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Thinking about getting into sports betting in Arizona but not sure of where to start? This review is for you! You’ll discover why theScore Bet Arizona platform has quickly become one of the most popular options for newbie and veteran sports bettors alike. We break down all of the benefits that this sportsbook brings to the table.

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theScore Bet Arizona promo


There isn’t a sports bettor alive who isn’t looking for a chance to grow their “war chest” with the right bonuses and promo codes for this sportsbook in AZ.

theScore Bet Arizona promo code

Of course, that welcome bonus isn’t the only theScore bet AZ promo code you’ll be able to leverage. Another of the more popular bonuses that get mentioned in a lot of theScore bet review posts is the 5% cashback offer.

With every eligible wager that you make (odds have to be at -300 or higher), you’ll get 5% back instantly, immediately added to your war chest. You’ll be able to earn 5% back until you hit $1000 – and then you can play with that “bonus money” any way you’d like, too.

Pretty sweet, right?

Just know that both of these bonuses (the welcome bonus and the 5% cashback bonus) expire after 60 days. You’ll want to keep an eye on these bonuses as theScore Bet Arizona platform doesn’t always do a great job of letting you know when your bonus cash is about to disappear.

theScore Bet AZ bonuses

Different Arizona sportsbooks have different offers available, always looking to up one another. TheScore really hits this out of the park, though. You’re going to love the types of bonus options available on this platform.

theScore Bet AZ sign-up

The most popular of all of theScore bet AZ welcome bonus offers has to be their initial welcome bonus. This theScore bet promo code guarantees each new account up to $1000 with a 100% match of their first deposit all the way up to $1000.

The coolest thing about this welcome bonus is that there are no real strings attached and no real downsides to this extra cash. This is a very transparent promo code, a bonus that anyone can take advantage of, and a bonus that you’ll find almost immediately in your sports betting account for use, too.

theScore Bet Arizona review

Throughout this in-depth review, we really highlight Everything that theScore bet Arizona does well (as well as where their shortcomings are).

By the time you finish with this guide, you’ll know about:

  • All of theScore bet promo codes and bonus offers
  • The different features and benefits this sportsbook has are separate from the rest of the pack
  • Exactly what the mobile experience is like
  • A quick breakdown of the different betting markets and wager options available

… And that only just begins to scratch the surface of this theScore bet review. Ready to get started?

theScore Bet sportsbook Arizona app

A lot of sports betting Arizona sites promise that they are built with the mobile periods in mind but never really deliver.

Nothing could be further from the truth with theScore Bet sportsbook Arizona platform.

In fact, some people feel that the exclusive mobile focus of this sportsbook is a bit of a hindrance (but we don’t feel that way in this theScore bet review). You won’t find a desktop version of this Arizona sportsbook. It only runs on mobile apps – for both Android and iOS devices, of course.

As far as how the mobile experience shakes out is concerned, there’s a lot to like. For one thing, theScore Bet Sportsbook AZ app is really well-designed and really well polished.

It is fast and responsive. Controls are really intuitive, and navigation is clearly laid out. So you won’t feel like this app is getting in the way of you placing the kinds of bets you are interested in.

On top of that, there was obviously a huge focus to make theScore Bet Arizona app safe and secure. 256-bit and to-end encryption, SSL technology, and other safety features are baked right in. The digital betting slip itself is also slick and useful.

You’ll know exactly what kinds of wagers you have locked in, how those wagers are doing, and how much you stand to win (or lose) at a glance. You don’t have to go hunting for this kind of information the way you might with other betting options.

Combine that with a really elegant theScore bet sportsbook Arizona live betting experience (and live streaming for some Arizona games, like Diamondbacks, ASU, and Phoenix Suns games), and it’s not hard to get hooked on this platform.

theScore features and benefits in Arizona

The biggest defining feature for theScore Bet Arizona book has to be how easy it is to access the “inside information” provided by theScore news application.

TheScore originally started off as a fantasy sports news app before quickly growing into one of the most popular mainstream sports news apps on the planet. Today, there is a lot of information to uncover through this application, information that sports bettors are going to be able to use on the fly to make smarter wagers.

