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Darts Betting in Arizona

If you have not prepared for darts betting in Arizona, now is the time. On this page, we will look at the basics you need to get in there, such as dart betting tips, terms, and types of bets that you can place.

Getting started dart betting in Arizona

Whether you are a darts enthusiast or you are just now looking into the sport, viewing it through the scope of betting is slightly different than just observing. Choosing a great sportsbook or two will give you a safe space to place your bets and (hopefully) make some money.

Going in informed gives you the confidence and knowledge base that you need to wager like a winner. In addition, understanding the basics of the game and betting terms will make sure you do not get lost while navigating bets.

By learning the different ways, you can bet and the different things you should stay savvy on, you end up with an edge on casual bettors. You can find this, and a bit more, covered further down.

Darts betting sites in AZ

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Top darts betting sportsbooks Arizona


Choose a sportsbook that you can trust to keep your money safe while providing you with competitive betting opportunities.

The Arizona online sportsbooks listed below have superb safety measures and offer a wide variety of sports markets, including those essential to dart betting in Arizona.

Bally Bet darts betting

At Bally Bet, you get one $550 insurance bet bonus that you can tie into their fantastic rewards programs. In addition, Bally Bet has a great offering of props bets. While these can be tricky with darts, they usually have a decent return for bettors.

Barstool Sportsbook

If you love the personalities from Barstool, you will be happy to find them over at Barstool Sportsbook. With a $500 insurance bet welcome bonus and exclusive daily odds boosts, you have plenty of opportunities to multiply your winnings.

Betfred Sports

Betfred Sports is a trusted name in Arizona sports betting that loves to run promotions and in-play markets. With a 100% match on your initial wager (up to $500), you can get a running start on your dart betting career.

BetMGM darts betting

Both the BetMGM website and application have a simple design that is easy for bettors to get around. You can follow live games and bet with no issue, and you get one insurance bet bonus of up to $600.


BetRivers has a straightforward $250 deposit match bonus and an incredible selection of wagers to choose from. In addition, their in-play betting is accompanied by live-streaming video and a busy live betting calendar, a fantastic sign for darts betting in Arizona.


Caesars offers the largest bonus (up to $5,000 for an insurance bet bonus), but their warm reputation, rotation of promotions, and rewards program are what keep you with them. In addition, you have plenty of app features to take advantage of, along with a heavy focus on live betting in the app.

DraftKings Sportsbook

The app for DraftKings is full of easy-to-find information and fast features. If you tend to fall short with stats, you can take advantage of their stats hub, but all bettors will be happy to have access to their non-exhaustive list of promotions. When you sign up, you get a $1,00 deposit bonus and a $50 bonus bet.


The technology behind FanDuel powers a beautifully simple application and interface, but the sportsbook itself has a robust listing of sports, leagues, and bets to take advantage of. Beyond their initial $500 deposit bonus are daily odds boosts to keep your bankroll growing.

Golden Nugget darts betting

At Golden Nugget, the odds are in line with most other sportsbooks, and their customer service is always ready to serve you.

Golden Nugget gives you a $250 insurance bet bonus to start, parlay boosts to tag onto already-lucrative bets, and a VIP rewards program to say “thank you for your loyalty.”

TwinSpires Sportsbook

After you snag their extensive $1,000 in insurance bonus bets in your first week, you just might fall in love with TwinSpires. With over 150 years of sports betting experience, they have learned a few things, like how to keep lines competitive and give bettors an easy-to-navigate interface for betting.

Unibet Sportsbook

Unibet Sportsbook brought a $500 insurance bet to Arizona, and their application is great for extensive in-play betting.

Though it is not the same as watching matches live, you get real-time trackers and statistics. The digital game trackers keep your information sleek, streamlined, and ready for you to process as quickly as you can.

WynnBet online darts betting

WynnBet also has a $500 insurance bet bonus, but you are limited to mobile betting with them at this time. WynnBet may be younger than others on this list, but they are already outshining some of the competition with competitive prices. In addition, they have confirmed that their sportsbook is still in development, with plenty of new features on the horizon.

The basics of darts betting in Arizona

Basic Terms of darts betting in Arizona

There are plenty of terms associated with darts, but you do not need to know them all just to bet on darts. If you need a list to get started, then work on these:

  • Random variable statistics: When betting on darts matches, you work with statistics that are formed off random variables. This means the prediction is determined based on how many times an outcome has occurred previously.
  • Double: This refers to the outermost part of the segments of the dartboard. When a dart lands here, the dartist is awarded double points for that segment.
  • Treble: On that same line, the treble is the inner section of the segments of the dartboard. Points that land here are tripled.
  • Bullseye: The bullseye is the innermost part of the dartboard, usually a small red circle, and it is always worth 50 points.
  • Goose egg: This refers to when a player misses the board.
  • Checkout: Checkout refers to the score that a player must hit to win the match. This is the last round before the player makes it down to zero.

How darts are scored

Darts are simple to play, but the actual scoring process is more complicated. You should already understand that in a darts match, the players will take turns tossing darts at a corkboard. In each turn, a player will toss three darts, giving them three opportunities to deduct points from their beginning score.

The board is divided into different scoring zones with values 1 to 20. Two thin rings section off small parts of these zones: an outermost ring that multiplies the points by two and an inner ring that multiplies them by three. The dot at the center is the bullseye, and it is worth 50 points.


In tournaments, dartists start the match with a designated score (usually 501). Each point they score deducts from this score, and the first player to get down to zero wins the match.

