.4 and stake $100. You’d return $140 on a $100 bet if McGregor won by knockout, resulting in a $40 profit.

Handicap/spread bets

We love MMA spread betting. It works with the point system that happens when a fight goes the distance. You can choose to bet on a fighter to win with a margin of error or bet on a fighter to win by more than the number allocated. When knockouts occur, you get paid if you chose the winner.

MMA betting in practice…

Khabib Nurmagomedov to win the fight at a handicap of -2.5, odds 2.0, and a final result of 90-87. Nurmagomedov must win by at least 2.5 points. He has won by 3 points in our example, so you would’ve made a successful bet.

Expert MMA betting tips Arizona


The third and final step to our turning a profit on MMA betting in Arizona guide is to listen to the pros. Here’s their advice:

Betting on every fight is a huge no

Okay, this one is tricky. We know it’s a lot more exciting to watch it all when you have skin in every game. But this is not the way to make money. Honestly, it’s one of the worst strategies!

It’s impossible for you to do sufficient research on every fighter in every match. If you try to bet on each game, you’ll scrimp on research, resulting in mere guesses instead of calculated decisions. Please. Don’t be the person who goes overboard and squanders all their cash.

It’s all about the fight location

Bettors — even the pros — sometimes forget to look at where the fight is happening. They believe that every ring is the same. But this couldn’t be further from the truth. You should focus on two factors when considering the fight location:

  • The altitude
  • The distance traveled


The higher the altitude, the lesser the oxygen levels. Just because an MMA fighter is fit and capable at sea level, doesn’t mean they can bring their A-game at higher elevations.

Distance traveled

How long has the fighter traveled to get to the fight location? Do they get a rest period before the fight happens? International competitions require fighters to travel.

Jet lag can flip the match upside down and cause huge upsets. So, keep in mind that jet lag is worse when traveling east. This will make it easier to figure out whether the fighter you want to bet on is affected.

Keep an eye on the news

Some news is great. But the rest is awful. So, yes, you should keep an eye on it. However, build your tolerance to hype. You need to distinguish between actual news and fluff published to get you excited.

A piece about the fighter’s rocky home life might not be important. But it also might be. Why? Because some fighters won’t be affected by this. In fact, they may even perform better. But others will crack under the emotional weight and underperform. It’s up to you to figure out which articles are vital.

Notice the line movement

The public loves to bet with their heart and fail to listen to the right news pieces. Essentially: they bet on what they wish to happen. This is great for you, a smart bettor. When the public goes crazy for one side of a fight, the odds on the other side look a lot better.

The trick is to know when to wager to ensure max value. Extra expert MMA betting in Arizona tip: Predicting if/when the lines will move is hard. It takes a while to understand the market this well. If it’s important to you, put in the effort now, and you’ll be handsomely rewarded for your newfound knowledge.

Always go line shopping

Shopping for the greatest MMA betting lines can often be the difference between losing and making a sweet profit.

What is line shopping? Well, it’s the act of checking various AZ sports betting sites to ensure you receive the best odds. Unfortunately, bookies generally have very different odds for the same bet.

Consider fighting styles

Knowledge equals money in MMA betting in AZ. Every fighter fights differently (a bit of a tongue-twister that one!). They typically have one style they specialize in and then a few they know/are learning.

Not every style matches up against others. This is how you place the most accurate bets — by figuring out which style will prevail over the other.

Make research your best friend

Let’s say it again for the people at the back — knowledge equals money! Researching the fighters, therefore, is critical to turning a profit when using MMA betting sites. Here are the most important factors to look at:

  • Training partners — They’re only as good as the people they train with.
  • Injuries — They can seriously impact a fighter’s ability.
  • Track record — Don’t just look at the numbers. See what kind of fighters they’ve come up against and how they fared.
  • Coaches — They control every part of the fighter’s training.

FAQ’s About MMA betting Arizona

What MMA leagues should you bet on in AZ?

These days, there are numerous MMA organizations to bet on. The most popular being: Betting on the UFC in Arizona, Bellator MMA, Invicta FC, ONE Championship.

Can betting on MMA make a profit?

Absolutely! However, your success depends on a variety of aspects, including: Number of winning wagers you consistently place, finding value in your bets, and quality research.

What is the best MMA betting in Arizona strategy?

There isn’t just one strategy. Likewise, there isn’t just one best strategy either. However, by following the MMA betting tips we covered in the section above, you’ll be able to formulate the strategy that’s best for you.

Where can you find the latest MMA betting information in AZ?

YouTube channels and Reddit are great places to find the latest and greatest MMA betting information. As you gain experience, you’ll be able to quickly decipher whether a source is legit.

Is online MMA betting in Arizona legal?

Yes, it is legal to bet on MMA in Arizona. Gov. Doug Ducey signed the sports betting law into immediate effect in early 2021.