PGA betting in Arizona

PGA betting in Arizona is now legal. On this page, we want to introduce you to the world of golf betting. First, you will learn the best places to gamble. Second, you will learn about the best betting odds. Finally, you will learn which PGA betting markets are going to be best for newcomers to gambling.

Getting started with PGA betting in Arizona

In order to get started with PGA championship betting, there are a few things that you need. The first is a sportsbook that offers PGA betting in Arizona. The second is to know how to read betting odds to determine whether a bet is a good one to make.

The final step is to do your research and understand which PGA betting markets are going to be right for you. PGA betting is not something that you want to take lightly. You need to be able to understand how betting works to be successful.

PGA beting AZ top list

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Best PGA sportsbooks betting Arizona 2024


Let’s start with step one. This is choosing the best sportsbook for PGA betting in Arizona. While we could give you a ton of advice on choosing a sportsbook on your own, we know that a lot of you just want to dive right into your golf betting in Arizona, so we are just going to highlight the best sites that we gamble at.

BetMGM PGA betting

BetMGM is one of the top sportsbooks in Arizona. Not only are they a reputable platform, but they also offer some of the best betting bonuses in the business. This helps to pull in both new and regular gamblers.

Draftkings PGA bets

Draftkings offers a plethora of bets. They go particularly heavy on the prop bets. This means that they can be a great choice for those with a bit more experience with PGA betting. They do have some of the bets for newbies too.

Fanduel PGA betting

Fanduel has one of our favorite mobile apps. While the site is brilliant overall, it is going to be especially good for those that like to do a lot of their gambling from the palm of their hand.

Caesars Sports AZ PGA lines

Caesars Sports is a reputable site that loves to reward regular gamblers. So, if you plan on doing a lot of PGA betting, then this is one of the best places to check out.

WynnBET Sportsbook for the PGA

WynnBET offers a selection of betting markets. They regularly offer enhanced odds promos too, which is a great way to squeeze a bit of extra cash out of the bets that they make.

Unibet PGA betting

Unibet is awesome for both new and experienced gamblers. In addition, they offer some great live betting options for PGA tours.

Understanding PGA betting odds


Step 2 of getting started with PGA betting is to understand how to read betting odds. We don’t want to make things too confusing here, so we are just going to discuss the betting system known as ‘American odds’. Most PGA sportsbooks in Arizona will be set to this by default, so you do not really need to tinker about with any settings. You will know that you are looking at American odds if you see a number preceded by a + or -.

What the + and – means

One of the great things about the American betting odds system is that it allows you to see which bet is the favorite and which is the underdog at a glance.

With this system, you will know that if you see a +, then you are looking at the underdog bet. If you see a -, then you will know that you are looking at the favorite bet.

Obviously, choosing the bet that you want to make (whether the favorite or the underdog), is going to be based upon your research and how much risk you plan on taking with your PGA bets.

Determining your winnings

Once you know how to determine the favorite and the underdog, you will be able to determine how much you can win. Of course, if you don’t feel like doing calculations in your head, then you can always add the bet to your betting slip, and the sportsbook will tell you your potential winnings:

  • Golf odds for the favorite indicate how much you would need to gamble if you want to win $100
  • Golf odds for the underdog indicate how much you would win if you gambled $100

Markets for PGA betting in Arizona 2024


Once you understand PGA tour betting odds, it is time to tap into the type of bet that you want to make. That is what this section is all about. We want to highlight the various betting markets that you will be able to enjoy.

Once again, in the interest of trying to keep things nice and simple here, we are going to cover the most popular betting markets. Some sportsbooks may offer slightly different options. However, these are the PGA betting markets that you will find on most AZ sports betting sites.

To win

These are your simplest PGA bets. You are betting on who will win the overall game. Simple. This is where most new gamblers are going to want to get started.


These bets focus on just a small group of golfers. You are going to be betting on who finishes up the highest on the final table out of that group only. These are still beginner bets, but we reckon that most people are going to have to put in a small amount of extra research for these bets.

Position bets

With position bets, you are choosing a golfer to finish within a specific place range. You may sometimes see these called place bets. In most cases, you will be betting on a golfer finishing in the top 3. However, some of these bets can extend to the top 5.

Golfer v field

This isn’t one of those bets that are going to appear all that often. Some sportsbooks don’t even offer golfer v field bets. When they do, you are going to placing one of two bets:

  • Betting on a particular golfer coming first (when you select the golfer)
  • If you select the field, then anybody can come first, just not the opposing golfer.

As we said, these bets do not appear all that often. You are most likely to find this when there is a clear favorite i.e. somebody that seems virtually guaranteed to win.

Round leader

For a round leader bet, you will be betting on each individual round. Thus, you are choosing the winner of that round.


Futures bets are looking at anything that happens beyond a few rounds of golf. Basically, you are looking at the big PGA picture e.g. championship winner, or the player that will walk away with the most round wins at the end of the season.

Prop bets

Prop bets are the more complicated bets that you will face when it comes to PGA betting in Arizona. This means that they tend to be best suited to those that really understand golf.

Prop bets focus on specific things that may happen on the course. Some example prop bets include:

  • Whether a particular golfer will land in the bunker on a specific hole.
  • The number of eagles
  • Whether a golfer will hit a hole-in-one

Almost every single bet that doesn’t fit into any other category will come under prop bets.

FAQ’s About PGA betting in Arizona

Is PGA betting in Arizona legal?

Yes. You will likely need to prove that you live in Arizona when you sign up for the sportsbook, though. This means that the sportsbook may require you to supply them with a state-issued ID. Well, at least a scan of the ID.

Can you change the way odds are displayed at sportsbooks in Arizona?

Most sportsbooks in Arizona will default to American odds for their display system. However, most will also allow you to switch to decimal and fractional odds if you prefer that.

What is the best way to research bets for PGA golf?

Try to keep up to date with PGA betting tips, PGA news, and reading golfer stats. The more research you put in, the more chance you have of winning the bets that you place. The most successful gamblers are those that dedicate themselves to research.

What is the best PGA bet for beginners?

We would always recommend that gamblers choose either round winners or overall winners. It is a great way to dive into PGA betting without huge amounts of risk.

What is the best PGA bet for experienced gamblers?

Experienced gamblers can likely earn a lot more from prop bets. However, these are exceedingly risky. Therefore, most experienced gamblers will stick to futures, matchup bets, and maybe the odd parlay.