World Series Betting Arizona

Are you looking for an edge to win more World Series betting in Arizona? Then, you’ve come to the right place! Below we run through a handful of key tips, tricks, and strategies to help you make more money betting on the World Series biggest games.

Online guide to betting on World Series in AZ

Throughout this guide, we will touch on simple, effective strategies to make more money on World Series betting in Arizona. We will go over a handful of popular World Series bets to consider before bouncing into more specific World Series betting strategies.

Finally, we round things out with a breakdown of how to find the right operator for all your World Series betting action! Let’s jump in.

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Best World Series betting Arizona


The sportsbook you choose will have a significant impact on how much fun you have with your World Series betting – and how much money you’re able to make. Great Arizona sportsbooks are:

  • Reliable and reputable
  • Have an excellent reputation for customer service
  • Offer all kinds of wagers, World Series prop bets, and more
  • Make it easy to get money into and out of their world series sportsbooks AZ
  • Have digital betting slips that are easy to follow along with

And so much more! To jumpstart your search for a quality sports market offering World Series betting Arizona action, here are a couple of our favorite choices:

  • Bet MGM World Series Sportsbook – Owned by the legendary resort and Casino company
  • PointsBet  World Series – Generous and lucrative welcome and deposit bonuses
  • DraftKings  World Series – World-class mobile experience
  • FanDuel WS Betting – Unparalleled MLB live betting action
  • Barstool World Series Sportsbook – $1000 welcome bonus and chance to bet with Barstool Sports community

Popular World Series bets to consider


When you sign up for a world series sportsbook with great World Series betting odds, you’ll have an almost unlimited amount of options to pick from. Finding the right bets, though, is a big piece of the puzzle between success and failure.

Choose the wrong types of World Series wagers, and you might deplete your bankroll faster than you ever thought possible. Pick the right kind of World Series action, though, and you might start making money almost instantly.

World series Moneyline

Moneyline MLB World Series action is perfect for beginners and veterans of the Arizona sports betting world alike.

The Moneyline is nothing more than choosing whether or not a favorite or an underdog will win a specific game. You can even bet the money line on which team is going to win the whole World Series.

With this kind of wager, you don’t have to worry about point spreads, run totals, prop bets, or anything else. The Moneyline is as straightforward as it gets!

Run line World series

Run line in baseball is (essentially) the spread modified for this sport. One of the most popular odds World Series games features, the run line simply adds 1.5 runs to the underdog’s score. It also takes 1.5 runs from the favorite.

For example, you’ll see run line odds in the World Series that look like this:

  • Arizona Diamondbacks -1.5
  • Toronto Blue Jays +1.5

This lets you know that the Blue Jays are “getting” extra points, and the Diamondbacks are “losing” extra points. It also lets you know who the underdog and the favorite are (Blue Jays and Diamondbacks, respectively).

If the Diamondbacks win by more than 1.5 runs, they cover the run line. Likewise, they cover the run line if the Blue Jays win outright or lose by less than 1.5 runs.

Totals betting

Totals betting imagines the combined score of both teams and lets World Series players choose whether they think the actual score will be more or less. For example, let’s say that the Diamondbacks and Blue Jays have a totals score of 8.5.

Players who bet the over believe that more than 8.5 runs will be scored (nine or more) when the game finishes. Those that bet the under believe that less than 8.5 runs are going to be tallied.

Suppose a game ends between these two teams with a total score of nine, the over wins. If the game ends with three runs going across the plate total, the under wins.

Prop betting

There’s no limit to the amount of World Series prop bets available for players to pick and choose from. We are talking about picking things like:

  • How many games a World Series will finish in
  • The player with the most strikeouts
  • The player with the most home runs
  • The first team to score in each game
  • The last team to score in each game

These kinds of bets aren’t necessarily odds on MLB playoffs as much as they are fun and exciting ways to spice up betting action. Wagers on the World Series wouldn’t be the same without prop bets!

World series live betting

Live betting is a (relatively) new thing. The era of World Series online action has really helped to usher it in. Now players are able to bet on almost every pitch (and certainly every inning) in ways they wouldn’t have been able to before.

Not all operators offer a smooth World Series betting experience, though. World series sportsbooks like FanDuel, for example, do a much better job than sportsbooks like PointsBet (for the time being). DraftKings is also a legendary one that offers great live odds.

It would help if you were sure that you pick a book that offers lightning-fast odds, lines that change with every pitch, and plenty of prop bet opportunities to cash in on live betting.

