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Wrestling betting in Arizona

Arizona Wrestling fans now have the chance to place their bets on exciting Wrestling matches, including college and WWE arenas. In this review, we’ll take a look at all there is to know about Wrestling betting in Arizona and give you our tips on how to do so.

Overview Wrestling betting in Arizona

In this article, you can expect to learn the ins and outs of Wrestling bets, from prop bets to outcome-based bets. We will also discuss strategies for betting, including tips on how to bet on scripted WWE events.

Then, we’ll dive into our advice for how to choose the right sportsbook to take your wagers to. And we’ll finish off by exploring the best perks of Arizona’s five main sportsbooks for Wrestling betting, and we’ll answer FAQs about the process. So keep reading to gather your strategies!

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Best Wrestling bets Arizona


Many Wrestling bets are proposition-type bets, meaning they have to do with what goes on during the match rather than who the winner is. When it comes to WWE betting, this is especially true.

However, in college Wrestling betting, you may find that the bets are more typical of other sports bets. In other words, they have to do with the winners of matches and tournaments. Take a look at common Wrestling bets below.

Appearance bets for Wrestling AZ

Whether you’re betting that your favorite wrestler will appear in the ring for a certain rumble or that Snoop Dogg will show up in the audience, appearance bets are exciting. But, as you can see by the nature of this bet, it’s a prop bet.

You really don’t have to know anything about WWE or the sport of Wrestling to make an appearance bet, although looking at season trends may help you. Bettors have a lot of fun with these bets, trying their odds at the possibility that Mike Tyson or Kid Rock might show up in the spectator stands on a given night of Wrestling.

Champion bets

Monday Night Raw is a special WWE event dating back to the 1990s. This special event entails five championships, from U.S. Champion to Raw Tag Team Champion and more. This is a great event opportunity for placing outcome-based bets (bet on the wrestler you think will win.

Further, you also have the opportunity to place your bet on the expected champion of various NXT championships as well as Smackdown championships.

First to appear bets

Another popular bet in WWE, first to appear, refers to the bet on the wrestler you believe will be the first one into the ring for the night. Again, you don’t really need to know Wrestling very well to win this bet; you just need to understand the writing trends and take a chance.

Bout outcome bets

The name of this bet may lead you to believe it’s a bet on who will win, but that is not the case. To win a bout outcome bet, you don’t have to predict who will win the bout, but rather, how the bout will end. So, for example, you could bet on the prediction that a certain match will end in a disqualification (DQ).

First-time winner bets

Another solid bet to place on Wrestling events is the first-time winner bet. Just as the name suggests, you are wagering on your prediction that a certain wrestler will win their first match on a given night. It’s a good opportunity to place a bet on a supposed “underdog” wrestler.

However, don’t get your hopes up too high, as it’s not likely for underdog odds to work the same way they do in unscripted sports. A first-time winner will only really happen if the show writers want it to happen.

Wrestling betting tips/strategies for Arizona bettors


The following strategies apply mainly to WWE betting markets since WWE betting is one of the most popular types of Wrestling betting.

Learn how to identify good/bad betting lines

Since Wrestling is mostly an entertainment sport, the betting value for Wrestling is mostly entertainment-based, too. This means that sportsbooks will not put as much emphasis on the lines for Wrestling matches, and sometimes they’ll even incorrectly set the lines.

Learning how to identify good vs. bad match lines for Wrestling events will help you find valuable bets to make.

Follow wrestler and writing trends

Specifically, in WWE betting, you need to remember that we have predetermined outcomes scripted by a writing team. The writers choose match winners, knockouts, and appearances based on what they want.

So when it comes time to strategies, look to trends in the writing of matches rather than wrestler skills/statistics.

Study up on the Wrestling terminology

Knowing the terminology of the sport may not seem essential for playing bets, but doing so can actually help you to understand the writing trends better. For example, terms like “blowoff”, “buried”, “clean finish”, “dirty finish”, and others are typical of WWE matches.

They refer to the sport dynamics, and if you pay attention to them in relation to certain wrestlers, you may have a better idea of how certain matches or wrestlers are typically used by the writers.

