Prop bets Arizona

On this page, you are going to learn exactly how prop bets in Arizona work. We want to introduce you to some awesome prop betting sportsbooks in the state. We also want to tell you about the pros and cons of prop betting lines. This way you can determine whether prop betting is going to be the right choice for you.

How to get started with prop bets Arizona

Prop betting Arizona is one of the more interesting ways to gamble. Prop betting focuses on the events and player performance in a game. For example, with prop betting Super Bowl, you may be betting on the first player to score a touchdown.

With the NHL, you may be betting on which period of the game has the highest number of goals scored. Prop bets are inherently risky bets. However, with risk comes a lot of potential rewards.

Top list prop bets Arizona

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Best prop bets Arizona


Nearly every single sportsbook will offer prop bets. It is a staple bet. So, in theory, you could head to any sportsbooks and dabble in a bit of prop betting. Since we are sure that you probably do not want to be spending a ton of time jumping from sportsbook to sportsbook, let us just tell you the best places to gamble.

The sportsbooks in this list have been selected based upon the number of prop bets that they offer, as well as the fantastic odds that they offer. Since betting odds can vary considerably, we suggest that you head to multiple sportsbooks, and maybe sign up to a few of them, so you can always enjoy the best betting odds possible.

How do prop bets work? – Arizona prop betting


Prop bets involve betting on various events that may happen in the game outside of betting on the final score. For example, the following may be seen as prop bets:

  • Betting on the player that scores the most during a football match.
  • Bet on the number of corners in a soccer match
  • Betting on which player scores the most three-pointers in a basketball match.
  • Bets on the number of laps the safety car is on the track during an F1
  • Betting on the number of crashes in a NASCAR race.

We are sure that you get the point. Prop bets can even get a little bit more intricate and odder than this. It is one of the few opportunities that Arizona sports betting sites have to be creative with the betting markets that they offer their site users.

Perhaps the only difference you will notice with prop bets is the fact that the odds are displayed a little bit differently, mostly because there will be more than two potential outcomes for any bet. This means that the odds are similar to that of a futures market.

This means that you are likely to be able to see multiple favorites and multiple underdogs for the bet. We are sure that you are going to be able to wrap your head around the betting odds, though.

Advantages of prop betting Arizona


Now that is all out of the way, we can jump into a bit of discussion about why you should be jumping into prop betting in Arizona.

Offer great betting odds

Because prop bets are a bit riskier than your average bet, they are going to offer some rather decent betting odds. This means that you can generate a decent return from a small bet, even if you are betting on something that appears to be a clear favorite.

While prop bets probably are not going to be recommended for the newest of gamblers, if you have been gambling for a while, then you may want to add a prop bet in here and there. This can improve the returns from your gamblng.

These bets can be pretty creative

One of the most exciting things about prop bets is that they can be pretty creative. In fact, these bets can be incredibly creative. If you have become bored by the average moneyline bet, then you may want to look at prop bets.

While you may get your basic prop bets that you can find at just about every sportsbook, there are some sites that will introduce odd, but fun, prop bets. For example, there have been sites that offer odds on the type of ads that may appear during a game, or even the flavor of Gatorade that a particular player will be drinking.

You can parlay prop bets

This is going to be a tough bet to win. Really tough. However, if you want to see some of the biggest returns from your prop bets, then you will be pleased to know that you are going to be able to parlay them. If you have ever heard about people making a million dollars from betting, then you can be sure that they formed a parlay with purely prop bets.

Encourage knowledge of the game

We were going to see this as a disadvantage. However, we actually see this as an advantage too.

If you are a regular gambler, then you should be regularly watching sports. You will be surrounding yourself with the knowledge of sports that you are gambling on. This is great. This is a sensible way of gambling.

Prop bets reward having more intimate knowledge about sports, teams, or players. This is fantastic. We love the bets that reward people for actually putting effort into their gambling.

As you become more experienced with betting, you will find that you are able to take riskier prop bets because you will have a decent idea about the way in which a particular event is going to go.

The disadvantages of prop bets Arizona

We would never encourage new gamblers to jump into prop betting. While it is something that can deliver massive rewards if you do it properly, it is also a form of betting that has several disadvantages. It is those disadvantages that we want to take a look at in this section.

Risky bets

First and foremost, prop betting tends to be fairly risky. While it should be easy to predict who the winner of a game is, it becomes a bit more difficult to bet on who may score the first touchdown.

When you are prop betting, luck is going to be playing a major role. Don’t get us wrong. The amount of research that you pour into choosing your bets is going to have an impact. However, at the end of the day, there are a multitude of factors that can influence whether that bet comes through or not. Some of these factors are completely unpredictable.

Require solid knowledge of the sport

The reason why we do not recommend prop betting Arizona to beginners is the fact that it will require a lot of research. As we said before, this is also going to be a pro. It does reward people for spending a ton of time focusing on the sport. However, we think a lot of people underestimate exactly what needs to be done to choose prop bets properly.

If you are not willing to spend a ton of time researching bet after bet, then we can assure you that prop betting is not going to be for you. In fact, you are likely to end up making more losses than gains. In that case, it may be wise to stick to the simpler bets e.g. moneylines.

FAQ’s About Prop bets Arizona

Can you parlay prop bets?

Yes. You can parlay prop bets. Although, do bear in mind that the chances of winning multiple prop bets can be quite low. As a result, a lot of people will steer clear of parlaying their prop bets. It is something that can offer a decent return, though.

Can you use betting bonuses on prop bets?

Most betting bonuses that you get from a sportsbook can be used on a prop bet. However, you may want to read the terms and conditions of any betting bonus you plan on using so you can be 100% sure.

What are enhanced odds for prop bets?

Enhanced odds are just an odd boost. Some sportsbooks will offer them before a game starts. It just means that you are going to be able to enjoy slightly better odds than normal.

Are prop bets available for live gambling?

It depends on the sportsbook. While some sites do offer prop betting for live gambling, the bulk of them will remove most of the prop bets from live games. So, if you want to enjoy the best prop bets, you will need to gamble before the game starts.

Do all sportsbooks offer prop betting in Arizona?

All sportsbooks should offer some sort of prop betting option for the games that they offer. The selection may not be as extensive at some sportsbooks, but there will almost certainly be some sort of prop betting that you can take part in.