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Hockey betting in Arizona

The puck is on the court and sliding, kicking off a whole new season of hockey betting in Arizona. As if the game were not already full of excitement, placing wagers adds a little something extra as things take an explosive turn that could win you a good deal of return.

Guide to Hockey betting in AZ

If you’re ready to get started in the world of hockey betting, then we’re here to tell you how and where to do it. We have a list of the most popular hockey bets and a look at a few odds to get you off and start making your first wagers.

Top hockey betting list AZ

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Best hockey betting sites Arizona 2024


Before we get to all the odds and stuff, we’d first like to introduce you to the best Arizona sports betting on the web. Use these for all of your betting needs and browse all your sports options with the best on the web.

BetMGM Hockey odds

BetMGM has been around for some time now, becoming one of the most trusted names in sports betting. They have a killer platform and app combo, allowing bettors to bet on live matches and futures among other top hockey betting lines.

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DraftKings Hockey lines

You’ve probably seen the name circling around while you’re tuning in to your favorite matches. They are a huge name in fantasy sports, with new exciting matches and tournaments happening on the website daily. From daily competitions to new bonuses for frequent bettors, you can find it all here with one of the best apps around.

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FanDuel Hockey betting online

One of the most interactive platforms out there is FanDuel. Join and get in on the action with tons of opportunities to hop into tournaments and fantasy games from day one. Then, get in on live hockey betting and put your wagers down at just the right time to start building your bankroll.

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BetRivers Hockey betting

BetRivers is a trusted name in sports betting that’s been around for decades. Once they made their appearance online, bettors from far and wide came to play, making it one of the most used platforms for sports betting around.

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Hockey sportsbook betting Arizona


There are many hockey sportsbooks out there, all of which have their own chances. When looking at Arizona sports market odds, you may have more than a few options for betting on hockey, some of which you might not have ever heard of. So what are the top ice hockey betting types?

The Hockey Moneyline

Probably the most popular bet in all sports matches, the moneyline might be what you first think of when betting on hockey. In this type of bet, you basically make a wager on who you think will take a match. You’ll see odds presented for each team, which gives you two important indicators.

Let’s say that you have odds Tampa -500 and Montreal +350. This tells you what you will win if you choose correctly and who is the favored team. In this example, Tampa is favored and will cost you $500 to bet on to win $100. If you take the underdog, you can bet $100 and win $350.

It’s all about being choosy and picking your numbers right.

The over and under – Hockey sportsbooks AZ

Along with predictions about who will win, there are also points spreads released too. One of them considers the total number of points that are thought to be scored between the two teams. In this way, bettors can decide whether they think it will go over or under the predicted points spread.

Once you see the number, all you have to do is bet over or under, watch, and collect your cash if you happened to be right. It’s simple, and it’s a fun bet to watch as matches unfold.

Betting on futures – Hockey

NHL hockey betting lines can start way before a regular season. In this way, sports enthusiasts will have plenty of time to check out odds and do their homework to make the best predictions. Betting on futures in the NHL usually means that you’re looking at big games like the Stanley cup or the matches leading up to it.

Ice hockey betting tips straight from the pros


Knowing where to bet and how to bet, the last thing we’d like to leave you with is some pro tips that you can use to up your betting strategy. So we looked at the pros and put together a list of their recommended strategies so you can bet like them (even if you’re a rookie)!

Always look at goalies

If there is anyone position that you look at when making predictions, make it the goalie. These guys are some of the toughest players on the team, and their performance will either win or lose the game. Check how they are performing and which goalies are up against each other, and then make your predictions.

Check outperformance

Apart from checking out predictions today, you should also take a look at how teams are performing overall. During the season, a lot can happen, including injuries, a bad season, or just a losing streak. So make sure you account for that before you make your wagers too.

Get good info

You can find picks today, and free NHL picks in a lot of places but, they are not all the same quality. So, before believing what one person or blog says, make sure that you know how they get their predictions. Anyone can go on a rant and spout off, but it takes a true analyst to dive in and really get to the bottom of how teams will perform.

Bet smart

This one isn’t just for hockey but for any kind of sports betting. When you start to bet, keep a close watch on your bankroll and make sure you’re only setting aside enough to bet how you want to. Even if it seems like a once-in-a-lifetime bet, chances are there will be a few other changes that come around.

Keep it simple

Last but not least, keep it simple. This is especially true if you’re just starting out. Don’t over complicate your bets, and keep them nice and simple. Then, as you learn, you can start implementing more advanced strategies that some of the top hockey bettors do, including betting on live matches and keeping a close watch for clues that you should be betting now.

FAQ’s About Hockey betting in Arizona

What sportsbooks offer NHL betting in Arizona?

There are lots of hockey sportsbooks out there, but not all of them are created equal. So instead of just taking a guess, try out any one of the top 5 that we mentioned. You’re guaranteed to have a legit and legal hockey sportsbook AZ that’s safe to use and comes with a ton of options when it comes to NHL betting.

Is online sports betting legal in Arizona?

Yes! That means that all residents can choose their favorite sportsbook and make bets, choosing live bets, fantasy sports betting, and much more. Sports betting online in Arizona has been legal for some time now and has given the state a lot of extra revenue to play with, making the state better and better each year.

How do I know a AZ hockey sportsbook is safe?

Yes, but you have to use caution. There are lots of sportsbooks out there, and not all of them are created equal. That’s why we took the time to look around for you, choosing the hockey sports betting site that have the best odds and the features that you know and love.

Where can I find up-to-date odds in AZ?

Odds are up and updated on all of the top sportsbooks. For some extra insight, you can also tune into sports bloggers and top commentators to see what they have to say. There is a lot of sports info out there; you just have to dig through and find the stats and odds that work the best for you.

Who’s predicted to win the NHL Stanley Cup?

With the big game fast approaching, you can find predictions all over the place. As of now, many of the best predictors out there are taking Tampa as the front runner and Montreal as the underdog. These are not a guarantee but could be a good thing to look at.