CFP Betting Arizona

Essential Info for betting on the CFP in Arizona. Betting on the National Championship isn’t as popular (yet) as betting on the major ones. But things are changing rapidly! And as more and more people get into CFP, Arizona operators are making it more accessible.

Best CFP betting sites in AZ

You need to know a couple of key things to find the best college football playoff odds and make money betting on the college game.

In this guide, we go over a handful of innovative strategies for better “luck” in Arizona football betting. By the time you’re done with the info in this guide, you’ll be much more confident putting money down on any CFP game. Later we also run through some of our favorite CFP sportsbooks in Arizona you’ll want to consider, too.

Top list CFP betting sites Arizona

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Best CFP odds in Arizona


Finally, it’s important to emphasize the value of finding the right sportsbook. Your CFP betting Arizona experience is going to be determined by the sportsbook you pick.

Some Arizona online sportsbooks are going to be much better choices than others. As a result, some operators need to be avoided at all costs. The best options, though, are always going to have these things in common:

  • A fantastic reputation throughout the sports betting community
  • Easy, safe, and secure banking options for deposits and withdrawals
  • An almost unlimited amount of wagers to place on CFP odds
  • Excellent information, breakdowns, and pick help (especially for newbies)
  • Generous bonuses, promos, and special offers

As well as a world-class mobile experience so that you can bet CFP spreads, totals, and more from your phone!

Strategies for smart CFP odds AZ


It’s critical to have a real strategy when analyzing NCAA football championship betting odds. Sure, you could just sort of from money at the money line every now and again. And maybe you get lucky more often than not.

Picking the winner of a game, after all, is a binary choice. It’s like 50-50 a wager as you’re going to find in the world of sports markets.

At the same time, though, to get really good at CFP betting, Arizona players are going to need success strategies. That’s what the rest of this detailed breakdown is all about.

These are the kinds of strategies designed to put more money in your CFP sportsbook account every Saturday night!

National Championship isn’t the NFL

You need to know that Arizona sports betting on college games is nothing like betting in the NFL in AZ right out of the gate. Yes, the kinds of bets you’ll have to pick and choose from are similar (if not identical).

You’ll be able to bet the Moneyline, the spread, totals, and props in National Championship in the NFL. We mean, though, that the CFP game is a totally different animal than the NFL game.

The level of parity in the college game is much lower than in the NFL. This means that games are often lopsided and mismatched. That rarely happens in the NFL (which is why they say “any given Sunday”).

Secondly, the rules in the college game are a little different, too. The way that first downs are handled, the way that penalties like pass interference are handled. There are subtle nuances you want to learn and master for sure.

Finally, you need to expect things like much wider CFP point spreads and higher totals. College games have the potential to turn into a shootout at any time and between any two teams. Get used to use the over (even when it seems insane to do so).

Talent gaps are real – and matter!

Like we just mentioned a moment ago, the talent gaps in the CFP world can be pretty severe. Remember, 130 teams play at the Football Bowl Subdivision level. So at the end of the year, fewer than ten teams are going to be the most dominant in the FBS.

Only two teams out of 130 are going to make it to the national championship. Think of those CFP odds!

If you’re going to put money on CFP as far as futures go, go for the power programs. Of course, small schools can break out and surprise people every now and again. But there’s a reason why nobody is surprised when Alabama rolls into the title game over and over.

Matchups, matchups, matchups!

While there is a lot of analytics and stats to help you with your CFP betting Arizona decisions, matchups matter most. There are a couple of things you need to think about, including:

  • Starting quarterback versus starting quarterback
  • Each starting quarterback versus the opposing defense
  • Head coach versus head coach

And then you can get down to individual skill level matchups, too. Those three matchups we highlighted above, though, are going to help inform your slip more than anything else. Particularly when analyzing CFP odds.

If you have any games from earlier in the year to compare these two teams, make sure you do so.

Let’s say that the University of Arizona and the Clemson Tigers are meeting in the title game. If they have played earlier in the season and Arizona came out on top.

If Arizona absolutely crushed them, that’s even more critical information. That helps you better understand matchups, point spread, and totals information all in one meet little bundle.

Bet against power programs at your risk

If you have a tough time with your national championship odds picks, go with a power program team.

In recent history, the SEC has been the power conference in the national title game. However, the ACC, the Big Ten, and the Pac 12 have also been well represented.

