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Sports betting odds Arizona

You don’t need to know the difference between a fullback and a linebacker. However, with sports betting odds in Arizona, both amateurs and those more experienced should have a good understanding of the odds available, how they’re won and how to place them.

Guide to odds betting Arizona

Starting out in sports betting can be a little intimidating and overwhelming — but it doesn’t have to be. By mastering some of the lingos and getting a clear understanding of your odds and wagering options, you’ll be betting with the best of them in Arizona in no time.

Top sports odds betting AZ

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Best odds betting AZ


Now we’ll take a look at some of the Arizona sportsbooks that offer solid odds for all of your odds betting needs.

Draftkings odds AZ

One of the biggest and best odds sportsbooks on the market today, Draftkings AZ is loved not just for the many sports its offers but for its generous odds and odds promotions tied to major events.

For example, during the recent NCAA March Madness, Draftkings offered 64/1 underdog odds, with bettors wagering $4 to potentially win $256.

Fanduel odds and lines

Odds betting is easy on Fanduel’s intuitive web interface and mobile app, and bettors rave about its competitive odds and subsequent fair payouts.

The Fanduel Arizona app frequently offers odds boost promos that can up your profit. And if you’re into parlay betting, Fanduel has your back, offering multi-sport insurance when you spread beta across four or more sports.

Pointsbet best odds Arizona

If you’re interested in prop wagers and odds, Pointsbet Arizona has a lot of them. It also has a unique points betting system that differs from fixed odds, rewarding you for how right you are about a certain bet.

It’s a fun new way to play the odds. Users particularly appreciate Pointsbet’s NBA promotions, including one where you receive $3 for every three-pointer the team you wager on makes in a game. Pointsbet’s odds, in general, are typical of an American odds sportsbook.

William Hill odds in AZ

William Hill may have originated in the United Kingdom, but its odds on American sports are impressive, especially with the NFL. A nice touch is listing potential odds boosts by the football team, making it easy to increase your payouts when wagering on your favorite squad.

The futures odds are also extensive, stretching into major sports events in 2022 and beyond.

BetMGM odds and wagers AZ

If you’re an NBA fan, look no further than the BetMGM AZ odds sportsbook, which has a massive number of odd boosts tied to almost every NBA game throughout a season. Its parlay generator is very helpful for bettors to figure out exactly what their payout maybe, win or lose.

Barstool Sportsbook odds betting

Even slightly less-mainstream sports have fun odds promotions, especially college baseball. The odds are fair and consistent on Barstool Sportsbook Arizona.

Know the sports betting odds available in Arizona


When you venture into Arizona online sports betting, you’ll encounter a wide range of different odds to try across odds sportsbooks.

Every odds sportsbook sets slightly different odds for the same sporting events or players, but the types of odds are pretty consistent. Here are a few of the key odds to know when you’re considering your first wager.

Moneyline odds

Sports betting newcomers to odds tend to try out moneyline odds first. They´re easy to understand and straightforward. If you bet on the moneyline, it’s a bet straight-up on the result of a game; you’re saying a team or player will win. That’s all.

If you’ve ever bet on anything casually in your life — even a friendly wager — it was likely a money line bet. It’s easy to spot moneyline odds on sportsbooks. You will see a number preceded by a minus sign or a plus sign.

A minus sign indicates a player or team that’s the favorite in a match-up or tournament. Conversely, a plus sign refers to an underdog, which is expected to lose.

Those pluses and minuses are important; they indicate how much you stand to make or lose with your bet. The favorite side pays out an additional profit less than the wager, while the underdog side pays out more.

The most common sports that use Moneyline wagers are those that have typically low scores, including hockey, soccer, and baseball. Moneylines are also frequently used for football wages as well.

Here’s an example. Say there’s an upcoming NFL division championship game between the Arizona Cardinals and the San Francisco 49ers, and you see the Moneyline odds written as:

San Francisco 49ers +150

Arizona Cardinals -175

In this case, the 49ers are the underdogs. At the +150 odds, a $100 wager would pay out $150 in profit (total payout: $250). The Cardinals are the favorites, so you would need to bet $175 to win a $100 profit.

Point spread odds

Taking it up a notch in odds betting, point spread betting is arguably the most common and popular approach to sports betting. You’re still odds betting on a team to win, but in order for your bet to win, the team has to win by the odds sportsbook’s designated score spread.

Most point spreads include a juice of -110, which means the sportsbook takes 10%. As a result, point spread odds look like this:

San Francisco 49ers -6.5 (-110)

Arizona Cardinals +6.5 (-110)

As in moneyline odds, the minus sign indicates the favorite, and the plus sign indicates the underdog.

With these odds, San Francisco needs to win by 7 points for bettors to win. If you bet on the Cardinals, they either need to win the game or lose by 1-6 points to cover the spread and you to win. So how do oddsmakers decide on the point spread?

There are many factors, but they take into account individual team stats (which change during the course of the season), aspects like home-field advantage and player injuries, as well as how bettors are wagering on the first spread that’s offered.