Choosing a Wrestling sportsbook in AZ


Benefits + features

You want a sportsbook that offers benefits in the form of:

  • Welcome/sign-up offers (hefty insurance bonus first bet when you drop a small deposit of $5-$10)
  • Rewards (tiered rewards or rewards points that you earn when you make bets and that you can redeem for more bonus bets)
  • Promotions (parlay insurance, bonus bets, early cashouts, odds boosts, refer-a-friend offers, and more)
  • Cash prizes (cash prizes when you consistently make bets)

And when it comes to good features, look out for the following in a betting site:

  • Live streaming (specifically for Wrestling or WWE events)
  • In-play betting (specifically for Wrestling or WWE events)
  • Handy bet slip for tracking wagers and settled funds
  • Event media and statistics updates
  • Parlay generators or bet builders

Mobile betting app – Wrestling Arizona

One of the greatest perks to sports betting Arizona is the ability to do it quickly and without having to go to brick-and-mortar betting locations.

Well, if you have access to a mobile betting app, you get to take that perk one step further and bet from basically anywhere that has an internet connection.

Customer support

As for your user experience with a betting site, the help of a solid customer support team is worth it. The best sportsbooks will give you access to 24/7 customer support, often in the form of a live chat on the website.


Is your chosen sportsbook reliable and trustworthy? Do customers stand by the company and agree that it’s worth it to take your bets there? If not, you might want to reconsider a different sportsbook instead. Sportsbooks handle your money and personal information (like your SSN), so you need to ensure that the site you choose is well-reviewed.

Wrestling betting odds

And, of course, you need to ensure your site has various betting markets and competitive betting odds for Wrestling. Moreover, if they support promotional offers and live betting for Wrestling, you are in good hands.

Best sportsbooks in Arizona for Wrestling betting 2024


BetMGM Wrestling odds

BetMGM AZ has a well-planned site interface, a generous  insurance bet bonus offer, as well as exciting promotions. In addition, you can look forward to live features, as well as a useful mobile betting app.

Draftkings Wrestling lines

Draftkings Arizona offers one of the higher sign-up bonuses among these five sportsbooks. It’s highly ranked among bettors and even lets you join a VIP membership if invited. Draftkings is big on live betting and has exciting opportunities within.

Pointsbet Wrestling bets

Pointsbet Arizona has a sleek website with an exciting sports betting blog to stay updated on all things betting. Look forward to great customer service, rewarding promotions, variety in banking methods, and lots of rewards with Pointsbet.

Fanduel Wrestling options

Fanduel sportsbook Arizona is good to its customers, offering decent customer support, banking methods, and betting opportunities. So join with a welcome offer valued at $1k, and keep earning rewards via regular promotional offers.

Barstool Wrestling bets

One of Barstool Sportsbook Arizona‘s best features is its mobile app, but the desktop site also offers you a lot of tips for making good bets. It’s a huge AZ sportsbook that will teach you how to make bets and browse a menu of wagers.

FAQ’s About Wrestling betting in Arizona

How old do I have to be for online Wrestling betting in AZ?

Arizona bettors must meet the state’s legal age requirement of 21 years old in order to place sports bets online.

Do I have to pay taxes on my Arizona Wrestling bet winnings?

Yes, in the United States, sports bettors must report their gambling winnings on their state and federal tax returns as “income”. In Arizona, your winnings are taxable even if you don’t receive a W-G2, so you need to keep records of them.

What is “heat” in Wrestling matches?

“Heat” is a term that refers to the booing and outward display of disdain that a crowd has for a certain wrestler. On the other hand, “heat” can refer to tension between wrestlers, in or out of the Wrestling ring.

Is WWE betting just guesswork?

No, while WWE matches have scripted outcomes, the audience (and bettors) do not know what the outcome is ahead of time. This means you can still strategize your bets before you place them.

How much do I have to bet at a time?

For all sports, Wrestling included, most sportsbooks only require bettors to place a minimum bet of around $5-$10 at a time. This means you can start small if you don’t want to make a high-risk bet.