FIFA World Cup Betting Arizona

Here, you will enjoy a step-by-step guide to getting started with FIFA World Cup betting Arizona. This includes information on the best sportsbooks, betting tips, and a guide to various betting markets For the World Cup betting .

Guide to start FIFA World Cup betting AZ

There are a few steps to getting started with FIFA World Cup betting Arizona. The first is to select a sportsbook. Since many sportsbooks in Arizona offer FIFA World Cup betting odds, it may take a while to track down one that is right for you.

Next, you need to keep up to date with betting odds and markets to know precisely what you want to bet on. This is all going to be backed up by a wealth of research to ensure that you make the right gambling decisions.

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World Cup 2022 Tournament Overview

Sportsbooks everywhere are announcing their World Cup sports betting, and here is the current tournament overview:

World Cup 2022 Betting Odds: The Favorites

There are clear favorites when you compare teams in World Cup groups from A to H

These outstanding teams were previous championship winners, even if they have one title only. Therefore, the betting odds list them as favorites. So, here are the betting odds for favorites listed by SuperBook and BetRivers.

However, if you want more favorites, look at the ones at the bottom of the list at BetRivers. They might be long shots, but they are worth the effort. These odds are Mexico (+18,000), the USA (+22,500), Canada close behind (+32,500), and Saudi Arabia (+90,000).

On top of that, SuperBook Arizona has a $1,000 every first bet wins bonus as BetRivers Arizona entices you with a 2nd Chance Bet up to $500, as you can see in the Arizona sports betting top list.

Facts About the SuperBook $1,000 Every First Bet Win Promo

This bonus is an insurance bet, meaning your payout is in cash. On the other hand, if you lose, SuperBook will give your money back as site credits to wager and maintain your momentum.

Although betting on favorites isn’t always a good idea, this World Cup has one team that stands out from the rest. That team is Brazil, and it has the most championship trophies among the rest.

Also, it exhibits unmatched skill and passion for the game every time. This team has two of the most prolific goalkeepers you’ll ever watch, Alisson and Ederson. Therefore, you might win the +325 Moneyline from SuperBook. It’s so simple. Wager $100 and win $325 when you bet correctly.

If you prefer to start low, you can try $20 to win $65. On the other hand, to get the most out of the Moneyline bet, place a wager of $1,000 to get back $3,250. Sign up now and start raking in these payouts on SuperBook because the returns decrease as Brazil wins more games.

Promo Codes & Bonus Bets for World Cup 2022

We gathered promo codes from top sportsbooks in Arizona. What a way to end the year if you win several Arizona World Cup bonus bets. As such, sign up on several sportsbooks to enjoy many World Cup 2022 promo codes.

Betting Markets for the 2022 FIFA World Cup

The World Cup starts towards the end of November, with Qatar vs. Ecuador playing on November 20 at 11 a.m. Eastern Time. There is only one match that day, and the following day has three soccer matches, the first being USA vs. Wales at 2 p.m.

2022 World Cup Bets: Wagers Available

There are many ways to wager on this championship. Of course, some popular options are the 2022 World Cup winner, the extent to which individual teams advance, the top scorer, and the odds of a new team being the winner. So, which of these wagers should you consider?

Reach Final, Semifinal & Quarterfinal

Only one team will win this championship. But, after the group-stage games, some will advance to the semis, and two teams will play for the first and second spots in the finals.

Caesars Sportsbook has some exciting progression odds.

Win, Qualify from Group Play

Each group play has two out of four teams advancing to the knockout round. For example, Group E comes off as the Group Of Death in this championship as it has Germany, Spain, Japan, and Costa Rica. There are two former champions in this group, which puts Japan and Costa Rica at a disadvantage.

As such, Caesars Sportsbook prepared pre-tournament odds, thus showing the chances of winning and advancing to the knockout stage.

Golden Boot Winner

The top scorer in the tournament walks away with this award.

Consequently, the oddsmakers at BetsRivers Arizona have predictions of the players likely to win this award.

