NASCAR betting in Arizona

Watching as cars zoom around the track, you might be wondering if you can bet on the outcome. Of course, the answer is yes but, how do you do so? Jumping in on NASCAR betting in Arizona can be fun but, where do you begin, and how do you bet?

Guide to betting on Nascar in AZ

If you are looking for the answers to betting on NASCAR in AZ, we have them and more below. You’ll find out all about the best betting lines and the best places to make your bets. So, without further ado, let’s get to it.

Nascar betting top list Arizona

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Top 3 NASCAR sportsbooks in Arizona


To find the best NASCAR sports betting in Arizona, we put many of them head-to-head, looking at key features like:

  • The platform
  • The betting lines
  • The bonuses and promos
  • The safety
  • The app

All of these check all the right boxes and have some juicy offers for new bettors.

1. BetMGM NASCAR betting

  • NASCAR live betting
  • Insurance bet bonus of up to $1000
  • Lots of payment options
  • Bet on all kinds of sports

2. DraftKings NASCAR

  • Ranked #1 in fantasy sports
  • Get $50 bonus for your first bet
  • Join in on tournaments and more

3. FanDuel NASCAR picks

  • No Sweat First Bet of up to $1000
  • Partake in interactive NASCAR betting
  • Become a part of the loyalty program

Arizona NASCAR betting lines explained


Now that you know where to go, you might be wondering what kind of bet you should make. There are lots of betting possibilities when it comes to betting on NASCAR, and here are a few.

The NASCAR Moneyline Arizona

The most well-known bet in all of motorsports betting in Arizona is the Moneyline. This bet takes a look at who has the best shot to win the race and allows bettors to take their pick. Though it’s an easy bet, the buy-in can be a bit confusing, as it just depends on what the NASCAR odds say.

When you get a look at NASCAR odds in Arizona, you’ll see something like Busch (-450) and Harvick (+500). When it comes to odds, the “- “goes to the favored driver and the “+” to the underdog. So, when you go to make bets, you’ll need to keep these in mind.

If you choose Busch to win, you’ll have to pay $450 to win $100. If you choose Busch, you’ll have to bet $100 to win $500. Though Busch has the higher payout, his odds of winning are much lower, something to keep in mind before taking your pick.

The money line is the classic sports bet that everyone knows about and is the one that is most typically made. This is because the odds are pretty good in most cases, and the payouts are high, especially if you think the underdog has what it takes, and he does.

NASCAR matchup bets AZ

Instead of betting on the overall winner, you can make your bets on just two drivers. This is because sportsbooks will release matchups and put two drivers up against one another. In doing this, you only have to choose the winner of the two instead of the winner of the whole match.

With this method, your chances to win are much higher, so they are something you could bet on or combine with other bets. Combining bets and changing up your bets are two ways to enjoy the match more and to bump up your chances to win.

NASCAR futures bets – Arizona

If you’re in it for the final match or the big championship, you can make a wager ahead of time and take your pick on which driver will win top tournaments. You can bet on the Daytona 500 and many more of the most anticipated NASCAR races throughout the season.

Props bets on NASCAR in AZ

You can also select one of many prop bets and make your predictions on them. Prop bets take a look at all kinds of aspects of races, where you can take your pick that one driver will win or that a car manufacturer will win. Other bets include:

  • The winning lap time
  • Whether or not there will be any crashes during the race
  • The fastest lap in the race
  • The top 5 finishers

Nascar betting tips – Arizona


Before Arizonians take off and bet on NASCAR events, take a look at a few tips that we’ve gathered up from the pros. Then, add these to your strategy to bet better and more consciously, to win more and bigger every time.

Check past matchups

One of the most effective ways to bet on NASCAR races better is to take a look at past matchups. Not only will they give you an idea of how drivers perform but, you can start comparing and contrasting, using that to better predict how you think they will do. When looking at past results, you should:

  • Keep weather conditions in mind
  • Check which team drivers were on
  • Keep the track type in mind

Consider reasons why drivers didn’t perform their best (ex. Illness, injury, back-to-back races)

Racing equipment

Something that we don’t really think about changes to the cars being driven. For example, many companies switch kits and add additional features here and there that drivers have to adjust to. Some drivers may be more adaptable than others, creating a big mess if they’re not.

One example is downforce, which has a huge effect on a driver’s ability to maneuver their vehicle. Often, teams switch their vehicles in hopes that they will reach higher speeds than the rest and result in a win. However, sometimes it’s worse for the driver, which is something you should keep in mind.

The strategy

You might think that NASCAR races are all about putting the pedal to the metal and hoping to come out in first place. However, each driver actually has their own technique, something that they use in order to place better.

Take a look at each driver’s strategy, seeing how they will go up against the competition. Do you think it will help or make them struggle to make it to the finish line?

The odds

The odds are there for a reason. Many times, they come from careful analysis of past matches, and other times they are based on the hype. Though it’s never recommended to buy into the hype, you should still look at the odds for the reason why one driver is favored over the other.

That will be a good jumping-off point where you can do your own research and get to the bottom of the odds. They are there for a reason and, before making a bet, you should consider where they came from.

Don’t forget to enjoy betting on NASCAR in Arizona

Last but not least, while betting on NASCAR in Arizona, don’t forget to enjoy it. The races are fun and full of action and, when combining that with a bet, they come with lots of chances to win some cash. So place serious bets but don’t forget to throw in some fun ones when you can afford it.

This will make your Arizona sports betting experience much more enjoyable and, when you win, make it that much sweeter as you collect your cash.

FAQ’s About NASCAR betting in Arizona

Is betting on NASCAR odds safe?

Yes, as long as you’re using a legit sportsbook. All of our top 5 are legit and are guaranteed to be safe. On top of that, they have great NASCAR odds, so why wouldn’t you head over and try your luck now?

Can I make money betting on NASCAR races?

Yes, you can! The most profitable bet is probably the money line, which picks the overall winner of the race. Though it comes with great odds, it could cost a bit to buy in. Still, if you think you have what it takes to pick the overall winner, you could put your money down and cross your fingers for a big payout!

What’s the best NASCAR bet?

You can wager on so many things when it comes to NASCAR races. The best bet for the match you’re watching depends on who’s in the race and what the odds are predicting. It’s always good to take a look at the entire situation before making your pick, choosing the best one for that race.

Do NASCAR bets payout instantly?

Most of the time, if you’re betting online, you’ll have to wait anywhere from 15 minutes up to 2 hours to get your hands on your cash. After that, the results have to be finalized, which can take some time, and then disbursements start to go out.

What’s the most popular NASCAR bet?

The most popular NASCAR bet is also one of the most popular sports bets, the money line. In this bet, you’re picking the overall winner of the race, buying in based on odds that are released before the race begins. Of course, you can make more on the underdog but your chances are not so hot.