Put your money on those CFP odds, and you stand a good chance of coming out on top. Bet against those conferences, though, and you’re likely going to lose your money faster than you thought possible.

Not all stats and analytics matter

It’s not hard to get sucked up in all kinds of stats and analytics, either.

It feels like there’s nothing in the national Championship game that goes overlooked or unmeasured these days. There are analytics and stats for pretty much everything. Context, though, is king when breaking down these numbers.

For example, let’s say that Arizona has a hotshot quarterback that’s shooting the lights out with deep touchdown passes. The amount of yardage this quarterback is piling up is unbelievable. The passing touchdowns are piling up, too.

What kind of competition is this quarterback going up against, though? Elite level defenders with top-of-the-line front sevens and defensive backs? Or mid-level teams that shouldn’t be on the same field? What kind of release does the quarterback have? How many interceptions does he throw?

All of this context helps inform those statistics. And that context helps you make smarter CFP betting Arizona decisions!

Travel, weather, and experience makes a difference

How far a team has to travel to get to a CFP game makes a huge difference, especially if they are going through multiple time zones. A team traveling from Oregon to play in Georgia, for example, will be worn out and especially compared to a team from Georgia playing in Atlanta.

Weather also makes a big difference (so long as the game isn’t being played inside of a dome). A lot of bowl games these days are getting stuck inside of domes, though. These bowl games are also usually chosen to be played in warm-weather stadiums too. You don’t usually see a lot of January games played outside. Not with the national title on the line, anyway.

Still, if there’s a lot of rain or a lot of wind, that’s going to make a big difference in how the game is played. A lot of rain and a lot of wind will usually depress scores (especially passing and field goal attempts). So you might want to bet the under in those situations!

Study how CFP lines move

CFP betting lines move differently than they do in the NFL. Some of this has to do with the fact that there are fewer people betting on these games, so smaller money moves make the line jump a little more radically. Some of it has to do with the fact that sharp money jumps on any crumb of value ASAP, bouncing the line as well.

Finally, though, you want to be studying how these lines move so that you can capitalize on the jump ahead of time. Live NCAAF odds boards give you inside information into how lines are moving. The best CFP betting Arizona sportsbooks will have this info available all the time.

These are the bowls in the state:

Reading CFP odds Arizona


Now let’s get into some of the big CFP betting mistakes you don’t want to make.

Understand that experts aren’t sages

First, don’t get suckered into buying whatever a “college expert” tells you is going to happen in the title game. There are lots of CFP experts out there, almost all of them very well-paid. They love to sit out in front of the TV cameras and tell you exactly what’s going to happen before the game begins.

Sometimes they get it right, but more often than not, they get things wrong. And they can end up costing you a lot of money.

It’s a lot of fun to follow along with what these experts have to say. But, of course, there’s nothing wrong with listening to their info, either. When you get right down to it, though, you need to be making these decisions on your own.

Be sure that you are locking in your own CFP betting Arizona picks and not just going with the flow. Don’t let “experts” make wagers with your money!

Don’t get too cute with picks

Beware of getting too cute with your picks as well. The worst thing about the national title game is that there is a vacuum before it. It’s straightforward to start overthinking the game in the downtime, especially with no other sports going on.

That’s when people like to get cute. They like to fool around with CFP prop bets and spreads they wouldn’t have otherwise. So it’s not hard to get sucked into CFP spreads picks you wouldn’t have even considered before.

Lock in your picks early (or right before the game), and you’ll be able to avoid a lot of this headache and heartbreak.

FAQ’s About CFP odds in Arizona

Can I live bet CFP action in AZ?

Most of the top-shelf Arizona sportsbooks will let you get into live action, even during the national title game for CFP.

Should I put my money on enormous favorites for the national title?

Betting on huge favorites for the national title game can come back to bite you. So it’s not a bad idea to hedge these kinds of bets, at least a little bit. Remember, 37% of underdogs win in the CFP.

How often are experts right when picking the national title champion?

It’s impossible to quantify how often these experts are correct, but it feels like they are wrong more often than not. Follow your favorite experts for entertainment first and betting help second. That’ll give you the proper perspective!

Is prop betting aloud during the national championship game in AZ?

You can definitely bet on CFP prop bets during the national title game!

It’s legal to bet on CFP games in Arizona, right?

Sports betting in Arizona is now 100% legal, with no strings attached. So get in on all the action today!