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Rugby betting in Arizona

Have you been searching for a guide to rugby betting in Arizona? Well, you’re in luck. Throughout this how-to, we’ll tell you about what makes a good sports betting site, The types of bets you can make on Rugby in Arizona, and much more.

Your profitable guide to rugby betting in Arizona

By following along with us, you’ll be rugby betting in AZ like you’ve been doing it all your life! You’re going to love it — especially the rugby league betting tips from the experts. So, without further ado, let’s look at how to pick the right rugby betting sites.

Rugby betting top list AZ

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Best Rugby betting sites in Arizona


Follow these steps to pick the best Arizona online sportsbooks:

  1. Start by reading reviews. This will ensure you weed out the awful ones straight away.
  2. Look at the odds next. You should always bet at sportsbooks with competitive odds. BetMGM likes to be at the top of this field!
  3. Then, consider live betting options. It’s all the rage at the moment.
  4. After that, think about security. Look for the padlock icon to the left of the URL bar. This shows whether the bookie is using the latest security tech to protect your data.
  5. Finally, pay attention to customer service. If something goes wrong, you need to know they’ll fix it promptly.

Top 5 rugby betting sites in Arizona

You’ll spend ages trying to find the perfect bookie with the best sports market in the state.

  • Barstool Sportsbook Arizona Rugby — Brilliant cash-out feature and a great selection of rugby markets to choose from.
  • PointsBet Rugby Betting AZ — Unique Rugby spread betting and fantastic bonuses.
  • FanDuel Arizona Rugby Bets — Robust rugby offerings and a low minimum bet.
  • BetMGM AZ Rugby Wagering— Exceptional reputation and speedy withdrawals.
  • DraftKings AZ Online — An easy-to-navigate website and a mobile app that works with both iOS and Android.

Understanding the rugby betting types in Arizona


You’re well on your way to find the best Arizona sports betting sites for rugby betting. Now, you need to figure out the best types. So let’s jump right in!

Match result bets

Also known as a 3-way Moneyline, match result bets do what they say on the tin — you’re wagering on the game’s result.

In rugby match betting, you can back a team to win, draw, or lose. Unfortunately, these wagers often come with very limited value on international matches. Why? Because there are rarely any great underdog/comeback stories occurring at this level.

Handicap bets

Otherwise known as Rugby spread betting, handicap bets introduce a margin into the straight bet realm. One of the teams will need to overcome the handicap for you to win your bet.


Let’s say you bet on New Zealand to beat South Africa. The handicap for New Zealand to win is -10. So new Zealand will need to win against South Africa by at least 11 points for your bet to hit.

Winning margin

Winning margin betting is akin to spread betting in that you’re betting on a team to win by a predetermined number of points. However, the difference is that you are wagering that they’ll do this within a specific window.


For the sake of this example, we’ll say that New Zealand is 4/9 to win against South Africa with a -5 handicap. However, they are 9/2 to win by 6-10 points. No matter what, the oddsmakers expect New Zealand to win. However, the winning margin bet is putting a limit on how much they can win by.

As you can tell, it’s a much riskier bet. But you’ll get rewarded handsomely.

First scoring play

In Rugby, there are four ways to open the scoring. These are as follows:

  • Try — Scored when a player puts the ball on the ground inside the opposition’s goal area. It’s worth 4 points.
  • Penalty try — Awarded when foul play from the opposite team prevents a probable try. In rugby union, they are given 7 points for these.
  • Penalty — It equals two points. The player can choose to drop kick, place kick, goal kick, or punt here.
  • Drop goal — It’s worth 1 point and is a great way to score. It’s awarded when somebody kicks the ball from their hand through the goalposts, over the crossbar.

This makes betting on the first scoring play a very interesting market. But, as you can probably imagine, it comes with the shortest odds. Consider which team is kicking off before placing this type of bet. The likelihood of the result could change depending on the first possession.

First try scorer

Here, you are wagering on the first player to score a try in a particular match. It doesn’t matter when it takes place, just who scores it. Bookies specializing in rugby betting in Arizona like to include lots of variants, including:

  • Position of the first try scorer
  • The first try scorer of each team
  • The first try scorer in the first half
  • The first try scorer in the second half

Rugby betting Arizona: Tips and tricks


You’re almost ready to make profitable rugby bets in Arizona! Excited? We bet you are. But before we let you loose, let’s take a look at some expert rugby betting tips. You’ll thank us later. Trust.

Stay updated

If the team doesn’t have their star player, the result of the match can be drastically different from what you expected. This is especially relevant when it’s the fly-half who isn’t on the pitch.

In the event that all the key players are available, there might have been forced changes made, which will impact the team’s ability. Staying updated with the news will help keep on top of all this.

Understand your market

You’ve already decided what types of rugby betting lines you fancy betting on. So, now you need to understand the market. Essentially: what factors make a team more likely to secure your wager.

It’s worth noting that most of the time (roughly 70% according to some studies), wingers will score the first try. It’s common knowledge in the pro rugby betting AZ world. Thus, the odds are always the shortest.

Know the team

Different teams have different play styles. New Zealand plays fast, resulting in many tries. Whereas South Africa usually uses a forward kicking game that ensures more penalties than tries. Other teams may be similar.

Whatever you do, don’t water until you’re aware of the team’s styles. It can change the outcome of the game and mess with prop bets.

Consider the weather

Adverse conditions massively influence the match. For example, when it rains, the ball acts like a bar of soap, causing fewer points scored. It’s also worth noting whether the teams are used to playing in less-than-favorable conditions. If not, you can bet on them underperforming on the wet pitch.

Stick to your strategy

If you take one thing away from these rugby betting tips, let it be this. Generally speaking, there are two approaches to betting on Rugby:

  • Large wagers on short odds
  • Small wagers on long odds

Pick one, and stick to it. “But how do you pick one?” we hear you ask. Well, you can opt for the trial and error method. Or find a tipster you like and see what they do. Usually, you’ll favor one over the other, making the decision easy.

Understand form

During tournaments like the Premiership, the teams are playing every single week. At times like this, form is vital to understand.

However, when international matches take place, form isn’t as important. It seems strange, doesn’t it? But since the teams get plenty of rest between each international game, form doesn’t need to be regarded as highly.

Keep an eye on player fitness and motivation

Rugby requires a lot of energy excursion. More so than many other sports. So with that in mind, it’s incredibly important to be aware of the team’s fitness levels. Alongside this, the team needs motivation. If their hearts aren’t in it, they won’t do as well as a team that badly wants a win.

FAQ’s About Rugby betting in Arizona

What are the best rugby games to bet on?

There are loads of great rugby games to bet on, including Rugby World Cup betting, Rugby League betting, Rugby Union betting, and betting on the Six Nations.

What’s the difference between Rugby and American football?

Unlike American football, the players don’t wear helmets or pads. Plus, it has a different scoring system.

Are there any rugby-specific bonuses available on betting sites in Arizona?

We haven’t found any, unfortunately. Hopefully, this is something that will appear in the future. But for now, it’s best to make the most of general promotions and welcome bonuses.

Who invented Rugby?

An Englishman, William Webb Ellis, is said to have invented the game during his school years.

Can a rugby match end in a draw?

Yes, it can. Although, keep in mind that they are not very common since it’s easy to get a penalty score.