Caesars Arizona

Among the various sportsbooks available to Arizona bettors, we think that Caesars sportsbook has a lot to offer in terms of user benefits. Read on, as we have reviewed Caesars Arizona and the top features they offer. We’ll look at its customer support setup, promotional offerings, convenient banking methods, exciting sports betting opportunities, a useful site interface, mobile app, and much more.

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Caesars Arizona bonuses


One of the great perks of betting with Caesars Arizona bonuses is that each bettor is privy to various promotional offerings and rewards from the very start. New bettors have access to a no-deposit-required bonus worth $10 that they can claim upon registering a new bettor account.

On top of that, you also get rewarded consistently when betting with this sportsbook. When bettors earn rewards, you can convert those rewards credits into cash. For every $10 you wager in sports wagers, you earn one online reward credit and 1 tier credit with Caesars.

This cash gets deposited into your sportsbook account and must reach a minimum of 1,000 credits ($10) in order to get added to your sportsbook balance. The great thing about this promotion is that these rewards get updated instantly! You can always check-in and view your rewards status under the loyalty details section of your account.

Review of Caesars sportsbook Arizona


In this review of Caesars Arizona, we will look at the unique opportunities Arizona sports bettors can take advantage of. From competitive college and professional sports betting markets. On top of the variety of sports categories, you also have the chance to bet on virtual sports.

Caesars sportsbook Arizona features

While Caesars is not heavy on the unique sportsbook features, they keep it basic with a well-organized site interface. You can easily navigate to different betting markets and opportunities.

Some of the features you do have access to, though, include a bet slip, pages for trending and competition bets, and a helpful support box for looking through various queries.

You also get access to a feature that allows you to switch between American, fractional, and decimal odds at any given time.

Caesars Arizona deposit and withdrawal methods

The banking methods offered by serious sportsbooks are typically loaded with variety. Caesars sportsbook is no exception, as they offer bettors with seven main deposit methods and five main withdrawal methods.

Bettors can make deposits via major credit companies (Mastercard/Discover/Visa/AMEX), Paypal, Caesar’s prepaid cards, online bank transfer, e-checks (ACH), Paynearme, and cash at the Cage. Note that Caesars has a deposit minimum set at $10 for all methods.

Bettors can make withdrawals via Paypal, cash at the Cage, e-checks (ACH), NETELLER, or a Caesar’s prepaid card. However, note that you can only withdraw with Paypal if you’ve deposited with Paypal, too. There is a withdrawal minimum of $10 for all methods except for cash at the Cage, and withdrawals will take between 3-5 days to process.

Customer support and privacy

Your privacy as an account holder is important, as is your financial security and experience with the betting services. This is why it’s great to know that Caesars has you supported and covered in the event of an unforeseen circumstance or issue.

Although Caesars lacks a 24/7 customer support setup, they do offer customer support services via various contact methods, including live chat, telephone, and email (8 AM – 12 AM, seven days a week).

Future customers should also know that you are safe and secure when betting with Caesars. On top of the fact that you get a password-protected customer account, you also can enable strong authentication, which is a form of 2-factor authentication for extra security.

Mobile betting app review – Caesars Arizona


Most sports bettors will agree that having a solid mobile app to accompany a sportsbook is essential. Fans of sports betting like to be able to quickly and conveniently place wagers with the touch of a few buttons. You can’t always do this from the comfort of home. This is why it’s lucky for Arizona bettors that Caesars sportsbook offers a handy mobile betting app.

With this app, you get your Caesars sportsbook account fully connected and ready for on-the-go betting. Choose from wagers on golf, soccer, auto racing, MMA events, and so many more. You get many of the desktop features included, from in-play betting to Caesar’s rewards, as well as all of your favorite bets (outrights, futures, spread bets, parlays, prop bets, over/unders).

All you have to do to access it is have an Android or iOS mobile device. Android users can download the app via a link on the sportsbook’s website, while Apple users can download it from the App Store.

