NFL Draft Betting AZ

The beauty of NFL Draft betting in AZ is that it’s held in late April when there’s a bit of a lull in the world of sports. It allows NFL fans to start betting on their favorite game before the season. But if you’re looking to make profitable NFL Draft betting decisions, Check out our AZ betting sites.

The Ultimate NFL Draft Betting Guide for AZ

We go over a couple of essential things in this detailed NFL Draft betting guide, including:

  • How to find the perfect sportsbook to act as your NFL Draft betting HQ
  • A rundown of the most popular types of NFL Draft bets available on the sportsbooks and
  • Help for researching the NFL Draft best bets possible using free and easily accessible resources

Are you interested in learning more? Then you need to read this quick guide right now!

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Best National Football League draft betting AZ


Everything about best NFL draft betting Arizona action starts by finding the right NFL draft sportsbook AZ. Choose the best NFL draft sportsbooks Arizona, and your life betting on the draft becomes a whole lot easier.

You’ll be able to get money into and out of your sportsbook account easier. You’ll never have to worry about your security being compromised, either. You’ll also be able to find fantastic NFL Draft odds on NFL Draft betting lines (competitive lines, too).

In an effort to help you really hit the ground running, here is a couple of the best NFL Draft betting Arizona sportsbooks around right now:

  • Bet MGM Draft (Premium, easy to use)
  • PointsBet Draft Betting (Great odds)
  • DraftKings (NFL draft partner, great mobile experience)
  • FanDuel (NFL draft partner, great live betting experience)
  • Barstool NFL draft Sportsbook AZ (Incredible community, Barstool personalities bet here)

NFL draft sportsbooks betting Arizona


Betting on NFL Draft sportsbooks in Arizona is a lot different than betting on NFL games. For one thing, the traditional bets you are used to seeing (Moneyline, spread, totals, etc.) aren’t available. At least not in their “normal” version.

Sure, sometimes you can find a Moneyline pick on who will go first overall. But other than that, you’re not going to see any spread bets because you don’t have two teams going up against one another. Of course, point totals are going to be available, too.

Instead, you’ll find more creative options from the best sports betting sites in Arizona. They’re always coming up with something new for their players to bet on! Here’s a quick rundown that highlights the NFL Draft best bets available right now.

First overall player

Almost everyone that bets on the NFL Draft bets on who they think will be the first player off the board. Every year this is the discussion that the talking heads and “NFL Draft experts” go over the most. This is always the most drama-filled pick, for sure.

Nowadays, it usually leaks who the first overall pick is going to be a couple of days before the draft. But not always.Sometimes, two players are evenly matched, and it’s a secret until the pick is in, which will get selected first.

This is generally as close to a Moneyline pick as most people will find on draft day. You have one favorite and then a bunch of underdogs, with the Moneyline generally looking something like this:

Quarterback #1 -130

Quarterback #2 +150

Running Back #1 +180

Defensive Lineman #1 +200

Wide Receiver #1 +250

First position of the board

As far as more popular NFL Draft props are concerned, picking the first position of the board is a classic. The NFL Draft (especially recently) has a real history of quarterbacks going first overall.

Then you see a lot of lineman, wide receivers, and cornerbacks come flying off the board. Every now and then, you see defensive players (linebackers and safeties) flesh things out. A running back is pretty rare to go in the first round, now.

Still, if there’s a generational talent that isn’t playing quarterback and a non-quarterback needy team with the first pick, you never know who’s going to go first overall.

Each pick props

Every single pick that NFL Draft betting Arizona platforms have betting lines on can be picked as a prop, too.

Maybe you think the Arizona Cardinals will take a running back at number 16 during the draft. You are sure of it. But, you know they need help in the backfield to round things out, so you put that prop in.

Well, if the Cardinals take a running back at pick number 16, this is one of the best NFL Draft prop bets you could ever make!

Pick position over/under Draft betting AZ

Sportsbooks will usually set a number they think a player will be picked at, letting NFL Draft betting Arizona players decide whether or not the player will go before or after that spot.

For example, let’s say that sportsbooks decided Aaron Rodgers would go at number five in 2005. So they might set the line at 5.5.

Anybody that picked the under (believing Rodgers would go before pick number five) would have missed out. But, instead, he slid all the way to 24 overall. That means that the over would have won easily that year!

Imagine if the 2000 NFL Draft bookies had Tom Brady graded with a first-round rating. He didn’t get picked until the sixth round. The overs would have made a fortune picking with the GOAT going late.

Head to head picks Draft

Every now and again, you’ll see “head-to-head” picks available as NFL Draft betting lines, too.

This is where the bookies will take two players they think could go at the same pick-in around and have them up against each other. This is also as close to a traditional Moneyline pick as NFL Draft betting Arizona players will get. It might look something like this:

Cornerback -110

Wide Receiver +140

This lets bettors know that the bookie believes that the cornerback stands the best chance of going at that particular pick. But not by much!

School and conference picks

In the total department, NFL Draft sports betting oddsmakers will sometimes set over/under for how many players from a specific school or a specific conference will get drafted.

The SEC always sends a lot of players to the NFL during the first round. But, unfortunately, each year, it feels like the entirety of the Alabama defense goes in the first round, too.

These kinds of picks can be a lot of fun, especially for big fans of the college game that want to see their favorite players do well.

How to research Draft bets in AZ


Mock drafting

Mock drafts are hugely valuable when researching the football Draft best bets possible. Don’t just look for mock drafts from anybody, though. Instead, look for mock drafts put out by legitimate experts that do a lot of research before the draft. Aggregate mock drafts that compare picks from all different kinds of experts are even better!

News and Twitter

Sports news, radio, Twitter, TV, and any other source of media you can consume leading up to the draft is helpful, too. Just recognize that some of this is going to be a smokescreen from different teams. Some of it is going to be made up whole cloth by media personalities looking for extra ratings, too.

Even still, if you hear the same thing over and over from a bunch of different sources, it might be worth paying close attention to.

Roster breakdowns

Have a look at the NFL rosters before draft day. Look at all 32 teams and identify a handful of weaknesses that they have, flaws they are likely to address at the draft.

Compare those needs to where they are picking, and then compare that to your mock draft information. Now you’ll have a good idea of who these teams might really end up with if things shake out that way.

FAQ’s About NFL Draft Betting AZ

When is the NFL Draft held?

The date of the draft bounces around a little bit, but NFL Draft betting Arizona fans should know that it’s almost always held in late April.

Who gets the first overall pick?

The worst team in the NFL the year prior gets the first overall pick. If they want to keep that pick and make it, they can. But they can trade it to any other team for anything they want, too.

Is the pick order set in stone?

Definitely not! The NFL establishes the draft order in reverse order, based entirely on the previous year’s standings. Thus, the worst team picks first, and the best team (winner of the Super Bowl) picks last. Outside of that, though, every NFL team can trade their draft picks with any other – for anything. This often shakes up the layout of the draft on the fly.

Can I bet on NFL Draft futures?

Definitely! Imagine if you had put down a futures pick on Peyton Manning going first overall before 1998? Or on Andrew Luck before 2012? Or – if you are an Arizona Cardinals fan – on Kyler Murray going first overall to the Cardinals in 2019? Futures are some of the most popular NFL Draft prop bets of them all!

Is it legal to bet on the NFL Draft?

100% legal with no strings attached. Arizona has made sports betting of all kinds utterly legal in the state, including online sports betting.