Stanley Cup Betting Arizona

Breaking down the best Stanley Cup betting strategies in Arizona. Every season finishes with one team bringing home the Stanley Cup. The NHL playoffs that deliver one team that trophy are always exciting and fun to watch. But they are also fun to gamble on.

Starting guide for betting online in Arizona

In this guide we go through some of the most popular types of Stanley Cup betting Arizona action players will find today. Almost every quality sportsbook in the industry offers these kinds of bets.

They won’t have the same Stanley Cup odds on all of these wagers (different books have different lines), but you’ll be able to get in on this action for sure. Let’s jump right in, shall we?

Top list Stanley cup betting sites AZ

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Best Stanley Cup betting Arizona


When you get right down to it, having fun with the best Stanley Cup betting Arizona action comes down to finding the right bookie to make your bets with. With so many different options to pick from these days, finding the right bookie can be a little challenging. Focus on these features, though, and you’ll have a much easier time!

History of Fair Odds

The first thing you need to look for in a sportsbook offering Stanley Cup betting action is fair odds. They don’t have to be the best odds under the sun, but they should be competitive. They should be fair, offer players an opportunity to win, and be reasonable.

History of Fast Payouts

Nobody wants to get stiffed on their winnings when they pick the correct NHL betting in Arizona. Unfortunately, this happens from time to time with low-quality Stanley cup sportsbooks in AZ.  Look into the history of each bookie you’re considering. Make sure they pay out winnings and pay them fast.

Excellent Customer Service

The odds are that you won’t have to get a hold of customer service that often. But you still need to know that your bookie will take care of it ASAP if you have an issue. Look for 24/7 phone support whenever possible, too.

Excellent Security

Even though Stanley Cup betting in Arizona action is fully legal in the state these days, you still need to ensure that your personal and private information is secure. Choose bookies that offer safe, encrypted solutions every step of the way.

256-bit encryption and SSL security is the bare minimum you should expect. To get a jumpstart on finding the best bookies for NFL playoff odds, check out any of these top options today:

  • BetMGM– One of the most reputable Stanley Cup sportsbooks under the sun with a $1,000 insurance bet bonus on signup.
  • PointsBet – Very generous welcome and deposit bonuses
  • DraftKings Sportsbook – Built from the ground up with mobile betting in mind
  • FanDuel – Second-to-none live betting experience
  • Barstool Sportsbook – Maybe the best sportsbook community on the planet

Stanley Cup sportsbooks in AZ


A big piece of the puzzle to breaking down Stanley Cup odds is understanding the type of wager you’re making in the first place. Arizona sports betting options are available always with wagers.

Different wagers have different  Stanley Cup sportsbooks AZ odds attached, other winning conditions, and different payout structures. If you don’t have a firm grasp on these fundamentals, you’ll never be able to win as often as you should.

Armed with the inside information below, though, you’ll be able to knock out winning Moneyline bets, NHL futures bets, and any other wager you want to put down on the NHL playoffs, too!

Stanley cup Moneyline bets AZ

Moneyline betting is the easiest way to get in on the Stanley Cup action. All you have to do with this kind of wager is pick the team you think will come out on top. Then, choose the team that brings home the Stanley Cup, and you are a winner, too.

For example, let’s say that the Boston Bruins are playing the Arizona Coyotes in the upcoming NHL playoffs. The Moneyline has the Coyotes as the favorite at -130 and the Bruins as the underdog at +210. The Moneyline would look something like this:

  • Arizona Coyotes -130
  • Boston Bruins +210

It also means that every $130 bet on the Coyotes would win $100 if they beat the Bruins. On the flip side, every $100 bet on the underdog Bruins would be suitable for $210 in profit. See how easy Moneyline Stanley Cup odds are to break down?


Totals betting during the Stanley Cup is also really simple and straightforward. The best Stanley Cup betting Arizona sportsbooks will decide how many goals they think will be scored by both teams. They come up with a number – say 5.5 – and then let players bet the over or the under.

Betting the over would mean that both teams would score more than 5.5 total goals. Conversely, betting the under would mean that less than 5.5 total goals would be scored in that game.

If our Arizona Coyotes and Boston Bruins example ended up being a 3-2 game, the under would payout. This is because only five goals were scored. However, if the game was 4-3, the over would hit with seven total goals scored. This kind of wager is also straightforward to make.

