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PlayPlus betting Arizona

Play+ allows Arizona’s bettors to make instant deposits to online sportsbooks operating in that state. PlayPlus takes what is essentially a prepaid debit card and turns it into one of the fastest-growing funding cards out here. Let’s take a look at everything you need to know about using PlayPlus betting at Arizona online sportsbooks.

Play+ prepaid card betting Arizona

Sportsbooks in every state are getting in on the Play+ action because there are zero deposit fees, withdrawals are instant, and players can’t stop raving about it. Most importantly, there will be no issues with transaction blocking from your bank or credit card, and most in the Arizona sportsbooks list will accept it.

We’ll explore all that and more in this post.

Play+ betting sites AZ list

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Best betting sites in AZ Play+


PlayPlus prepaid cards are a popular way to fund your online sportsbook wallet. Arizona has lots of great fully licensed online sportsbooks, and most offer Play+ funding options for deposits.

Here are some of the top sports betting Arizona sites licensed to operate in the state and whether or not they accept Play+ deposits and withdrawals:

Prepaid card betting sites in Arizona


Arizona sportsbooks Play+


A lot of players have experienced the frustration that comes with card issuers and banks blocking gambling-related transactions. With PlayPlus (PlayPlus), you won’t have any of these issues to worry about.

Play+ provides you with a workaround by offering you a secure, easy-to-use prepaid debit card that will get your money onto your gaming account as fast and hassle-free as possible.

And don’t worry. You can still use your own debit/credit to fund your wallet. You’ll just have to route those funds through your Play+ card first, and it will ensure you won’t experience any transaction issues at all.

Sign up for your free account, and you’ll get a free physical PlayPlus card sent to you in the mail. You can also use Play+ to access your money from an ATM or shop anywhere Discover Cards are accepted.

Because it’s cash only and prepaid, there are zero credit checks, and there will be no way to spend more than is on the card. This gives you the added benefit of being able to plan out your betting, and you will never be tempted to spend more than you wanted.

Using PlayPlus to fund your betting wallet in Arizona


Depositing money onto your Arizona sportsbook with Play+ is as easy as doing it with your debit card. All you have to do is log onto your sportsbook account. Then, click on your sportsbook wallet. Once you’re in the deposit section, you can choose PlayPlus from the drop-down menu and enter your account information. It’s that simple.

If you aren’t a customer already, they will ask you to sign up for a PlayPlus card. Simply submit your details, complete your transaction, and your funds will be available instantly while you await your physical card.

Bonuses on first deposits

Once you make your first deposit, you will likely receive a deposit bonus from the sportsbook. It’s not uncommon for sportsbooks to match anywhere up to $250 on first deposits.

Making your first deposit will also trigger the process of receiving your card, but you don’t need to wait before you can use your PlayPlus account. Your first deposit will be available as soon as your bank confirms the deposit amount, which is usually instantaneous.

Fund Playplus with E-check

Maybe you don’t want to fund your PlayPlus account with credit or debit. No problem, PlayPlus offers options to fund your account with an e-check. Select the e-check option when you get to the funding method section of your PlayPlus account. Then, enter the account and routing numbers, and that amount will be transferred to your Play+ account.

Step-by-step deposit instructions for PlayPlus

Depositing money into your Play+ account is very straightforward. Every online gambling service using PlayPlus will have procedures similar to the following:

  1. Sign in to your sportsbook account
  2. Go to the cashier section
  3. Click the ‘Play+’ option
  4. Choose ‘enroll’ or ‘add funds’
  5. If enrolling, provide your credit/debit details
  6. Select the deposit amount
  7. Confirm the deposit
  8. Choose the amount to move from your PlayPlus account to your online betting account
  9. If using an eCheck, enter routing and account numbers

Pros and Cons of betting with PlayPlus in Arizona


Pros of using Play+

Play+ is so popular with online sportsbooks right now for the simple reason that it works! There are very few disadvantages that come with using it. Still, just like everything else, there are pros and cons compared to the alternative options out there.

Remember to keep these points in mind before choosing PlayPlus as your method for funding your gambling wallet.

Reliable credit and debit alternative

There is nothing worse than experiencing difficulties depositing with debit/credit when you know the funds are there. The bank is simply blocking the transfer to the gambling site.

Using Play+ to fund your account eliminates these problems by giving players a reliable place to support their gambling wallets.

Immediate availability of funds

The time it takes to deposit funds via Play+ is the same as depositing with credit or debit. There’s only one additional step: ensuring your PlayPlus card is funded. Do that, and you will have the same instant access to your funds as you would if it had come from your own bank.

You’ll be placing your first wager in just a matter of minutes. Not only is Play+ faster, but it has a much higher success rate when compared to the usual banking methods.

Withdrawals are instant

Making a withdrawal from your Play+ card onto your online betting wallet is instantaneous. You’ll have access to your funds immediately upon signing up for Play+ and await your physical card.

Cons of using PlayPlus betting in Arizona

While there aren’t many cons to using Play+ and it does exactly what it says it’s going to do safely and reliably, there are still one or two things you should be aware of.

Fees will vary depending on the gambling site

Each individual betting site is its own entity with its own rules. They will have their own policies about fees in place. Transactions with Play+ cards do not come with fees attached to them unless you use them on an ATM, where standard fees will apply. Additionally, it’s safe to expect that most sportsbooks do not have fees attached to depositing funds to your gambling wallet.

If anything, they are highly likely to give first-time players free money. This comes in the form of a sign-up bonus, and it can be a very lucrative and less risky way to start with online gambling.

You cannot make withdrawals onto your PlayPlus card

You can withdraw from your bank to put on your Play+ card. Likewise, you can withdraw from your Play+ to your online betting wallet. But you cannot make a fast payout in Arizona from your betting wallet and transfer funds to your PlayPlus card.

Players will have to use their banking information when withdrawing their winnings from the sportsbook. They can also choose to receive a physical check in the mail. This is standard practice with prepaid debit cards of this type and isn’t likely to change any time soon.

FAQ’s About PlayPlus betting Arizona

Do all of the sportsbooks in AZ handle Play+ transactions in the same way?

Each betting site has some leeway to set its own policies surrounding PlayPlus deposits. What this means is that some details will change depending on the site. Read each betting site’s policies about prepaid cards to learn more about their individual policies.

How do I fund my Play+ card in Arizona?

Fund your betting site’s Play+ card through the sportsbook’s cashier. You can use Discover, MasterCard, Visa, or e-check. Your funds should be available instantly. You do not need to have received your physical PlayPlus card to deposit your money.

Are there any spending limits with the Play+ card in AZ?

Play+ supports two tiers: Standard and VIP. Each has different features in terms of depositing, spending caps, and withdrawal and balance limits. Deposit limits will depend on the betting site. A relatively standard daily maximum is about $2,000. Connect with the PlayPlus website to find out more details.

How do I withdraw funds from my account?

Each and every betting site has its own rules surrounding withdrawals and how to do it. For most Play+ users, standard withdrawal methods include e-check transfers. It also includes in-person withdrawals at land-based partners of your betting site and ATM withdrawals.

Why am I asked for my SSN when signing up?

The Federal Government of the U.S. requires all payment processors to verify the identity of their customers. Therefore, you will be required to give your name, address, DOB, and social security number. All deposit methods will need this information.