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Football betting Arizona

Football. The United State’s most favorite sport — and for a good reason! A truly heart-pumping, adrenaline-fueling activity. With our guide, you’ll learn how to choose the best Football betting in Arizona. We’ll show you the bet types. And you’ll get a head start on all the rookies with our expert tips and tricks. We’ll even tell you what not to do.

Arizona football betting 2021

In this guide you will be able to find information on how to proceed with your Football betting in Arizona, how to choose the best Arizona betting sites, how to place a bet, and also some Arizona football betting tips. Jump right in and start making your calculated bets and who knows, you might even earn a few bucks.

List of top Football betting sites – Arizona

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Best Football betting Arizona


Finding the best Football betting sites in Arizona might be one of the most important things to do when betting on sports. In order to get the best possible experience there’s a few factors you should consider.

Deposit and withdrawal methods AZ

The bookie should make it super easy for you to deposit and withdraw cash. They will provide numerous deposit methods, so no matter how you bank, you can fund your account.

Withdrawals should be just as simple. Turnaround times should be quick. If they’re making you wait more than 48 hours, they’re doing you a disservice.

Responsivity and user-friendly

Ease of navigation should be one of the most important factors when choosing your sportsbook. It doesn’t necessarily need to be aesthetically pleasing. But you should find it simple to use.

Responsivity means the site will work on desktop and mobile devices. Wagering on the go is half the fun. A responsive site, therefore, is more than necessary.

Safe football betting Arizona

Ensuring your data and money are safe is the most vital factor. The site’s protocols should be laid out in plain English in their FAQ section. They must be transparent about how they use your information. Ideally, this means no third-party sharing for advertising/marketing purposes.

Football bet options AZ

We’ll get into the Football betting option specifics later. But all you need to know at the moment is there should be numerous options. The more, the merrier.

Top Football sportsbooks in AZ

To narrow your search, try out these sportsbooks:

  • FanDuel AZ Football odds — Generous welcome offer, flawless customer service, and wonderful cashout time.
  • BetMGM Arizona Football Betting— Sleek mobile app, great selection of bet options, and brilliant bonuses.
  • Barstool Sportsbook Arizona Football Bets — Unbeatable cashout time, excellent customer service, and a responsive app.
  • DraftKings Arizona Football lines — Reliable system, brilliant Football betting odds, and a decent selection of bet types.
  • Caesars Football betting AZ — 24/7 customer support, streamlined live Football betting, and a fantastic mobile app.

Bet on Football in Arizona 2021


Once you’re all kitted out with the selection, you need to know how to bet. In this section, we’ll do just that!

Football Moneylines Arizona

All you’re doing here is wagering on the team you think will win the game. The odds located next to the team name indicate the probability of them winning.

An underdog and a favorite always exist. You can tell which is which by the positive (+) and negative (-) signs next to the odds. Positive signs indicate the underdog. Negative signs indicate the favorite.

Basically: The bigger the favorite, the lower the payout. The bigger the underdog, the higher the payout.

Football Point spreads AZ

With this bet type, the teams are given a plus or minus handicap, which is usually referred to as Football betting lines. You win a point spread by wagering on the winner of the game, factoring in the line.

Let’s look at an example:

New Orleans/Tampa Bay

New Orleans is favored here. The spread is -7.5. New Orleans must win by 8 points to cover the spread and win your bet.

Totals Bet  Football AZ

Otherwise known as O/U or over/unders, the bookies make a figure based on how many points will be scored by the end of the game. So you need to decide whether the combined score will be higher or lower than the bookies’ numbers.

Football Futures Arizona

With futures, you’ll usually bet on who the league champion will be. You can bet on them well before the end (and beginning!) of the season. Pick your time wisely as the odds fluctuated!

Football Parlays in Arizona

Here, multiple bets are put on one ticket. All your bets must hit to win your money. You could get 9 out of 10, and you still won’t receive a payout.

Football Props in AZ

Props are limitless. They can be related to game outcomes, player performance, novelty events, and team performance.

Let’s look at some examples:

  • Will the coin toss be heads or tails?
  • Will Tom Brady throw for over 300 yards?
  • Apply this for every occasion (Including the NFL betting)

Common Football betting mistakes

When looking at how to bet on Football, it’s worth understanding the common mistakes. Learn from the people who have lost thousands. Don’t join them.

  1. Favoritism blindness — You can’t get away from the bias that comes with your favorite team. You’ve probably been rooting for them for most of your life. We get that. But it’s a sure-fire way to make deluded bets.
  2. Mismanaging your money — Seriously. Learn to manage your bankroll properly. Otherwise, you risk putting yourself in debt. Try setting aside an affordable amount so you cannot dive into your overdraft.
  3. Ignoring injuries — Injuries are common. If a great player becomes injured, it can drastically reduce the team’s performance. Keep an eye on the stats to check reports before placing your bets.
  4. Disregarding the importance of watching Football — Knowing how the teams play is vital. You can’t make profitable betting decisions without a secure understanding.
  5. Impatience — Rushing ruins your chances. Give up too quickly, lose money. Chase large payouts too quickly, and lose money. Profitable Football betting in Arizona takes time. This goes for Super Bowl also, since people tend to get impatient with the big event.

