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Odds and TV hours for The Champions League finale for AZ soccer fans

The world’s biggest soccer club tournament will be decided this Saturday, May 28, at 9:00 PM local time in France – 12, Noon in local time in Arizona. The Champions League final between Liverpool and Real Madrid. The game was a replay from 2018 when Real Madrid won against Liverpool. However, this time. The odds against Liverpool are much higher.

According to the odds: Liverpool is the favorite

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Liverpool is Once again in the finale. For them to be in the finale for the third time in five years is a really good result for the club that was far from the victories for a long time during the 2010s. Excluding 2013 & 2014. At the time of writing, the quadruple for the Reds was alive when the Cárabo Cup was won in February; they played the FA Cup final against Chelsea on May 14.

The league is definitely alive, but it will take a lot more. When Liverpool moved on to Inter in the quarterfinals, it went relatively painless. The team is incredibly good right now and on the right path. But before, it felt like the team had peaked. I mean, the third time in the finale in five years! When new player Luis Diaz joined in January. Is on the pitch, it almost always feels dangerous. We can really say that that was an incredible signing for the team.

Don’t bail on Real Madrid

If there is one thing we have learned from this season, It is that we can never count out Real Madrid. The already mythical turn against City will go down in the history books, especially because no one thought that they could succeed in making that turn.

That match was only minutes from being blown off. Two goals in injury time and then a win in overtime. Say what you want about the team. But there is something special about Real Madrid in the Champions League. Real really deserved to be in the final, as they won against Manchester City, which was more or less already ready for the finals.

They barely beat Chelsea in the semifinals, and before that, they overcame PSF in the quarter after turning on Bernabeau. Real Madrid took home the victory already in April when they were outstanding. Perhaps Benzema is better than ever now. The CL routine decides, and 13 CL titles may become 14

How can I watch the game in Arizona?

Several local bars and “pubs” will show the game. However, the time difference will put the game very early for Arizona fans. For the most avid soccer fans, sportsbooks like Fubo Sportsbook Arizona, with its top-tier FuboTV streaming service, will stream the game flawlessly to fans, combined with their top-tier sportsbook with the best odds.

Soccer is becoming more and more popular in the US, especially in states with a high population of Spanish-speaking residents. Soccer is a big deal in central and south America.

So naturally, many residents have a place in their hearts for soccer. When one of the biggest soccer tournament finals takes place, we can always use the best Arizona sports betting operators that offer odds for the game.