Arizona sports betting / Live betting Arizona: Best micro betting sites

Live betting Arizona: Best micro betting sites

On this page, you are going to learn how live betting Arizona works. This means that you are going to learn about the advantages and disadvantages of micro betting . You will get to understand the best sportsbooks for those that want to gamble. We will even share a few cool betting tips with you.

Getting started with micro betting in Arizona

The traditional way to gamble is before an event starts. However, micro betting Arizona shakes that idea up. Also known as in-play betting, micro betting online will allow you to bet while the action is happening.

Micro betting sports will enable you to bet a bit more strategically based on what you see happening out there on the field. The ever-changing micro betting odds mean that you can place your bets a bit more tactically, perhaps as a way of hedging your bet.

Best Live betting Arizona

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DraftKings Live betting Arizona: Best micro betting sites DraftKings Sportsbook Bet $5, get $200 in bonus bets
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BetRivers Live betting Arizona: Best micro betting sites BetRivers Sportsbook Get up to $100 in bonus
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Unibet Live betting Arizona: Best micro betting sites Unibet Sportsbook $100 Second Chance Bet
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Micro betting in Arizona


When most people gamble, they gamble before a game has started. In the past, this would have been the only way to gamble. As a result, it is probably what most people are going to be familiar with.

With micro betting Arizona, you will be able to bet once the game has started. This is great for those that enjoy gambling on live sports.

When you live bet, you will notice that the betting odds on a sports betting site will change quickly. This is to reflect the action happening on the field. So, if you are engaging in a bit of micro betting basketball and a team scores a three-pointer, then you will notice that the odds trend ever so slightly in their favor.

The way in which micro betting odds work is exactly the same as normal betting odds. You just have to place your bets a little bit quicker if you want to enjoy the best odds. This means that you will need to keep your account properly topped up.

Best Live Betting sportsbooks Arizona 2024


Most Arizona sports betting sites will offer some sort of live betting options. While live betting in Arizona hasn’t taken off in the same way that it has in other parts of the world, it is certainly on the up. This means more and more sites are opening their live betting options. Here are some of our favorite sites for that:

  • BetMGM: this is a highly reputable website that has most major games open for those that enjoy a touch of live gambling.
  • Draftkings: the premier site for those that enjoy gambling on the go. Their mobile sportsbook app is unrivaled.
  • Fanduel: this site goes in heavy on live gambling. You will find that they have gambling options not found elsewhere.
  • William Hill: this was one of the first sportsbooks in the world to offer live betting. So, you can be sure that they have great options available to you.
  • Caesars Sports: the decent betting bonuses and promos offered by Caesars Sports will go hand-in-hand with the plethora of live betting markets that they offer.
  • Bally Bet: This site offers a huge number of prop betting markets once the game has kicked off. This means more than just choosing the winner.
  • WynnBET Sportsbook: This site offers a wealth of live gambling options and promos like the bonus bets for Arizona. They offer some tremendous odds too.
  • Unibet: most of the major events offered on Unibet are available for live gambling. This includes their international events.

Advantages and disadvantages of live betting in AZ


The advantages of live betting in Arizona

Now that you know a little bit about what live gambling is all about, plus some of the sites where you can gamble, let’s dive into some of the advantages of live betting in Arizona, shall we?

Less risky

Gambling is always going to be slightly risky. The flow of the game can change at any moment. It often isn’t until the final few minutes of the game where you can be reasonably sure that your bet is going to come out as a winner.

Live betting is a little bit less risky than standard betting, though. This is because you are able to see the game happening. You will know what the current flow of the game is. You will know which teams and players are performing. This greatly reduces the risk of your bet as you have more information available to you.

Strategic gambling

Live betting is a much more strategic form of betting. Some people enjoy that. For example, if you are live betting football and you know how to read the way in which the game is playing out, then you can place strategic bets. We live this slightly more exciting betting dynamic.

Live betting works best when you have an understanding of how a game works.

Great for bet hedging

Live betting is a great way to hedge your bets. This means that you can cut your losses from any bet that you place before the game.

For example, if you have bet on the winner of a game and it doesn’t look like that bet is going to come through, then live betting will allow you to bet on who is likely to end up winning. This is going to help cut your losses from the first bet.


Live betting is fun. If you are watching a sport anyway, why not inject a bit more excitement into it by live betting on the game? It is always great to see how the odds change based upon how the action is happening on the field.

The downsides to micro betting Arizona

Of course, if you want all of that good, then you do have to be aware that there are a few downsides to micro betting too. Let’s run you through them, shall we?

Lower betting odds for micro betting

Before the game, betting odds are a prediction of what is going to happen. Once the action starts, the Arizona sportsbooks becomes a little bit more sure of their predictions.

It becomes far easier to see which way the game is going to go as the game goes on. This means that the betting odds are going to be shorter. This means that you aren’t going to be winning as much cash as you would before the game.

Less betting markets

For most sports betting sites, you won’t have a huge number of betting markets available. Most Arizona sportsbooks, once the game starts, will offer only Moneylines and point spreads. You may get the odd prop bet or two, but these will probably disappear rather quickly once those prop bets are close to becoming realized.

Not all sports are available for micro betting

It takes a huge amount of effort and cost to offer micro betting. This means that you will often find that only the major events are offered for micro betting. With the smaller events, you are lucky to find a moneyline bet or two.

Top picks for live betting in Arizona 2024


Research beforehand

As with your standard betting, live betting will require you to do a lot of research before the game starts. This will make it easier for you to read the flow of the game. For example, your research may uncover that while the favorite regularly goes behind, they shine later on in the game. This means that you may want to bet on the favorite, even if they are losing. You know that there is a reasonable chance they will come back.

You may also learn that certain players have a massive impact on the game. So, if they are brought onto the field or court, then you will become familiar with how they may change up the game.

Only bet on sports you know

Because live betting is a bit more strategic than your average gambling, it is important that you learn to only bet on sports that you understand. You need to understand how to get a read of the game.

Bet on multiple sportsbooks

Because the odds for live betting tend to be short, we recommend that you register for multiple sportsbooks. This way you can always enjoy the best odds.

FAQ’s About Live betting Arizona

Is micro betting on horse racing available?

Yes. Micro betting is available on many horse races in AZ. Although, you may find that it is not offered on the shorter runs e.g. ones that finish in a minute or two. Most sportsbooks do steer clear of horse race betting, except for Twinspires AZ.

Can you live bet on all sports?

No. It costs a lot of money to run live betting. Therefore, most sportsbooks will only stick to the most important games.

When can you stop placing bets on live sports?

With most games, you are going to be able to bet right up until it ends.

How do sportsbooks determine their betting odds for live sports?

Sportsbooks will often employ somebody to watch the game live. The person watching the game live will report on the action. Using a complex algorithm, their reports will help to determine what the odds become. The number of people betting will also swing the odds to ensure the sportsbook always makes a profit.

Are betting bonuses available for live games?

Mostly, no. A lot of betting bonuses require you to place bets at specific betting odds. Since live betting odds tend to be a bit shorter, you probably won’t be able to use your betting bonus. It is always worth checking the terms and conditions, though.