Online Football betting AZ picks


Last but not least, let us dive into the online football betting AZ picks from the pros, You can take this section and apply it for NCAAF betting aswell.

Handicapping is important

As soon as you decide to start Football betting, you’ll never be bored again. There is always something to do. Once one week has been and gone, research starts for the next. From matchups to specific player stats, there is always something to read.

The Arizona football betting experts recommend going through every single game to find the teams’ weaknesses. This kind of intimate understanding will serve you well when you’re trying to turn a profit.

Football betting bonus rewards AZ

Top Football betting sites in Arizona offer great bonuses. When you sign-up, you’ll get your first influx of “free money.” It’s easy to get comfy here. But don’t. Countless bonuses are waiting for you. Moving forward, go to each site regularly, so you don’t miss a promotion.

Top secret: Look for referral bonuses. People tend to forget about these!

Be responsible

Pretty simple. But let’s get specific.

The betting world lends itself well to “having a few beers while watching the game.” But if the plan is to turn a profit, this is not the strategy for you. Instead, stay sober so you can bet with your head.

Another way you should be responsible when betting is to set yourself a budget. Manage your bankroll like it’s a business. This way, you won’t be tempted to overspend.

Practice basic value betting

To stand a chance at making a profit, you must understand the value concept. You can’t just try to make correct predictions. You need to look at different online sportsbooks in Arizona too. Some odds are better than the rest.

Any betting strategy you use should include value to some degree. In fact, “value betting” itself is considered a strategy on its own. All you’re doing is looking for a bet you think the outcome is far more likely than the bookie’s odds probability.

Try the rebound strategy

With strategies in mind, let’s discuss the rebound. It’s a great strategy for beginners since it’s wonderfully simple. You don’t need to put much work in at all.

Look at the results of the games. Check to see which teams:

  • Lost but were initially expected to win
  • Suffered a blowout
  • Other setbacks

Then, you apply the rebound theory.

But what is the rebound theory?

Well, it states that the team will improve their performance during the next game if they have previously been badly beaten. Extreme setbacks can motivate a team to do better.

Of course, there are times when teams will lose motivation after a massive loss. So there is that to consider too. But that shouldn’t put you off from implementing the rebound theory!

Football betting Arizona: The history


Truth be told, this part isn’t even about betting. However, trust us when we say that knowing the sport’s history will leave you in good stead for the future.

Ancient ball games

Think about it. People have been kicking balls around for years. We’re talking as early as 500 BC. The Romans played a game called “to snatch” which was an imitation of the Greek game. The rules were blurry, but historians have shown that it was likely a version of today’s dodgeball.

By the time the 13th century came around, people started kicking the ball. And by the mid-1600s, there was a clear differentiation between “soccer” and “Football”.

Football in America

Football wasn’t played in an organized fashion in early American settlement times. However, once they won independence from England, younger people started playing.

The higher education organized Football continued until 1860 when universities and the town police closed it down. Fast forward to 1873, and the first large convention was held to set the standardized rules of Football.

Today’s game

Since then, the rules have morphed and adapted into what they are today. The version of Football we all know and love was birthed halfway through the 19th century.

Customer service

You’re about to deposit your hard-earned cash at an Arizona sports betting site. You want a sportsbook that will talk to you when/if something awful happens (or you just have questions). Ideally, a real human should be behind the screen or on the phone when you contact support.

The best Football betting Arizona sites have world-class customer service who respond quickly to worries, questions, and technical failings.

FAQ’s about Football betting in Arizona

What type of Football games receive the most bets in AZ?

The NFL was the clear winner for years. But recently, college Football has seen a rise in bets. If the increase continues, they are set to outdo the NFL.

How much should I bet on Football in Arizona?

Sadly, we can’t answer this question for you. It’s vital to set a budget, but the figure is up to you. Just make sure you can afford it.

How do I deposit funds at an online sportsbook?

It’s simple! Follow these steps: Log in to your preferred Football betting sites, Go to the “my account” or “cashier” page. Each sportsbook has a different name for this section. Choose your deposit method. Enter your payment details. Type the amount you wish to deposit. Select “confirm” or “submit”. After that, the funds should appear in your account immediately (depending on the deposit method).

Is online Football betting in Arizona legal?

Yes! As of April 2021, Football betting in Arizona is legal and safe. Gov. Doug Ducey signed the law into effect.

Why should I bet on Football online in AZ?

Football betting online has many advantages, including: No parking worries, no traffic issues, and you don’t need to get to the bookie’s window before kickoff. Bonuses/promos — Need we say more? Always get the best odds and lines.