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Cycling betting Arizona

Cycling might not be the most popular betting sport on the Arizona circuit, but there are still some prime opportunities to be had. Marquee events like the world-famous Tour de France and Giro d’Italia deliver excellent cycling betting odds. Whether you’re a long-time cycling fan or just wanting to try your hand at some new betting markets, AZ cycling betting could be the way to go.

Getting started with cycling betting Arizona

Betting on cycling can seem daunting—you’ve got a whole new set of betting markets and events to learn. But that’s the beauty of sports market. In this guide, you’ll learn how to bet on cycling fast.

We’re teaching you about cycling betting odds and lines. We’re unpacking cycling live betting (this is one you’ll definitely want to try!). We’ll even dish up some pro cycling betting tips to get you started.

We’ll even share our top AZ sportsbook picks to get you started on cycling sports betting.

Bet on Cycling in AZ

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Getting to know AZ cycling betting markets

We’re keeping it simple in this section with the core betting markets. After that, we’ll run through a few specialist cycling betting markets if you feel like digging a little deeper.

Keep in mind: while we haven’t mentioned parlay bets in any specific section, every reputable Arizona sportsbook will accept accumulators.

Rider betting markets in cycling

If you’re building a cycling betting strategy from scratch, you’re likely to start out betting on individual riders. Your options here will include:


This one is exactly what it sounds like—you’re picking who will win the event. With potentially 200 riders in the major international cycling events, a correct pick can be a windfall.

To boost your chances of success but somewhat diminish your return, you can also wager that your pick will finish in the top 3 or top 10 overall.

Young rider classification

Sometimes called a YRC or “white jersey,” you’re wagering on the best overall performance for a player aged 25 years or younger.

Stage bets

Stage bets allow you to pick a winner for an individual stage of a tour. You can bet on one stage—or on each stage individually. Based on a points classification system at any point in the tour, most major events allocate a jersey color to differentiate the stage bet leader from the crowd.

In the Tour de France and Vuelta a Espana, the stage bet winner wears a green jersey. In the Giro d’Italia tour, they wear a pink jersey.

King of the Mountain

Another fun betting market, this focuses on the climbing stage of an event. Climbing—a term used in cycling for uphill stages—is supremely challenging for riders, and your pick for King of the Mountain will need to secure the best overall climbing record of the tour for you to win.

Pick right, and you’ll be in for a tidy payout.

Number of finishers

Have you ever placed a totals bet? If so, you’ll understand this one. First, oddsmakers will set the margin on how many riders will finish the tour. Then, you’ll decide whether the actual total will be above or below that figure. Pick correctly, and you win.

Matchup bets

Handy, if you like limited options in your cycling betting, you’ll be choosing between two riders. Oddsmakers will match them head to head by stage or event, and you select which rider you think will come out on top.

Futures bets

Although futures cycling betting is a long shot—tours are long and volatile, and literally, anything can happen—the option is still there. In addition, cycling betting odds for futures bets are famously generous.

Team betting markets in cycling Arizona

The beauty of AZ cycling betting is that it is equally an individual and a team sport. As a result, there are just as many teams betting markets and specials as there are rider markets, so you can effectively double your wagering opportunities.

Team classification bets

With TCBs, you place a bet on which team will earn the most points throughout the tour.

Stage wins by team

Let’s go back to our Tour de France example, where you have 21 stages. Stage wins by team betting allow you to wager on which team will win the most stages—even if they don’t win the tour.

Total stages

A simple over or under-selection is all you need to place your first total stages wager. Your sportsbook will set the margin, and you choose whether your team’s total stage wins will be over—or under—that figure.

Specials in Arizona cycling betting

Specials are the AZ cycling betting equivalent of a prop bet. Sports betting AZ may spice up the action by speculating on whether a record will be broken, whether a team will win both the final stage and the overall team classification, or whether we’ll see a crash in today’s stage.

Cycling in-play betting

Technically, we know that live cycling betting isn’t its own market. Still, we think it deserves its own category in this article. This is because live cycling betting delivers the thrill of sports betting with the added dimension of being in action.

The odds in live cycling betting are dynamic, but quick thinkers—or those with an eagle eye—might be able to catch something before the oddsmakers get wind of it. Live AZ cycling betting is a fast-paced, lucrative, adrenaline-filled ride that we think every sports bettor should try at least once.

Arizona cycling betting tips from the pros

We encourage you to build your own cycling betting strategy. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t score a few pro tips to help you on your way.

These are the DOS and DON’TS we’ve gathered from our expert panel.


  • DO take time to study the riders. Do they perform better in sprints or climbing? Are they recovering from an injury?
  • DO learn the disciplines. Every race type is different, and you’ll boost your odds of a win if you know what a specific course demands of its riders.
  • DO analyze the teams. An iconic rider doesn’t always translate into an iconic team. Since no individual can carry the group to victory on their own, it pays to understand the team dynamic and performance overall.
  • DO check the weather. Is it going to be wet? Is it going to be stiflingly hot—as is often the case with the Australian Tour Down Under.


  • DON’T put all your eggs in one basket. Sure, you might have a favorite in a race, but staking your entire bankroll on one rider is a recipe for disaster. Aim to cover several key outcomes to increase your chances of a tidy profit.
  • DON’T avoid the major cycling events of the year. The top international tours typically offer more competitive odds and better coverage than smaller, niche cycling events. This means added benefits for you and the support of top-tier sportsbooks.

