NBA betting in Arizona

Now that sports betting is legal in Arizona, you can get hands-on excitement from watching your favorite NBA teams. Before you start NBA betting in Arizona, though, you’ll need to know what to do. We will walk you through everything you’ll need to know to get started with NBA betting in AZ in this guide.

Compare sports betting on the NBA AZ

To start betting on the NBA in Arizona, you will first have to sign up for an online sportsbook. From there, begin studying the teams and learn a few advanced betting strategies. Once you understand what to do, then you can start winning money. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at what you need to know.

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Find top NBA sportsbook Arizona


Step one for any form of sports betting is to find a legal sportsbook where you can put your money on a variety of teams and betting options. Nowadays, the quickest and easiest way to do this is via an online sportsbook. Be warned, though—not all sportsbooks are equal.

When you look for an online sportsbook, you should keep an eye out for a few important factors. If you go with a sportsbook that doesn’t suit your needs, you likely won’t get the full experience of NBA betting and will walk away disappointed. Your sportsbook should have:

  • A trustworthy and reliable name – There are plenty of scam sites out there looking to steal your information. Before you give money to a sportsbook, check user reviews and guarantee that it is legitimate and trustworthy.
  • Multiple betting options – We’ll get into this a little later, but your sportsbook should offer a variety of betting options so you can diversify where you put your money and how you bet.
  • Generous perks – Betting sites lure in new punters using sign-up benefits, extra bets, deposit matches, and weekly offers. Make the most of these added perks to boost your total winnings.
  • Reliable customer service – If you’re putting money on the line, it helps to know that you can contact someone if something goes wrong. Look for a contact number and an email address, at the very least. Some sportsbooks even offer live chats.
  • Payment options – Not all sportsbooks take Discovery or American Express. Check to see that your sportsbook will take your payment option. Nowadays, most work with direct deposits, Visa/Mastercard, and PayPal.

Top 5 betting sites for NBA betting Arizona

Additionally, we can recommend a few of the best NBA sportsbooks in Arizona. They are all big-name brands with a history of reliable and quality service both in the US and internationally. The odds are, if you’re looking for a sportsbook, you’ve already seen these before:

  1. BetMGM – BetMGM is a top sportsbook carrying the iconic MGM name. They occasionally have some of the best odds and offer a user-friendly mobile app with live streaming capabilities. BetMGM’s frequent daily bonuses also make them an attractive option.
  2. Pointsbet – Out of all the top sportsbooks, Pointsbet is one of the most diverse and comprehensive options on the web. They have a massive variety of betting options and offer sign-up bonuses worth up to $2000.
  3. Draftkings – Draftkings markets themselves as the top sportsbook in America. They have a well-designed mobile app with a good range of betting options and lines that automatically update. Plus, if you sign up today, you’ll get an extra $500 deposit bonus.
  4. FanDuel –FanDuel is the largest sportsbook in the world with the most users. They have a good range of betting options and, best of all, except just about every type of legitimate payment method you can think of.
  5. William Hill – Another widely used sportsbook, William Hill offers excellent betting options for the NBA, accepts a good range of payment offers, and has one of the best customer services out of all of these sportsbooks.

Although all five options are top of the line, be sure to appraise them individually. No two Arizona sports betting sites are the same, so check their odds, perks, and betting options. We recommend signing up for more than just one sportsbook, as you can increase your array of betting options and find better odds.

NBA betting Arizona: know what bets you can place


Sports betting is more complicated than you might think. People generally assume it’s just putting money on who you think will win. While that is one way to bet on the NBA, it’s not the only way. Know how you can place bets, and you’ll walk away with more winnings. It’s like they say, don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Spread the money out.

NBA moneyline bets in Arizona

You know that time-worn tradition of betting on who you think will win the game? That’s a moneyline bet. Betting on the moneyline is an easy way to put money on a game. Simply judge the odds, as shown on your sportsbook, and place your money on who you think is most likely to win.

Your sportsbook will show the favorite using a (-) symbol and give a number determining their odds. Inversely, the underdog will have a (+) symbol. The farther apart their odds, the more likely the underdog is to lose. However, if you put your money on the underdog and they win, you’ll walk away with more winnings.

The moneyline sets how much you would have to bet to walk away with $100. For example, if you bet $100 on the Phoenix Suns to win with (+150) odds, you could walk away with an extra $150. However, if they had (-150 odds), you’d have to bet at least $150 to earn a $100 profit.

Betting on the NBA spread

Betting against the spread is arguably the most common way to wager on basketball betting in Arizona. The spread gives the favorite a handicap, meaning they have to win by a set number of points if you bet on them.

If they don’t reach that line, you win nothing. Inversely, if you bet on the underdog, you can win outright if the favorite doesn’t hit their handicap or they lose.

Using the Suns as an example again, let’s say that your sportsbook sets their spread at (+4.5). You’ll only win your bet if they finish the game 5 points up after the spread. If the final score is 101 to 98 in the Sun’s favor, you won’t win your bet because they didn’t clear the (+4.5) spread.

Betting on the total NBA score

After spread and Moneyline bets, total bets—or “Over/Under” bets—are the third most common way to bet on the NBA. When you bet this way, rather than picking a single team to win, you bet on the combined total number of points at the end of the game.

Total bets are a smart option for punters who don’t have strong opinions one way or the other or if the odds are too close to call. Your sportsbook will set a line for the expected total, and you bet whether you think the combined scores from both teams will go over or under that line.

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Picks for NBA betting Arizona


Knowing how to bet is only half the equation. From there, you’ll want to use a few strategies to increase your chances of winning. We’ve compiled a few tips to help you out, so you’re not going at it blind:

  1. Follow the games closely – When teams play back-to-back, night-after-night, their players begin to wear down and can even sustain injuries. If you’re not following your team closely, you could miss when a top player gets benched or rotated out for the game. This can greatly change the odds at the last second, so be sure to watch carefully.
  2. Watch for who performs out on the road – Home games matter in the NBA. Having their hometown fans right on the court puts a fire into most players. But the games to watch are the ones out on the road. If an NBA team can pull off back-to-back victories far from home, you can almost guarantee they’re a team to bet on.
  3. Don’t only bet on your favorites – We get it—you want to bet on your favorite team. We’re not saying don’t, but at least spread your bets out. Again, you don’t want to put all of your money in one basket.
  4. Gamble responsibly – Manage your bankroll like it’s your personal bank account. No game is a surefire win, so avoid placing bets higher than 15% of your total bankroll. If you can’t afford to place a bet, don’t. It isn’t worth it.

As you gain more experience, you’ll learn how to make the most of your bets and further understand how to maximize your wins. Start small and build from there! And dont forget the Playoffs betting in Arizona!

FAQ’s About NBA betting in Arizona

Is NBA betting legal in Arizona?

Arizona House Bill 2772, passed in April 2021, all online and in-person sports betting are legal.

Should I pay for betting tips?

We’ll say it again—no game is a sure bet. We don’t recommend paying for betting tips because it’s a quick way to fall into a scam. Always be safe and keep your money and bets within a registered sportsbook.

What is vig/juice?

Vig and juice are terms used to describe the commission a sportsbook takes on your bets. This is how sportsbooks make their money.

Is online NBA betting safe in Arizona?

As long as you use a reputable and licensed sportsbook, online NBA sports betting is a safe and enjoyable way to earn some extra money.

Is NBA bet winnings taxed?

Yes, under HB 2772, all sports winnings within Arizona state borders are subject to an 8% tax.