You may notice other teams for point spread lines on a sportsbook. For example, in baseball, it’s called the “run line.” In hockey, it’s called the — you guessed it — “puck line.”

Total odds AZ bets

Another popular wager, total odds, is also commonly called over/under odds. A total bet is when you wager on the cumulative score of the game between two teams. For example, a sportsbook may give an over/under of 50 to that Cardinals-49ers game and offer -110 odds on both if the final score added up to 48.

Anyone who bet on the under would win their bet. However, if the score added up to 53, the overs would get the payouts. In general, bettors are more likely to wager on the over. Total and over/under betting is popular in baseball, football, and basketball wagering.

Futures odds betting AZ

The majority of sports betting odds in Arizona are used to place wagers for events happening that day. You’re able to bet on an outcome of a match, series, or event that will be resolved in the future. Basically, you’re gazing into a crystal ball a bit and often predicting the chance of an outcome happening.

In the end, if you win a futures bet in AZ, your payout depends on the odds at the time of your bet, not how they have shifted over time. Futures are popular among all major sports in odds sportsbooks. For baseball, common futures bets include the World Series champion and who will be named MVP.

In football, picking the Super Bowl winner is a common futures bet. In the NBA, it’s picking the NBA Finals winner. Futures can also get really specific. In addition to covering major tournament winners, you can bet on end-of-season stats, like who will hit the most home runs or even the odds for a team to simply make the playoffs.

Parlays and teasers

When you’re feeling more confident in your odds sports betting strategy, parlays are a natural transition. With a parlay bet, you can wager on many games at once. You’re grouping them together, though, as opposed to single stand-alone wagers.

All of your parlay match bets must win for you to win. You can bet on eight different teams, and if just one of those bets loses, you lose the whole parlay. So what’s the appeal? Parlays are very much a high-risk, high-reward situation for betters.

Depending on how many bets make up your parlay and what odds you’re playing for each, you can get a huge payout. Teasers are related to parlays but a bit safer.

You’re still picking two or more games grouped together in one bet, and all must be successful for you to win. The difference is that with teasers, you get extra points on the spreads that improve your chances to win. The catch: lowered payout odds.


Prop betting adds a little spice to your sports betting life. Here, you’re wagering on odds something will happen — and it’s often a little offbeat.

With a prop bet, you may be wagering on player statistics (how many yards they gain), but also fun little aspects of certain games (who will win the Super Bowl coin toss).

Those “fun” bets are called exotic prop bets, though not all are legal in America.

Prop bets are a good way to test the betting waters for those new to odds for sportsbooks.

Know the language of odds in Arizona


You don’t need to be fluent in sports betting odds to enjoy yourself — but knowing a few keywords helps over time. So here’s a top 10 glossary.

Action: A wager

Alternate lines: While sportsbooks odds offer point spread lines on certain matches, they may also include alternate lines that could offer different wagering payouts.

Bonus: Rewards or incentives offered by sportsbooks related to wagering. Some typical bonuses include sign-up bonuses, risk-free bets, and referral bonuses.

Closing line: The final odds before a game begins

Early cash out: Settling on a certain payout before the sporting event you bet on ends.

Juice: What bookmakers stand to make from losing bets. Also called “vigorish.”

Live to bet: Wagering on a game as it unfolds. Also known as in-play betting.

Off the board: When wagers from a game or event are no longer being accepted.

Push: If a point spread for a game ends up matching the result exactly. Bettors get their original money back if this occurs.

Straight up: If a team loses or wins a game. This comes into play with basic moneyline bets.

Hedge BettingFor when you hedge your bet.

FAQ’s About Sports betting odds Arizona

What if I have trouble remembering how the odds work?

That’s normal, especially among new bettors. You don’t need to pay for betting advice, with a litany of websites out there geared toward reviewing the ins and outs of every option with odds and bets. The AZ sportsbook you work with will likely have a “help” or “customer service” section that can also provide invaluable refreshers and guidance.

Who can bet on sports in Arizona?

You must be at least 21 years old and live in Arizona to bet in the state. When registering with sportsbooks, you must prove your identity in several ways, especially when it comes to your age and address.

What’s the best sport to bet on?

The one you like the most. Expect the sports with the biggest followings — football, basketball, baseball, auto racing — to be the most popular on sportsbooks and may have the best odds/wager options tied to them. But as a general rule of thumb, bet on the sport or player you actually enjoy watching and are passionate about.

Which sports are the most unpredictable to bet on?

Generally, experts agree that baseball is tough to predict outcomes for — seasons, players, and team performances tend to vary wildly throughout a given season. It’s the same situation with golf betting.

I keep seeing the world “unit” on my sportsbook. What is that?

It’s simply the amount of money wagered the most often as bets. Most bettors go with $100 or $50, with $100 being the most common unit. One $100 bet is considered 1 unit. One $1,000 bet would be considered 10 units.