Arizona sports betting / BlueBet Arizona promo code

BlueBet Arizona promo code

Online sports betting is more popular now than ever. Thanks to companies like BlueBet Arizona, we all have access to thousands of games and bets every day. But do we really know which sites we can trust? Vetting each sportsbook before providing them with your personal information is crucial, and that is exactly why we did all of the work for you.

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BlueBet Arizona promo code bonus June 2024

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BlueBet Arizona promotions


BlueBet Arizona promo code

Bonus codes can provide you with many great benefits, like getting on a game for free or not losing your entire wager after losing a bet. But always read the fine lines. “If it looks too good to be true, it probably is.”

These BlueBet Arizona promo codes always come with qualifying “terms and conditions,” putting a limit on what you can cash in on.

Bonuses at BlueBet Arizona

All Arizona online sportsbooks offer customers the chance to grab amazing bonuses and promotions daily in order to gain popularity and keep people rotating through the site and placing bets.

BlueBet Arizona is no exception to this marketing must and provides their customers an array of deals commonly seen with other sports betting sites.

  • Reduce the juice bonus
  • Bonus bets
  • Free play bonuses
  • No deposit bonus
  • Cash bonus
  • Mobile bonus
  • VIP bonus
  • Reload bonus
  • Deposit bonus

One of the best betting bonuses to be on the lookout for when signing up for a sports betting account is their welcome or “sign-on” bonus. These are usually some of the more profitable promotions offered through sportsbooks, using them to pique potential customers’ interest.

Review of BlueBet Arizona

Earlier this year, the Australian sports betting company, BlueBet, made the executive decision to open its services up to the US. By doing this, they are providing states like Arizona the opportunity to wager on many popular American sports and international ones and horse racing.

This article is written to give readers a rundown on the ins and outs of BlueBet Arizona. We will provide you with the pros and cons of the company as we see them, giving you the information you need to make an educated decision on whether or not the site is right for you.

BlueBet Arizona sportsbook app review

The BlueBet Arizona sportsbook app is very straightforward and honestly a little bland. Compared to other sports betting AZ sites, this one currently lacks in the pazazz department. With that said, it is still a well-designed app with an easy-to-navigate interface.

The homes screen makes locating and choosing a bet easy, and switching from one page to another is pretty quick and effortless.

BlueBet Arizona offers an array of betting options and is very similar to the website design.

The app provides live betting on many of the top watched sporting events, but unfortunately, it does not currently provide bettors with live-stream options. This means you will have to be watching the game on another platform in order to wager.

Features/benefits offered by BlueBet Arizona

One of our favorite features on the BlueBet Arizona site is the rapid multi-betting option. This feature allows you to easily pick and choose multiple bets and instantly add them to your betting slip.

Although we stress how dangerous multi-bet wagering can be, the option makes it quick and simple for those who love a little excitement. In addition, the payout can be tremendous if you know what you are doing and can choose profitable bets.

Another amazing benefit we really appreciate is the extensive blog offered through the BlueBet site. It is full of sports information, tips and tricks, and discussions regarding games, odds, bets, and more.

This is a big deal for many sportsbook account holders; offering players information on how to place wagers and even giving them tools to use to win is not something every sportsbook is willing to do.

Banking methods offered through BlueBet Arizona

Because BlueBet sportsbook originates in Australia, there are many forms of banking that do not apply in Arizona, which leaves few options for anyone interested in placing wagers through the BlueBet site.

Luckily, the options that are offered to Arizona residents are the more common forms of payment in the US at this time. We are hoping to see an increase in options once the company expands.

Depositing money to your BlueBet Arizona account

There are three main ways to fund your BlueBet Arizona sportsbook account. First, this can be done through direct electronic funds transfer, credit/debit cards, and personal checks. Depositing money into your account is simple, and your funds are available almost immediately.

Withdrawing money from your BlueBet AZ account

Similar to depositing, withdrawing money from your account is limited in options. You can either use electronic banking or credit/debit cards. Using a credit card to obtain your funds is quite the process and quite frankly not worth the time.

At this point, we recommend having a bank EFT account set up to have your funds transferred quickly and without time-consuming obstacles. Through the EFT account, withdraws will be processed within 1-2 business days.

BlueBet Arizona Betting markets

BlueBet Arizona has a decent amount of sports markets that bettors can put their money on. These sports include US favorites such as football, baseball, basketball, hockey, and international sports like surfing, rugby, and cricket.

BlueBet also offers a few novelty betting options, including politics and entertainment. These bets can be entertaining to partake in and may be beneficial to your pocketbook, depending on the game. However, some can be extremely difficult to win, so it is important to bet lightly with these types of wagers.

Types of bets available

You can find many of the basic forms of betting on the BlueBet Arizona sportsbook site. With a few unique options mixed in here and there. There are various bets available on all of the more popular sports daily with fair odds and decent payouts.


Because live-betting has become such a sought-after form of bet placing, we wanted to dig a bit deeper into this option. Now, we already mentioned our dissatisfaction that they do not provide live-streaming for easier bets. However, we do feel this sportsbook is one of the better providers for the in-bet services.

BlueBet live-betting is easy to use and quick, so you never miss a great opportunity. The platform is well-designed, and the atmosphere is friendly and inviting.

BlueBet currently provides traditional fixed odds making handicaps, totals, and match winners, some of their most popular bets.

  • Match-winner– This is simply who you think is going to win the match, black and white, win or lose.
  • Totals– Just as easy and black and white, but instead of picking who will win, the bookie will pre-determine the total points to be won at the end of a game. You have to wager on whether that number is going to be over or under the fixed amount.
  • Handicaps- A handi-cap is used to level the playing field between two teams. It will add or eliminate points to make the bet fair on both sides.

When visiting this site, you may see other types of bets, including prop bets, future bets, and multi-bets.

Customer Support

One of the most important things to look for with any sports betting site you plan to do business with is the type of customer support they offer. You shouldn’t have to struggle to speak with someone regarding your account, withdrawal, or anything else.

BlueBet has a lot of great options in the customer contact department, making it simple to get answers to all of your betting questions.

  • Call Customer support at 1800797644
  • Email customer support at:
  • Mail customer support at Address: PO Box 141, Randwick NSW 2031

Yet, the easiest way to contact the BlueBet customer support team is through their live-chat option, by clicking on the icon located at the bottom of the page.

BlueBet Arizona FAQs

How old do you have to be to legally bet on sports in Arizona?

In order to wager online or on a mobile device, you must be at least 21 years old and have the ability to provide proof of age and residency when creating a sportsbook account.

What type of banking is offered through BlueBet Arizona sportsbook?

Currently, you can only deposit funds into your BlueBet account using electronic payments, checks, and credit/debit cards. Likewise, you can only use EFT and credit/debit cards to withdraw your winnings.

Does BlueBet Arizona offer live-betting options?

Yes, you can place live-bets using the BlueBet platform. However, they do not provide customers with live-streaming games and events.

What sports can you wager on with the BlueBet Arizona sportsbook site?

You have the option of betting on over a dozen different sporting events through the BlueBet sportsbook, including US-based and international sports as well as horse racing.

How do you find promotions and bonuses for BlueBet Arizona?

The BlueBet sportsbook advertises its promos and bonuses like any other sports betting site on its webpage, social media accounts, advertisements, etc. Check back daily, so you never miss a good deal.