The chances of winning the Golden Boot increase as a team wins various stages of the tournament. Also, the team strategy reduces or increases its chances of getting the Golden Boot. For example, there are limited chances in a defensive game.

The top scorer odds favorites in the United States are Christian Pulistic and Giovanni Reyna. There is also Jonathan David playing for Canada (+40,000). Furthermore, if you want to bet on Mexican players, the options are Raul Jiménez and Hirving Lozano (+15,000).

All Matches Wagers

Each team will play three games in the group stage, as there are four teams per group. As we stated, the first day is slow, with one match only. The following 15 days have many games per day.

On that note, U.S. Montana Time differs from Qatar. As such, Montana is nine hours behind, which gives you plenty of betting options during the day. For example, there are four games on Thanksgiving.

Do you want to bet on the USA? It’ll be its fifth time if it advances this year.

The other successful attempts were in 1930, 1994, 2002, 2010, and 2014. Also, they beat Mexico in the knockout round in 2002 with a 2-0 victory. Accordingly, this team has a World Cup record of 8-19-6.

Mexico has made it to the knockout stage five times more than the U.S., so this might be its tenth time. On that note, Mexico advanced in all championships from 2002. The only knockout stage victory was in 1986 when it met Bulgaria and won 2-0. Now, Mexico has a World Cup record of 16-29-12.

World Cup History: Facts Bettors Love

This year is the 22nd World Cup, and the 21 wins since 1930 belong to eight countries. Among these, Brazil boasts five wins, and Italy and Germany tie four times each.

Further, Uruguay, Argentina, and France flaunt two World Cup wins each. Moreover, England and Spain share the last position with one championship win each. Italy is the only championship winner missing from Qatar.

Here are the top scorers in a specific World Cup event:

1958 – Just Fontaine, France (13)

1954 – Sandor Kocsis, Hungary (11)

1970 – Gerd Muller West, Germany (10)

1966 – Ferreira Eusebio, Portugal (9)

1930 – Guillermo Stabile, Argentina (8)

1938 – Leonidas da Silva, Brazil (8)

2002 – Ronaldo, Brazil (8)

Golden Boot winners

2002 – Davor Suker, Croatia (6 goals)

2006 – Miroslav Klose, Germany (5 goals)

2010 – Thomas Muller, Germany (5 goals)

2014 – James Rodríguez, Colombia (6 goals)

2018 – Harry Kane, England (7 goals)

World Cup 2022 Full Schedule

Group Stage

November 20 (Sunday)

Qatar v Ecuador – 9 a.m.

November 21 (Monday)

England v Iran – 6 a.m. | Senegal v Netherlands – 9 a.m. | USA v Wales – noon

November 22 (Tuesday)

Argentina v Saudi Arabia – 3 a.m. | Denmark v Tunisia – 6 a.m. | Mexico v Poland – 9 a.m. | France v Australia – noon

November 23 (Wednesday)

Morocco v Croatia, 3 a.m. | Germany v Japan – 6 a.m. | Spain v Costa Rica – 9 a.m. | Belgium v Canada – noon

November 24 (Thursday)

Switzerland v Cameroon – 3 a.m. | Uruguay v South Korea, 6 a.m. | Portugal v Ghana – 9 a.m. | Brazil v Serbia – noon

November 25 (Friday)

Wales v Iran – 3 a.m. | Qatar v Senegal – 6 a.m. | Netherlands v Ecuador – 9 a.m. |England v USA – noon

November 26 (Saturday)

Tunisia v Australia – 3 a.m. | Poland v Saudi Arabia – 6 a.m. | France v Denmark – 9 a.m. | Argentina v Mexico – noon

November 27 (Sunday)

Japan v Costa Rica – 3 a.m. | Belgium v Morocco – 6 a.m.| Croatia v Canada – 9 a.m. | Spain v Germany – noon

November 28 (Monday)

Cameroon v Serbia – 3 a.m. | South Korea v Ghana – 6 a.m. | Brazil v Switzerland – 9 a.m. | Portugal v Uruguay – noon