The way that theScore Bet Arizona sportsbook has been integrated with this news application to create a real seamless kind of experience is impressive.

You can get your intelligence from the news app, jump over to the betting side of things, put your money down, and track your bets, all without headache or frustration.

There aren’t a lot of other sportsbooks that can come close to offering this kind of experience.

Breaking down theScore AZ betting markets

As far as betting markets are concerned, it would be nice to see the sportsbook open things up a little more in the future.

Arizona fans don’t have anything to worry about, though, as all of their favorite teams are going to be covered.

The NFL market means you’ll be able to put money down on the Cardinals with no trouble, and the college football market means that Arizona and ASU fans will be able to bet easily, too.

NBA and NCAA action guarantees Arizona fans a piece of the pie. Even NHL and MLB fans of the Coyotes and the Diamondbacks (respectively) will be able to put money down using theScore bet sportsbook.

On top of all that, sports bettors will also be able to get into the US and international soccer games, all kinds of combat sports (like MMA, boxing, etc.), and auto racing. Rugby and tennis options are available, too.

This sportsbook might not have an unlimited about of betting markets from around the world the way that other books do, but they are adding new markets all the time.

Betting options at theScore AZ

On the wager options side of things, theScore bet Arizona hits it out of the park for sure.

All the old favorite “classics” are here. You’ll be able to bet the moneyline, bet on the spread, and put totals (over/under) bets in, too.

TheScore does something really neat, though. It also lets you bet first-half money lines, first-half spreads, and first-half totals too. So there’s a little more freedom, a little more flexibility, and the ability to bet on the first half of the game so that you don’t have to watch until the final whistle to find out if you are a winner.

Game and player propositions are available as our futures, round-robin, different kinds of tournaments, and other options.

Basically, if you want to put a wager down, you’ll be able to get in on the action.

Banking options for theScore Bet Arizona

Banking with theScore bet Arizona is pretty easy and (relatively) fast.

Deposits happen almost immediately, though withdrawals can take a little bit longer. Still, theScore bet Arizona makes banking – getting money into and out of your account – a simple and straightforward affair.


Deposits can be handled using ACH and bank transfers, major debit and credit cards, and some online payment processors. Unfortunately, PayPal is not yet available with theScore, though there have been rumblings and rumors that this feature will be added in the near future.

theScore Bet Arizona payouts

Withdrawals use (almost) the same banking systems as deposits. You can pull your winnings out through ACH and bank transfers, some payment processors, and even physical checks. You can also order prepaid cards directly from theScore to pull your winnings out that way like to.

theScore customer service and support

Customer service and support might seem a little lackluster from theScore bet Arizona platform at first, if only because they don’t have a dedicated phone number.

Support is instead handled through the mobile app itself. Live chat options, email options, messaging options, and a knowledgebase/FAQ are all available for account holders.

It would have been nice to see a 24/7 dedicated phone support line, to be sure.

Still, theScore bet Arizona offers responsive and helpful customer service (even if it takes a little bit longer to get a hold of somebody).

Final verdict on theScore bet Arizona

When you get right down to it, there’s a lot to like about theScore bet sportsbook and very little to be unhappy with.

There’s a reason why people leave so many glowingly positive theScore bet review posts online, after all.

This is a company that can be trusted, a company that is always improving, and a company that offers one of the best mobile sportsbook experiences anywhere he the United States today.

If you’re looking to put money down on your beloved Arizona teams, this is the book to sign up with!

theScore Bet Arizona FAQ

Am I limited to betting on US sports at theScore?

Absolutely not. You can place bets on sports from all over the world so long as the betting markets are supported by theScore AZ.

How quickly can I pull out my winnings?

How quickly you can get your winnings out of your account and into your bank depends on the method you choose. Of course, some are faster than others, but as a general rule, it’s going to take between 24 hours and 72 hours for your withdrawals to clear.

Is theScore licensed for sports gambling in the US?

TheScore doesn’t always offer bonus bet opportunities, but when they do, they guarantee that you can’t lose. So either you’ll win your wager (you’ll take home your winnings), or your initial bet will be refunded completely.

What info do I need to open an account with theScore?

It is! TheScore is in full legal compliance with all rules and regulations governing online sports gambling in the United States.