Futures betting

Futures is popular with MLB fans, but it’s definitely a little risky. After all, with MLB futures odds, you are trying to pick a team that will win the World Series before a season starts. But, of course, sometimes you’re picking MLB futures odds years in advance, too.

Still, the kind of payoff you can expect with these MLB World Series odds are unreal. It’s often worth a “flyer” of $50 or so, especially when the payout can be 100 times your bet four more!

World Series odds in Arizona


Now that we’ve covered some of the primary World Series options available, it’s time to dig into how to choose the right bets for all MLB betting in Arizona with the Word series odds.

Starting pitching is huge for the odds

Starting pitching is incredibly important when you need to win four games to bring home a championship. It’s not uncommon for baseball teams in the World Series to “shorten their rotation” to adjust their top three pictures. This gives them a chance to roll their ace out at least twice in a series (maybe more).

If one team has better starting pitching compared to the other, they are worth a closer look, especially when we are talking about aces that can go five or six innings, keeping the bullpen fresh and making the odds fluctuate.

Odds for the bullpen matters, too

Speaking of the bullpen, these pictures are usually less consistent than aces but no less important to World Series odds.

In fact, some believe that you can make better World Series line choices by paying attention to just the bullpen of each team.

Middle relief, long relief, set up men, and closers play a massive role in who’s going to take home the hardware at the end of the World Series. So your set up guys, and your closer are going to come in when the pressure is ratcheted up. Usually late in the game and almost always with runners in scoring position.

It takes a unique human being to pitch through that kind of pressure. But, unfortunately, not every team has a rock-solid bullpen. If one team has better relief pitching than the other (especially significantly better bullpen action), that’s where you’re going to want to put your money.

Which ballpark is hosting the game?

Homefield advantage is especially pronounced when you get to the World Series regarding the odds. Each ballpark is completely unique and different from every other in the league. That’s unlike anything in the rest of sports, where playing services are uniform.

Teams that play at home have a distinct advantage in these situations, understanding every nook and cranny of their park. They also have the crowd behind them and don’t have to travel. They get to go through their regular, everyday routine and sleep in their own beds. That’s a huge advantage when it comes to baseball World Series.

Travel times and weather are factors to consider

Travel time and whether or other factors that are important to consider when betting on the World Series. Some of the best World Series handicappers in the game. Factor overall travel time, weather, and temperature conditions into their wagers.

They know that the Diamondbacks traveling to play the New York Yankees at the end of October isn’t great news for the Arizona team. But, they also know that the Yankees have been playing in cold weather for a couple of months and might not be ready for the Arizona heat. Check this and go out before you put any wagers down.

What umpire team has the series?

Believe it or not, analytics show that the umpire team selected for a World Series has a significant impact on these games as can seen by the odds often.

Different umpire teams are better than others, with each individual umpire having their own specific style and stats. For example, some umpires call a tight game behind the plate. Others have a strike zone that’s pretty sloppy and inconsistent.

These are things you want to know, especially when comparing different pitching staff against each other. Have a look at the umpire team before you decide to put money down on any MLB World Series action.

FAQ’s About World Series Betting Arizona

Can I live bet the World Series?

You can definitely live bet the World Series (so long as you choose a sportsbook that offers this kind of action). Live betting pitch by pitch, inning by inning, and game by game is an exciting way to bet on the World Series. Everything that unfolds impacts your wagers!

Are there parlays during the World Series?

Most of the World Series odds platforms offer parlays, but these are particularly risky wagers. Parlays are better suited to football and basketball, where things are a little more predictable. Still, if you really want to take on the extra risk (and potential profit) parlays have to offer, these wagers are there for the taking.

How far away can I bet futures on the World Series?

There’s no actual limit to how far into the future you can bet on MLB futures odds. Want to put money down on the Arizona Diamondbacks to win the next World Series? You can do that for sure! More interested in betting on the Arizona Diamondbacks to win the World Series in 5, 10, or 15 years? You can do that, too!

Is it legal to bet on the World Series in Arizona?

It’s 100% legal to get into betting odds World Series action in Arizona these days. You don’t have to worry about breaking any rules and regulations or violating any laws when you bet on the World Series in Arizona today.

How soon after the World Series can I get my winnings?

How quickly you get your hands on your World Series winnings will depend on the banking system of the sportsbook you’ve picked. Some of them payout almost immediately after the final World Series game concludes. Others payout after each individual World Series game ends.
And then, of course, you have operators that take a little bit longer to get winnings paid out to their players. But those are the kinds you’re going to want to avoid whenever you can. As a general rule, though, payouts are going to hit your World Series betting account almost immediately after that wager officially closes. So you shouldn’t be waiting long!