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Over/Under betting Arizona

This page will look at over/under betting in Arizona, addressing how these bets work and what strategies you can use to increase your chance of winning.

Over/under betting Arizona overview

Over/under bets are popular because they are easy to understand, have decent odds either way, and they apply to most sports. While there are betting strategies you can use to improve your chances of winning, you can easily place the bet with minimal research and still stand a good chance of walking away victorious.

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Top over/under bets Arizona


Because over/under bets are so easy to predict and desirable by bettors, you can expect most major Arizona sports betting sites to offer them, including:

These sites are all licensed and regulated by the state of Arizona, ensuring that you will have a safe and fair online betting experience.

How do over/under bets work in Arizona?


An over/under bet will lay out a number that predicts the total score of the game. It is your job as the bettor to decide whether you believe the actual total score will be more or less than what is posted. Unlike a moneyline bet, it doesn’t matter who wins the game or match.

Because totals tend to fall, either way, you can expect the odds to be set at -110. This means that you will need to wager $110 to potentially win $100 (if you win the bet). This can be done using more or less money, but your potential winnings rely on the initial ratio.

The betting odds will shift any time an oddsmaker determines there is an imbalance in the potential outcome, but you can expect the odds to stay the same for over/under bets. This is because oddsmakers will usually wait until the public appears to be betting heavily on one side before modifying the odds.

Example of an over/under bet

In this example, we will look at an imaginary situation in which the Suns and the Spurs have an over/under set at 221 with standard odds of -110. What does this all mean? First, you do not need to worry about trying to figure out which team will win the game unless you are betting on a Moneyline.

If you bet over, you will need the total score to be 222 or higher. You will also need to bet $110 to potentially win $100. Betting $55 will win you $50, and betting $220 will win you $200. It is all in the ratios, but that only matters if you win the bet.

When betting under, you are predicting that the total score will be 220 or lower. This is something you might do if the teams were short of some of their high-scoring players or if you had more faith in their defensive performance.

So what happens if the total score is exactly 221? Oddsmakers try to avoid this, but it happens from time to time. This would be considered a push, and bettors would be refunded their wager.

Different variations of over/under bets – Arizona


For the most part, you will see over/under bets on the total predicted score of a game, but a few variations should be considered, or that may apply to sports that calculate progress differently.

The general rules of a totals bet can be modified to fit a period of time that is shorter than a full game. This usually means placing a bet on what the total score will sit at by a specific marker, like quarters, periods, or half time.

You can also cut back to bet on what you believe one team will have scored in that amount of time. While this still takes into consideration how they will perform against the other team, it removes the score of the other team from the equation.

Over/under bets are not limited to pregame either. They can be adjusted as the game progresses through live-wagering measures. This can apply to full-game totals or partial game totals, and the odds fluctuate more when betting in-play.

You may also need to modify your way of thinking when looking at over/under bets for sports that do not operate on a points system.

For example, in boxing, your total number will refer to the number of rounds competitors will reach if the total is 9.5 you can expect an over to bet if they reach 10 rounds and an under to win if they fall at 9 or fewer.

Over/under betting strategies in Arizona


While over/under bets are considered an easier option, you still have several opportunities to handicap and set yourself up for success. Again, approaching with knowledge is more effective than assuming you have a 50/50 chance of winning and just picking one.

These strategies are easy to evaluate and effective at predicting the outcome of events or banking on your predictions on over-under Arizona bets.

Balancing offense and defense

A mistake many bettors make is putting too much weight on either the offense or the defense. The key here is to look at how they balance. If you have a strong offense going up against a weak defense, you can expect the score to be over, and the opposite is true with a weak offense against a strong defense.

When both teams are strong, overall, you will need to dig deeper, considering some of these other strategies or looking at potential matchups in the game. Are there any mismatches that can tilt it either way? Is anyone going to be missing from the game that factors into that strength?

All of this is important, but the only way you can get an accurate idea of the situation is by looking at both the offensive and defensive strengths and considering how they will interact.

Considering weather conditions

If your sport takes place outside, you should expect the weather to play a part in the final score. Generally speaking, poor weather conditions will limit the score (so you should bet under), while good weather conditions will allow the score to thrive (leaning towards an over bet).

The oddsmakers also have access to weather conditions and use them to calculate the total, but they usually avoid considering weather unless the public starts to tip the line. It is your job to get in on the bet before the line shifts. Once the public latches onto the effect of weather, the bet becomes less valuable.

Looking at history

History is a great indicator of how things will play out. So when you are looking at two teams that go head to head regularly, you should dig up information on previous games or matches to see what the total was before, but keep in mind any missing or traded players and other conditions.

Looking at coaching history can also indicate where the total score will end up. Some coaches will focus on getting the score up, while others approach gameplay from a broader view. You can expect higher scores to follow coaches that push them but look for strong defensive barriers that might get in the way.

Making use of multiple lines

If you are trying to make more money off your over/under bets, then you need to find sportsbooks that offer multiple lines on totals. This might look like a basketball game where they offer totals of:

  • 200
  • 190
  • 170

If you think the total score will be under 200, then it would make sense to bet under on the others as well, as long as you still believe the score will be lower than them. This increases your chance of winning, but it also increases your payout because you have money coming in from multiple bets.

FAQ’s About Over/Under betting Arizona

Are over/under bets and totals the same thing?

Over/under bets and totals are the same thing. The two terms are used interchangeably, but they refer to the same betting type.

Are over/under bets good for beginners?

Over/under bets are great for beginners. They do not require much background knowledge of the teams (although more is always better), and a team does not even need to win the event for you to win the bet.

How are totals calculated?

Bookmakers use several factors to calculate the total used in the bet. These factors include things like each team’s speed of play, offensive and defensive lines, weather conditions, and certain smaller details. These are the same things bettors should study when placing totals bets.

Do more bets end up being over or under?

On average, most events result in scores that are under the predicted total. However, this occurs with no overwhelming majority, and it is not an efficient way of predicting these bets. For the NFL, this occurred at a difference of 51.6 percent, and the NBA had a smaller discrepancy of 50.3 percent.

Can I bet on only under/overs and make money?

Betting on under/over bets means restricting yourself to consistent odds. You would need to accurately predict these bets regularly (almost daily) to have a chance at any substantial gains.