Different ways to bet at Caesars AZ

There are various types of bets you can place in sports betting, and some bets are only applicable to certain sports events. Additionally, the type of bets you’ll be able to make with a given sportsbook may vary. At Caesars sportsbook, some of the main bets you’ll be able to make include the following.

Teaser bets at Caesars AZ

One of the common bets you can place at Caesars is a teaser. These bets play around with the point spread and require some knowledge of certain players’ abilities and statistics. These bets are commonly made at football and basketball events.

Moneyline bets at Caesars Arizona

Moneylines are a type of straight bet, and they’re one of the most common types of outcome-based bets placed on sporting events. Moneylines revolve around the odds set by the sportsbook, and you basically bet on the team or player you think will win a sporting event.

These are more common in hockey and baseball games, and you can make Moneyline bets on various sports events with Caesars sportsbook.

Caesars AZ Proposition bets

Another popular bet available to Caesars bettors is the proposition bet. The fun thing about “prop” bets is that you can focus on the smaller details of a sports event rather than the outcome. Oftentimes, having a solid knowledge of player and team stats will help you with these bets.

For example, you could place a wager on a soccer game predicting that a certain team will score the first goal. Or, you could place a wager on the same game predicting that the first goal of the game will not happen until the 2nd half. The possibilities are nearly endless when it comes to prop bets for many different sports, including baseball, hockey, soccer, basketball, and more.

Caesars Future bets – Arizona

Future bets (also known as “futures”) are highly popular outcome-based bets that allow the bettor to bet on a series, championship, or tournament far in advance of the final outcome.

With Caesars sportsbook, some of the events you can make future bets on include, but are not limited to:

  • MLB (pro baseball championships)
  • NCAA football (college football championship game-winner)
  • NFL (pro football division winner)
  • PGA Tour (John Deere Classic, The Open Championship)
  • NHL (pro hockey playoff series winner)
  • Tennis (Ladies Wimbledon)

Sports and betting markets available at Caesars AZ


Caesars sportsbook also encompasses a wide variety of sports, along with the many types of bets you can place. Given that Caesars offers betting in seven main sports categories, certain college sports, and virtual sports, you have a lot to choose from as a bettor.

Virtual sports

Virtual sports betting is popular at Caesars, and you can take part in bets on virtual motorcycles, horses, cars, greyhounds, and soccer. Virtual horse racing is especially popular, and you get to bet on flats, jumps, and sprints. On the other hand, you could bet on virtual soccer single matches, virtual car single races, or virtual greyhound racing flats and jumps.

College sports

And when it comes to college sports betting, you have the option of betting on college basketball (NCAA futures – tournament winners) and college football (NCAA futures – college football championship game-winner).

Professional sports

Among the main sports categories (football, baseball, basketball, hockey, soccer, MMA/boxing, auto racing, and golf), there are several pro leagues to choose from:

  • NHL
  • NFL
  • NBA
  • WNBA

FAQ’s About Caesars Arizona

Will Caesars let me cancel a pending withdrawal?

Yes, bettors can cancel pending withdrawals up until the time that it gets processed and approved by the payment department. If you don’t cancel the withdrawal before approval, the cancellation will not go through.

Does Caesars support virtual sports betting?

In addition to supporting betting for various sports, Caesars supports virtual sports betting for virtual soccer, auto racing, greyhound racing, horse racing, and motorcycle racing.

What does “underdog” refer to in spread betting at Caesars?

In all spread betting, the “underdog” is the team that a positive number gets assigned to in a spread bet. The underdog opposes the “favored” team, and the underdog team must merely win the event in order for your bet on the underdog to be a winning bet.

Do I have to pay taxes or fees on my Caesar’s winnings?

Yes, according to the Caesars sportsbook house rules, each winning bettor is responsible for paying taxes and other fees when applicable.

Can I bet on behalf of a friend at Caesars?

No, according to the house rules, bettors can only place wagers on their own behalf. It is against the rules to place a wager for someone else while wagering under your own name.