UFC betting Arizona

If you are looking for a great place for UFC betting in Arizona, look no further. We will provide you with the best sportsbooks in Arizona for UFC betting, along with tips and tricks to help you win.

How to bet on the UFC Arizona

In this article, we have simplified UFC betting to help anyone interested in wagering on fights to do so with confidence. In addition, we have included tips for placing the best bets, information regarding the way UFC fighting works, and the best sportsbooks available to those living in Arizona.

So, before you head off to place that million-dollar bet, take a moment to read through the information provided to make sure you are making the right decisions. With a bit of patience and a lot of luck, you could become an expert before you know it.

UFC betting top list Arizona

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Best UFC bets Arizona


There are many different types of betting options when it comes to Arizona sports betting. However, just because there are many different bets for all kinds of sports doesn’t mean they are all good bets for UFC matches.

The top three bets that you may want to consider trying on any given fight include the method of victory, round totals (over/under), and prop bets.

Method of victory

As it sounds, the method of victory bet is when you wager on how the fight will win, and some require you also to predict which competitor will win the fight. There are five possible outcomes for a victory, these include:

  • Knockout: The fight is called by the referee after a fighter has knocked their opponent out and they are 100% unconscious.
  • Technical knockout: The fight is called by the referee even though they are not entirely unconscious, but the ref believes they are out enough the fight is over.
  • Submission: The fight ends once the fighter has their opponent in a painful and uncomfortable hold, forcing them to tap out.
  • Disqualification: If a judge feels like one fighter has broken any of the UFC rules, they will be disqualified from the match in the middle of the fight, and their opponent will automatically be the winner.
  • Decision: If two fighters make it through all rounds of a fight without any of the above victories, the points added up by the three judges will decide who won.

Round Totals (over/under)

The round totals or (over/under) bet is one of the most straightforward bets to place on a UFC fight. The sportsbook you are betting with will decide how many rounds each match will go for before the fight ends. When you wager, you will choose whether the final number of rounds is going to be over the prediction or under it.

Prop bet

A prop bet is one of the more unique and fun ways to place bets on UFC fighting. These bets focus on things that really don’t have much to do with the end result of the match. These types of bets can be made regarding fight of the night or the best performance of the night.

Expert tips for winning UFC bets in Arizona


Many people want to know what they can do to enhance their chances of winning while placing wagers on UFC fights. Here we have compiled a list of the best tips out there, given by some of the most experienced bettors out there.

Wager only where there’s value

This is a golden rule when it comes to UFC and MMA betting in Arizona. Only place a bet on fights that offer value. For instance, an undefeated or close to is almost always going to be the favorite opponent and will get the majority of bets. Because of this, their opponent will have much higher odds, even if they are great fighters. Bet on the opponent in these cases.

Stay calm

There is no telling what is going to happen in a UFC fight; things can change quickly, and emotions can run high. So stick to your betting techniques, and don’t let your frustration get the best of you. Allowing one bad bet to get to your head can have you making more mistakes in future bets.

Gather information

Follow all UFC fights and record information regarding each of the fighters. Having a good idea of how each one performs, their strengths, and their weaknesses will help you make decent, educated guesses on their performance for upcoming fights.

Doing this will also help you determine who has the upper hand in each match-up. There are times when the underdog has a good chance against the favorite, and winning on those bets can give you a very generous payout.

Understand UFC rules and regulations

Having a good understanding of how UFC fights run will help you know how to place a winning wager. It is essential to know about the sport, how each match works, and what goes into determining a winner.

Best UFC betting sportsbooks Arizona


If you are looking for the best places to go when looking for the best odds and bets to place on UFC fights, look no further. We have a list of the top sports betting sites available in Arizona that are the best in the business and highly recommended.

BetMGM UFC odds

BetMGM Arizona has definitely made a name for itself over the last couple of years. The odds are more than fair, and the promotions are some of the best we have seen. This is a great company to consider when betting on UFC fights.

Draftkings UFC lines

The Draftkings Sportsbook in Arizona is safe and secure, with programs designed to keep your personal information from getting into the wrong hands. This company is well known for its fantastic customer service and easy-to-use platforms.

Fanduel UFC betting

Fanduel AZ frequently offers its customers promotions and bonuses on all popular sports games and UFC fights. In addition, they accept a variety of banking information for all types of deposits and withdrawals.

BetRivers UFC bets

BetRivers Arizona is a reliable sports betting site that has an easy-to-navigate webpage and straightforward betting. In addition, they offer an array of sports to bet on and a lot of bonuses for customers to take advantage of.

Caesars UFC odds

With Caesar Sportsbook Arizona, you can wager on all major sporting events at any time from anywhere. This site is user-friendly, and its customer service is amazing. UFC betting couldn’t be easier anywhere else.

TwinSpires UFC betting

TwinSpires Arizona is one of the newest sportsbooks available in Arizona for placing UFC bets and betting on other popular sports. In addition, it offers bettors an interactive website and app, so you have the option to take your betting everywhere you go.

WynnBET Sportsbook

WynnBET arizona has excellent reviews and is well-known for its friendly and simple website. They offer a good amount of promotions that will increase your odds on specific bets. In addition, WynnBET offers easy to access customer service and helpful tips and advice on betting techniques.

Unibet UFC lines

Unibet Arizona is a well-known and frequently used sportsbook site. This company has quality customer care and makes deposits and withdrawals easy by working with many banking services. Check out its new customer promotions and place a UFC bet with this brand.

When choosing a sportsbook site to wager on UFC fights, try picking out a few and comparing their deals, promotions, and bonus in order to get the best deals possible.

FAQ’s About UFC betting Arizona

Is there live betting on UFC fights?

Some sportsbooks do not offer live betting; however, the majority of them do. Check with each sports betting site to verify whether or not they have that option and check to see if they provide live-stream fights.

Is UFC betting legalized in Arizona yet?

Yes, you can legally bet on all sports in the state of Arizona. However, be aware of sketchy sites that may not be on the up-and-up, so you are not caught up in a scam.

How do you make money betting on UFC fights?

The best way to win a significant amount of money when wagering on UFC matches is by placing a bet on the highest odds for any given fight. Betting on the underdog (when it makes sense) is an excellent way to get a big payout.

What are the different types of victory methods?

There are five different ways for a match to end, knock out, technical knock out, submissions, decision, and disqualification. However, you will likely see KO and TKO’s classified as one.

Where can you find promotions and bonuses for UFC betting in Arizona?

The quickest and easiest way to find promotions and bonuses for UFC matches is by checking online at each sportsbook site, social media page, and app. Promos are offered frequently but only for short periods of time, so checking these pages often will help you not miss a great deal.