November 29 (Tuesday)

Netherlands v Qatar – 9 a.m. | Ecuador v Senegal – 9 a.m. | Iran v USA – noon | Wales v England – noon

November 30 (Wednesday)

Australia v Denmark – 9 a.m. | Tunisia v France – 9 a.m. | Poland v Argentina – noon | Saudi Arabia v Mexico – noon

December 1 (Thursday)

Croatia v Belgium – 9 a.m. | Canada v Morocco – 9 a.m. | Japan v Spain – noon | Costa Rica v Germany – noon

December 2 (Friday)

Ghana v Uruguay – 9 a.m. | South Korea v Portugal – 9 a.m. | Serbia v Switzerland – noon | Cameroon v Brazil – noon

Round Of 16

December 3 (Saturday)

Match 49

Group A winner v Group B runner-up – 9 a.m.

Match 50

Group C winner v Group D runner-up – noon

December 4 (Sunday)

Match 51

Group B winner v Group A runner-up – noon

Match 52

Group D winner v Group C runner-up – 9 a.m.

December 5 (Monday)

Match 53

Group E winner v Group F runner-up – 9 a.m.

Match 54

Group G winner v Group H runner-up – noon

December 6 (Tuesday)

Match 55

Group F winner v Group E runner-up – 9 a.m.

Match 56

Group H winner v Group G runner-up – noon


December 9 (Friday)

Game 57

Match 49 winner v Match 50 winner – noon

Game 58

Match 53 winner v Match 54 winner – 9 a.m.

December 10 (Saturday)

Game 59

Match 51 winner v Match 52 winner – noon

Game 60

Match 55 winner v Match 56 winner – 9 a.m.


December 14 (Wednesday)

Game 62

Match 59 winner v Match 60 winner – noon

Third-Place Game

December 17 (Saturday)

Game 63

Match 61 loser v Match 62 loser – 9 a.m.

World Cup Final

December 18 (Sunday)

Game 64

Match 61 winner v Match 62 winner – 9 a.m.

FIFA World Cup betting in Arizona FAQ

Do World Cup Qualifiers count as World Cup betting?

Most sportsbooks will list World Cup Qualifiers as separate from FIFA World Cup betting. Some sportsbooks may not even allow you to bet on the qualifiers.

When is the best time to get an enhanced odds bonus?

If a sportsbook offers enhanced betting odds, they will tend to appear in the hours before a game starts.

When is the best time to bet on the winner of the World Cup?

If you love high rewards but high risk, then before the World Cup kicks off. If you love lower risk, then you can just bet on the final.

How often do sportsbooks in Arizona change their FIFA World Cup betting odds?

Betting odds can change at any given moment. It isn’t really in the hands of the sportsbook. They will have an auto adjustment of odds based on the number of bets flowing in. They will change more frequently in the hours before a match.

Is it safer to bet on World Cup group stages or knock-out rounds?

Knock-out rounds tend to carry a bit more risk, but the rewards are higher. Group stage bets are a lower risk as FIFA carefully plans the seeding to ensure two clear favorites make it through the group stage.

Who is the 2022 World Cup favorite?

Caesars Sportsbook Arizona had multiple champions Brazil first by October 24, with +400 odds. England had +700, Germany +1000, Argentina +700, and former world champions Spain odds were +800.

Is betting open for the World Cup?

Yes. Arizona sportsbooks are open for business whether you want to bet on one nation or wager on different game stages and players. Also, the 2022 World Cup Golden Boot odds are available.

What networks are carrying the World Cup in Arizona?

You can watch it on FOX Sports to follow it in English or tune in to Telemundo for Spanish commentary. FOX Sports will have live coverage on both FOX and FS1. Other alternatives are Fubo, Vidgo, SlingTV, and Peacock.

Why is the FIFA World Cup starting in November?

Summer in Qatar can reach 108 degrees, although the average is 97 degrees. Therefore, even though you follow this event in June and July, the 2022 event is in November. Qatar is cooler during that month, at 78 degrees, which is better for fans and players.