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American Express betting Arizona

American Express card owners will be no strangers to the words “sorry, we don’t take Amex”. Are these words that you are going to hear when you are gambling online, though? On this page, we want to discuss American Express betting Arizona. This means introducing you to getting money into your sports betting account, as well as telling you the best places to gamble with your card.

About American Express sports betting

American Express is the fourth largest card provider in the United States. While not all sites will accept American Express as a payment method, more and more sites in Arizona are starting to allow it.

Those that use American Express for betting in Arizona will be able to enjoy speedy transactions with no fees. Withdrawals are not supported by Amex cards, although some sportsbooks do try to skirt around those rules a little bit by using the refund system. Those interested in American Express betting in Arizona will be pleased to know there are several sportsbooks they can enjoy.

American Express betting sites top list AZ

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AZ sportsbooks that accept AMEX


Right off the bat, we are afraid that we are going to need to be a little bit negative. As an American Express card owner, you probably already knew this, though. This is that most sportsbooks are not going to allow American Express betting in Arizona. There are a few reasons for this.

The main issue that most Arizona sports betting fans face is that the fees for accepting American Express will be quite high. It is about double the fee of any other competing payment method. Since the sportsbook industry is an industry that tends to thrive on pretty low-profit margins as it is, sportsbooks tend to shy away from Amex. They want to make the maximum amount of money, after all.

Secondly, to accept Amex, they have to set up a different payment method. American Express is not processed through the same payment networks as other competing, more popular payment methods in AZ. So, some sportsbooks find that it is probably best not to offer Amex and just cater to the majority. It helps to create far fewer headaches.

Best American Express betting Arizona


While most sportsbooks will not accept American Express, there are a few Amex Arizona sportsbooks that have gone out of their way to accept it as a payment method. These are some of our favorites:

  • BetMGM is one of the best sportsbooks for those that love betting on American sports. There are a vast number of sports and betting markets available.
  • Draftkings veers heavily into the world of prop bets and live sports. Enhanced odds bonuses are the norm hill.
  • William Hill is one of the largest gambling companies in the world. As you can imagine, they offer a great service to AZ residents in terms of awesome betting odds, international sports, and a whole lot more.
  • Pointsbet is a site that focuses heavily on bonuses. Those looking for American Express betting in AZ should be able to take advantage of most of them.
  • Fanduel does a lot of things right. Their mobile betting options are virtually unrivaled in the state, though.

How to Deposit Using American Express


Depositing using your Amex should be fairly easy. The process can vary between betting sites. However, they are likely going to follow this process:

  • Search for the ‘deposit’ option on the site. You may find this listed under the cashier option on your account.
  • Select either American Express or debit/credit card as your deposit option.
  • Type in how much you want to deposit. Bear in mind any minimum or maximum deposits for the sportsbook.
  • Follow the instructions to process your transaction.
  • Enjoy the fast deposit.
  • Start to make sensible bets!

Why you can’t withdraw using American Express

American Express is not a system that has been set up for fast payouts in Arizona. It is purely a payment system. While your American Express card may be tied to a bank account, you do not deposit money into your bank account using your card. You use other methods.

There are ways for sportsbooks to get money back onto an American Express card in a sort of faux withdrawal. However, due to the high fees in doing so, most sportsbooks that accept Amex tend to avoid this.

The only way to get money onto an Amex is to use the refund system. However, for the sportsbooks that do offer this, there will be a few caveats in play:

  • You cannot withdraw more than you deposited into your account i.e. if you won, you won’t be able to withdraw your full winnings.
  • The sportsbook will only look at deposits over the last few months.

Basically, it is incredibly inconvenient to withdraw using American Express, so most people do not. You should probably have some other withdrawal method set up if you are planning on gambling using American Express.

Benefits you can enjoy with American Express betting Arizona


We have been a little bit negative when it comes to talking about American Express betting in Arizona so far. So, how about we wrap up by talking about some of the benefits that you will be able to enjoy if you opt to use your American Express online?

No fees for depositing using Amex

While Amex may charge higher fees for their services, these fees are very rarely passed onto the customer. In fact, American Express prevents this from happening. This means that you do not have to worry about any fees when you are enjoying American Express betting in Arizona. When you deposit money into your account, the money that you can end up gambling with is the money that you deposited.

Do bear in mind that Amex may have slightly higher minimum deposits than some other payment methods. However, it is not going to be drastically high. Think along the lines of $5-€10 higher. This is a negligible amount for gamblers.

Quick deposits

A lot of people tend to gamble in the hours before a game kicks off. This means that you probably don’t want to be waiting around for hours while you wait for your money to land in your account. Thankfully, you never have to do that with American Express. In almost all cases, you can expect the sportsbook to process the transaction completely in a few minutes.

There may be cases where the processing time is a little bit longer. However, this is rarely going to be down to the fact that you are using Amex. Instead, it is likely going to be down to the fact that sportsbooks like to check the ID of people who are gambling with them.

Can take advantage of betting bonuses

As long as the betting bonus is not payment specific, you will be able to use your Amex to take advantage of any of those betting bonuses that you may see. This means that you can enjoy deposit-based bonuses, insurance bets, etc.

We don’t think we have ever seen a betting bonus that will specifically exclude those that are using Amex. So if you find one of the American Express betting sites, then you can enjoy all of those bonuses.

Rare Amex cards block gambling transactions

It is incredibly rare for Amex cards to have any limitations in place when it comes to online gambling. This means that you can use your card without having to jump through hoops. Do bear in mind that some of their issued credit cards may have extra interest rates when you use them for gambling. However, that is going to be on the rarer side of things.

Can use all Amex cards for sports betting

It doesn’t matter what type of American Express card you have. If it has the Amex logo on it and the sportsbook accepts Amex, then you will be able to make a deposit. This means that you can use business cards and personal cards in sportsbooks.

Whether it is a good idea to use a card issued for a business on gambling is a whole other game. However, you can use it. This means that you will even be able to use the prepaid cards that you can top-up to gamble at Amex sportsbooks in Arizona.

FAQ’s About American Express betting Arizona

Do sportsbooks accept American Express OPEN cards?

There is nothing functionally different with an OPEN card. These cards are only issued to businesses, though. So, while you can use it, chances are that you probably won’t want to use it.

Do sportsbooks in Arizona accept American Express prepaid cards?

If the sportsbook accepts American Express cards, then they will also be able to accept American Express prepaid payment cards. All of the transactions are processed by the same network.

Can sportsbooks in Arizona see your American Express card details?

No. The American Express card will be processed via a secure network. At no point will anybody be able to see your card details. You are safe.

Are there fees to deposit using American Express at a sports betting site in Arizona?

There shouldn’t be any fees. While there have been some sportsbooks that are known to pass on fees to their customers, this isn’t really going to be the norm.

Is there a minimum deposit for American Express cards?

Most sportsbooks will have a slightly higher minimum deposit for American Express than with other payment methods. Part of the reason is to help them offset some of the fees associated with accepting American Express on their site.