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PaySafeCard betting Arizona

On this page, we will address PaySafeCard betting in Arizona. We will discuss how you can make deposits with PaySafeCard to place wagers in your sportsbooks, how to collect your winnings, and why you should use PaySafeCard while betting in AZ.

PaySafeCard for online betting

When it comes to giving out personal information online, you can never be too safe. Unfortunately, many people still aren’t comfortable entering their credit card details into a betting site. PaySafeCard gives Arizona bettors another option to make quick deposits securely so they can get their bets in. Customer security is the top priority on the PaySafeCard platform. Keep reading to find out why it’s a preferred payment method.

Betting with PaySafeCard top list AZ

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PaySafeCard betting Arizona


A lot of people aren’t comfortable sharing a single banking detail online. PaySafeCard gives them another way to make purchases online without having to use a debit or credit card. It is a lot different from an online wallet as well because you won’t be required to give banking details on a separate platform.

With PaySafeCard, you will need to find the nearest sales outlet. There are many to choose from, and it’s likely there’s one close to your Arizona address. Purchasing one is similar to buying a gift card, and they will come in balances of either:

  • $10
  • $25
  • $50
  • $100

Once you choose the amount you want, you will receive a PaySafeCard with a 16 digit code that you will use when you want to make purchases. To make things easier for consumers, PaySafeCard has a mobile app to make it easier for people to find the closest sales outlet.

PaySafeCard sportsbooks Arizona


PaySafeCard is an easy banking option in AZ for both the bettor and the betting site to deal with. This is one of the main reasons PaySafe sports betting is becoming more popular in the list of AZ sportsbooks. When you make a deposit using PaySafeCard, the funds are always available immediately. However, collecting your winnings is a different story, which we will get to in a moment.

How to deposit funds using PaySafeCard

Your PaySafeCard acts just like a gift card, so when you make a deposit, the funds will be there instantly. When you make a deposit onto your Arizona sportsbook, it will be very similar to making any other deposit. Head on over to the “cashier” or “banking” section. Select “PaySafeCard” as your preferred method.

Once you’re in this area, you will need to enter the 16 digit code from your PaySafeCard and the amount that you want to deposit. Always review the purchase before selecting “confirm” because this process is instant. Once you hit confirm, you will have funds to place bets with.

How to withdraw funds using PaySafeCard

PaySafeCard sports betting is becoming one of Arizona’s top payment methods. However, it may not be as easy to collect your winnings. If this is the payment method you prefer to use, always review the terms and conditions of your sportsbooks. Some sportsbooks won’t allow their members to make fast payouts in Arizona using PaySafeCard.

Many sportsbooks in Arizona will allow players to collect winnings on their PaySafeCard, but there will be limitations in place. The betting sites that do allow withdrawals on PaySafeCard usually will have a limit in place that could range between $20 to $1000.

One big perk about being able to collect winnings with PaySafeCard is that all the fees will be covered by the operator. Unfortunately, this means all the winnings will end up in your pocket instead of covering fees.

Pros and cons of betting with PaySafeCard in Arizona


Pros of PaySafeCard betting AZ

Betting with PaySafeCard has many advantages. All of your personal banking details will remain anonymous. Since you will not enter any credit card details, there are zero risks of experiencing credit card fraud. Actually, PaySafeCard is the least risky payment method for Arizona sports betting sites because you will not be able to go over your limit.

Your PaySafeCard is paid for at an outlet and can’t be topped off online. This prevents players from overspending when they are having fun on the betting lines. Another perk is that PaySafeCard digit codes can be transferred to anyone. So if you want to gift someone with sportsbook money, you may send them a PaySafeCard.

However, the biggest reason people prefer this payment method is that PaySafeCard is completely private. On top of no personal information being released online, they don’t have to worry about betting sites showing up on their banking statement. This gives them a chance to keep their betting money separate from their other transactions.

What are the cons of PaySafeCard betting AZ

PaySafeCard only accepts payments by cash. This is set up to keep people out of financial holes, so they don’t want people using credit to pay for a PaySafeCard. Unfortunately, that has presented some difficulties for customers who don’t carry cash. There is also a monthly fee of $2 after the first year to continue using PaySafeCard.

It’s also important that you keep your PaySafeCard topped up for when you feel like using it. For example, if an occasion to place bets comes up, but there aren’t enough funds on your card, you may have to sit out. This is because these cards can not be topped up online. Instead, you must visit a retail establishment every time you want to add more funds.

Top bettings sites in Arizona with PaySafeCard


Now that we’ve discussed what you need to know about PaySafeCard betting Arizona, it’s time to talk about the top sportsbooks. If PaySafeCard is your preferred method, check out any of the following sportsbooks:

BetMGM PaySafeCard

Bettors have more opportunities to win at BetMGM, especially when they take advantage of their impressive range of promotional offers. They have one of the largest sports betting markets in Arizona and continue to impress bettors with their competitive odds.

DraftKings PaySafeCard

There’s a lot of excitement happening in the DraftKings sportsbook. This betting site is known for all of its daily contests and the many chances to win. Not to mention, they have one of the most attractive sign-up bonuses in Arizona.

PaySafeCard at Barstool

When Barstool Sportsbook hit the scene in 2020, they reeled in a lot of new members because of all the resources they had related to sports betting. As a result, they make it easier for their members to make accurate predictions, which has helped players see more wins.

FanDuel with PaySafeCard

FanDuel has an insurance bet bonus offer worth $1,000 that easily attracts new members to their website. Its clean mobile layout and easy-to-use features keep bettors there. They also feature many contests that keep things exciting for the members.

Pointsbet PaySafeCard

Pointsbet offers promo codes that members can use to increase their odds. In addition, this sportsbook features many unique wagering styles, all designed to benefit its members. Their wide market selection and high payouts are just some of the reasons why people love Pointsbet.

FAQ’s About PaySafeCard betting Arizona

After signing up with PaySafeCard, how long do I have to wait until I can use it in a sportsbook?

One of the perks of using a PaySafeCard is that all payments are instant. This is even true for new members. As soon as you register with PaySafeCard and add funds, the money will be accessible. So it’s likely that you will already have the funds ready to spend by the time you make it home.

Can I trust a website that offers to top off my PaySafeCard?

You should not trust a website that is offering to place funds on your PaySafeCard. This is because they likely are not secure, and it will be fraudulent. As a result, there is a good chance you may not see the funds appear on your PaySafeCard. To avoid this happening to you, only purchase PaySafeCard top-offs from retail operators suggested on the mobile app or official PaySafeCard website.

Which is the best sportsbook to use PaySafeCard at?

This one all depends on your preferences. More sportsbooks are offering options for PaySafeCard betting Arizona, so you will have plenty of options. However, each bettor has different events they like to wager on. Therefore, we recommend reviewing the odds and offers at different sportsbooks to explore your options and see what’s best for you.

Do I need to use the entire PaySafeCard balance at once?

No, you can use the balance as you please. When you deposit funds from your PaySafeCard to the sportsbook account, you will be able to enter the exact amount you would like to spend. You will then be able to use the rest of the balance at another online establishment that accepts PaySafeCard.

How does PaySafeCard betting work?

PaySafeCard betting sites treat this payment form the same way your favorite retail store treats gift cards. The 16 digit code you are given will be recognized by the compatible betting sites. When you pay cash at the retail outlet, the cashier will register PaySafe to make the funds accessible. You will then be able to use them as you please.