Conn Smythe Award Winner

When it comes to seasonal player awards, this is a little unique. This league doesn’t announce individual awards until after the NHL playoffs have concluded. A Stanley Cup champion must be named before the league MVP (the winner of the Conn Smythe Award) is declared.

The winner often won’t even have been voted on until after the NHL playoffs are over. So while any player in the league can win the MVP, most players come from the team that wins the finals (or is at least involved in the Stanley Cup).

A lot of Stanley Cup bettors like to put in futures picks on this award, though. Some like to do it before the season starts, others like to wait until the playoffs begin. Some even wait until the Stanley Cup finals start (especially since many winners come from those teams). At the end of the day, though, the overwhelming majority of Arizona Stanley cup sportsbooks that offer NHL playoffs action will offer this specific wager.

Series winner

The Stanley Cup is a seven-game series, and the first team that wins four games goes home with the trophy. While some Stanley Cup betting Arizona players like to bet on individual games, others like to pick series winners – the team they think will win the Stanley Cup.

Stanley Cup winner odds are set at the beginning of every year, even before a single game has been played. These odds usually aren’t super accurate by the time the end of the season rolls around, though.

There are many turnovers, a lot of attrition, a lot of injuries, and always a lot of intrigue in a season. It’s not uncommon for a surprise team to pop up out of nowhere, turn NHL playoff odds on their head, and shake things up a little bit.

Still, you can wait until the Stanley Cup teams are set in stone and then put money down on Stanley Cup winner odds if you’d like to. Picking a team to win it all can be more relaxing than trying to pick a winner for each individual game.

Individual game-winner

On the flip side, picking an individual game-winner can be a lot more engaging. Following different Stanley Cup odds as they shift and change depending on the results of each game is always fun. It helps fans feel connected to the playoffs, especially if they have a team they want to win.

Individual game-winner odds are available in the lead-up to every game. In addition, most games that offer live betting will offer updated odds throughout the game, right up until the final whistle.

Stanley Cup props Arizona

Stanley Cup hockey betting in Arizona prop wagers are a lot of fun, too. Props are always engaging and fun, with players betting on things like:

  • Who will score the first goal
  • Who will achieve the most goals
  • Who will have the most assists
  • Who will have the most penalty minutes
  • Which team will block the most shots

… And that only barely begins to scratch the surface of these Stanley Cup odds! Prop bets work really well as parlays, too…

Stanley Cup parlays AZ

Speaking of parlays, the Stanley Cup is particularly well-suited to this kind of wager.For one thing, there’s always a lot of action surrounding Stanley cup series odds. That means multiple legs can be combined together – sometimes within the same game!

Secondly, Stanley Cup games are (for the most part) pretty low-scoring affairs. So you have a general idea of how many goals are going to be scored based on the two teams playing each other.

Finally, Stanley Cup action is always fun to watch. The NHL playoffs are as action-packed as it gets. They are often described as the best playoffs in all of the major sports markets.

Nothing better

There’s nothing better than watching every minute on the ice, waiting for your parlays to pop! Of course, you need to be careful with parlay action.

Anytime you combine multiple wagers into a single “super bet,” you are taking on a lot more risk. A betting slip with a Moneyline bet, a series win bet, and a prop bet gives a player plenty of chances to win cash.

That same betting slip with all those wagers combined into a parlay takes on a lot more risk. Every leg has to come up with a winner for that player to cash out.

You might want to think about hedging these kinds of Stanley cup series odds, especially if you’ve won every leg right up until your last bet. A hedge at the very end guarantees you take home some money even if it eats a little bit into your profits. It’s usually still worth considering!

Stanley Cup Betting AZ FAQ

Is it legal to bet on the Stanley Cup in Arizona?

For sure! It took a little longer than most people thought, but it’s now 100% legal to bet on the Stanley Cup in Arizona. In addition, sports betting – including online sports betting – is legal in Arizona these days!

Does overtime count when betting online in Arizona?

Overtime always counts after you have placed a bet, regardless of the type of bet you’re dealing with.

What is the “puck line”?

For example, maybe you bet the over on a totals wager at 5.5 goals during the Stanley Cup. The third period ended with the teams tied up at two goals apiece (for four). You’re probably in a little bit of trouble now because overtime during the NHL playoffs is sudden-death.

Can I live bet the Stanley Cup in AZ?

A team can only win by one goal – and that means you’re still going to miss the over. Still, that overtime goal will count towards the total all the same.

How far ahead can I bet Stanley Cup futures?

The puck line is similar to the point spread in football and basketball betting, and it’s almost identical to the run line in baseball.