Each tournament has a set number of legs, usually 3 or 5. The matches are also split into sets, and players must win a certain number of legs to win the set. Once a player wins a designated number of sets, they can win the match.

Tips for darts betting in Arizona


When you get into betting for any sport, there are a few basic strategies you need to employ. First, learn everything you can about the sport, including how it works and the little quirks of it. Then, pay attention to how matches play out and why they play out in certain ways.

Learn about the players

Learning about the players, especially in individual sports, is key to your success. Each player has a background you need to study and stats you should familiarize yourself with. In addition, understanding how they’ve performed head to head can help you predict future outcomes, and paying attention to things like injuries and form gives you a good idea of where they are heading.

Apart from these basics, there are a few darts-specific betting tips.

Keep an eye out for mismatches

Mismatches are common in the early stages of darts tournaments. At that point, you are likely to find highly ranked players matched against those with less skill. As a result, this is where you will have the most success predicting match winners, although there are no guarantees.

If you feel like everyone is evenly matched, you can also look for any matches where the odds do not meet up with your perception of the outcome. This is common with underdogs or newcomers that have plenty of talent with little evidence to back it up.

How to handle tight matches

When dealing with even or tight matches, you might be better off looking into over/under bets. These are the matches that tend to go under for sets and legs but are too close to call for a match-winner.

If you cannot pin down a specific dartist as the winner of the match, then betting over is usually your next best bet.

First thrower advantage is real

The first thrower in a match has the chance to set the narrative for the match. Instead of playing as a reaction, they develop the tone of the match and can give their own confidence a boost.

You can usually figure out before the match which player will have the first throw. This should not be the only thing you factor into your betting decision, but acknowledging the headstart, it gives players is helpful.

Darts betting types for Arizona

Many of the types of bets you can place on darts are similar to other sports but run under different names. So learning to speak the language of dart betting in Arizona is a cornerstone of a successful betting venture.

Take the time to familiarize yourself with the different terms and ways you can bet on darts.

170 checkout

A 170 checkout is a simple “yes” or “no” bet on whether the highest possible checkout will be recorded during the match.

This happens when there is a score of 170 left to clear, and a player does so with two treble 20s and a bullseye.

9 dart finish

A 9 dart finish is considered a perfect game. This is because the player effectively clears their points using the fewest number of darts.

When you bet on this, you are again betting whether it will or will not occur in a match, although the likelihood is slim. There is little room for error here.

Alternate spread

An alternate spread is a variation of a leg spread in which you choose a player and the margin of legs they win by.

Correct score

When you bet on the correct score, you choose the winning player and the score by which you believe they will win.

For example, you can bet on Player 1 to win with a score of 6 to 3.


Futures are bets that you can place on events that have yet to occur. The most popular example of a future bet is wagering on who the next winner of a championship (like the PDC World Championship) will be.

Futures can be placed at nearly any point before the event comes to fruition, but the odds are constantly changing. Of course, it is harder to determine the outcome the further out you are, but you stand the best chance of winning big.

Leg spread

In a leg spread, you choose a player and determine the number of spreads there will be in a match.

If a sportsbook offers a line on 6.2-6.6 spreads and you believe there will be seven, then you bet on 6.6. For less than seven spreads, you would wager on 6.2.

Match parlay

Match parlays are combination bets. As with most parlays, you have multiple factors you need to determine correctly to win the entire bet.

In a match parlay, this means you need to pick the correct player to win and the player to record the most 180s to win the bet.

Match prop

A match prop provides even more betting opportunities.

These are over/under bets on 180s for individual players. While they are not as tiered as match parlays, they can still be difficult to pin down.

Match winner

Match winner is the easiest bet to understand. In these, you look at the two individuals in a match and pick the one you believe will win.

These may seem like 50/50 bets, but having a decent understanding of the conditions surrounding the match can put the spotlight on a single player.

Most 180s

Betting on most 180s requires you to choose which of two players will record the most 180s in the match.

Total 180s

Total 180s is another over/under bet in which the oddsmakers set the bar for the total 180s. You decide whether you believe the total number of 180s will be more or less than that number.

Live betting

Live betting, also known as in-play betting, is gaining popularity in all sports because it throws out new odds and betting opportunities to up the stakes. These new bets are similar to pre-match bets, or they may be the same type with updated odds.

You can also bet on individual legs of the match or which player will hit the first 180 in a match. The draw of live betting can be hard to resist, so approach with caution.

FAQ’s About darts betting in Arizona

What bet is easiest for new darts bettors in Arizona?

New dart bettors should stick to more straightforward bets like match winners or even future bets. These are easier to handicap and understand, so there is less room for confusion or error. Avoiding complex parlays or prop bets until there is a deeper understanding can save some hurt from losing.

What is the highest checkout a dartist can have?

The highest checkout that a dartist can have is 170, but this requires an incredibly accurate turn. The only way to hit 170 is to throw two treble 20s and a bullseye.

How can you calculate the average of a three dart turn?

To calculate the average of a three dart turn, you take the combined score for the turn and divide it by three. For example, a turn with a total score of 150 would have an average of 50.

What is the highest scoring shot in darts?

The shot with the highest score in darts is a treble 20. To do this, you need to land the dart in the slim strip of red on the inner ring. A treble 20 is worth more than a bullseye – bullseyes are only worth 50 points.

Does in-play betting go well with darts?

In-play betting works well with darts because it gives you more opportunity to bet with higher stakes. In addition, darts may seem to be slower than other sports because of their head-to-head nature and complete lack of contact, so live betting can provide more edge.