Pro tip: not sure what the major cycling events are? We’ll break them down for you in a minute.

The top cycling betting events for AZ sportsbooks

In this section, we’re giving you a rundown on the 4 biggest events in the cycling calendar. If you’re adding cycling to your sports betting arsenal, these are the events that deliver the most extensive betting lines, strongest odds, and more comprehensive media coverage.

In short: these four events will give you the best AZ cycling betting experience.

The Tour de France for cycling betting

If you know about cycling at all, it’s probably thanks to this event. You’ve got 21 stages, nearly 120 years of tradition, 2,100+ miles of race, 7,400 hours of media coverage, and 160+ riders.

The Tour de France is to cycling betting what the Super Bowl is to football betting.

La Vuelta en Espana for cycling betting

Spain’s answer to the Tour de France, this 21-stage tour takes just over three weeks for riders to complete. In 2021, this race took 184 riders through the Pyrenees and on to Madrid—with only 142 reaching the finish line.

Giro d’Italia for cycling betting

This race takes riders from Torino to Milan and through the Alps in a 21-stage route that launches in May each year. One hundred eighty-four riders made it through the gruelling 21-day event.

Tour Down Under for cycling betting

Australia’s leg of the UCI worldwide cycling calendar isn’t on the same level as the three events we’ve already listed—but it’s a great race to kick off the cycling season. It’s also an exciting way to kick off your cycling sports betting as you follow up a smaller pool of riders across South Australia.

Pro tip: watch for the obscure pro when you follow the Tour Down Under. True to event tradition, one international (preferably non-English speaking) rider is appointed the obscure pro. Other riders will treat them like a celebrity, screaming their name in public places, painting their name on the road, and mobbing them in hotel lobbies.

Best Arizona sportsbooks for cycling betting

We could call this our time saver section. If you’re not interested in doing the legwork to find an online sportsbook for cycling betting—you’ve come to the right place. Next up, we’re going to unpack all our favorite cycling betting sportsbooks in Arizona.

We’ve vetted them for everything that matters. They are all licensed in Arizona. They are all top performers that deliver a reliable, secure, incredibly entertaining betting experience online. They give good bonuses.

And—most importantly for our purposes—they all offer a solid range of cycling betting lines and odds.

BallyBet cycling betting sportsbook

Gets our vote for strong cycling betting lines and competitive odds for European cycling tours.

DraftKings online cycling betting

Exactly what you’d expect from a premium sportsbook brand—generous bonuses, attractive cycling betting odds, and a streamlined betting app for a one-stop sports betting shop.

BetRivers for cycling betting online

Great depth in the cycling betting menu, quality live-in-play cycling betting options, and a variety of cycling betting markets.

Betfred online sportsbook

As a UK-first sportsbook, Betfred is experienced in the European cycling markets—and it shows. As a result, Betfred delivers everything we want from a cycling betting sportsbook—quality odds, competitive bonuses, and detailed analysis of current tours.

Unibet cycling betting site

Unibet AZ sportsbook delivers high-quality odds, excellent live betting, and good coverage of the major European cycling tours and UCI events.

Barstool Sportsbook

This one is a standout in Olympic-level cycling betting and delivers great cycling commentary on major events. We also enjoy the strong futures market offerings.

FanDuel cycling bets

Don’t let its licensing partnership with the Phoenix Suns fool you—FanDuel does more than basketball betting. Excellent live in-game cycling betting, good daily odds boosts, and strong odds on Olympic cycling make FanDuel one to consider.

BetMGM online cycling betting

You might join for the bonuses, but a BetMGM membership means access to the best of mobile betting in hundreds of markets—including cycling. So check their odds for the next Tour de France event.


Caesars has chosen to focus its entire cycling betting strategy on one event—the Tour de France. Fortunately, they do it well, with a deep betting menu and solid mobile betting performance.


Intuitive updates and competitive odds make cycling betting at WynnBET a breeze. It covers all the major cycling events in the US and European markets.


Cycling might not garner the same attention as other sports in the AZ sports betting arena, but it’s got a lot to offer. For betting options and the excitement of live betting, you can’t really go past cycling betting.

Cycling betting in Arizona FAQs

What is the best AZ sportsbook for cycling betting?

It depends. We’ve listed our top picks here, but you’ll want to think about your betting strategy and who is offering the best odds for your wager.

Is betting on cycling in Arizona actually legal?

Absolutely. It was made legal on April 15, 2021, when HB 2772 was signed into law by Gov. Doug Ducey. Arizona residents have been able to bet in-state since Sep 9, 2021.

Is live cycling betting a good idea?

There are many attractive markets for cycling betting—and live-in-play betting is part of that. Explore your options to decide what works best for you.

Can I bet from an AZ sportsbook app instead of my home computer?

Betting on the go is a must for many sports betting fans. All the sportsbooks we’ve mentioned above deliver comprehensive sportsbook apps for iOS and Android that let you bet, cash out, and manage your account from anywhere in Arizona.

How old do I need to be to bet on cycling?

You must be at least 21 years old to bet on cycling in Arizona.