WynnBET Arizona

Now that WynnBET is available in Arizona you deserve the chance to see everything they have to offer. By the time you finish reading this review of Wynnbet Arizona you will have a better idea of whether you will want to place bets here. All in all, there is so much more good than bad with WynnBET. As long as they offer everything you need you are sure to find a great betting experience with them.

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Bonuses and promotions at WynnBET


WynnBET has a standard welcome bonus designed to draw you in. Once you understand exactly how it works you will be intrigued.

The bonus claims you get one risk-free bet, up to $500. A better way of explaining this is that if you lose your first bet it will be returned to you, but only if you meet these specific criteria on that initial bet.

  • $20 minimum
  • $500 maximum
  • Odds between -150 and +10,000
  • Placed within 10 days of registering

While you do not need to enter a code to claim the bonus, failure to adhere to any of these specifications will lose you that bonus. If you place an initial bet and end up winning then you have also used your chance at the risk-free bet, so we suggest betting as close to $500 as you can get.

Wynnbet promo Arizona

Beyond the initial welcome bonus, WynnBET promo Arizona offers plenty of ongoing promotions to reward registered users. These can be found in their promotions tab once you have registered, but you should also receive notifications once you register either through email or push notifications on your phone (unless you have them turned off).

It is worth checking in often to make sure you take advantage of any bonuses on bets that they are offering.

Review of WynnBET AZ


The WynnBET AZ app stands out when compared to other betting apps. This may have a lot to do with the fact that their online platform is based out of the application, but in the end, it gets you a luxury application that is perfect for bettors who place most of their bets from the palm of their hand.

It is very easy to get where you want on the application, and they do a fantastic job of preventing overcrowding that would otherwise slow your experience. This means you will not have difficulty trying to access popular bets or rushing to place a bet before the event kicks off.

The only issue here is that WynnBET AZ does not offer a desktop version. We acknowledge that there are still a lot of bettors who prefer a larger screen or a user interface that is more computer-friendly, so this is worth pointing out.

The signup process

Signing up with WynnBET is no different than it is on any other platform. After downloading the application to your phone you will fill out a form with the information they need:

  • Full legal name
  • Date of birth
  • Last four digits of social security number
  • Home address
  • Phone and email

This is all standard information that any reputable sportsbook will ask of you. Once you submit the information they will work to verify your identity. If there are any issues you may be prompted to provide photo identification and proof of address, but this is also common when signing up.


WynnBET AZ is a mobile betting platform available from Wynn Interactive, a known name in the betting scene. Despite their recent appearance on the betting scene, WynnBET stands to be a mobile betting option that is both competitive and progressive.

In the short time that the app has been in operation they have branched out to include as many major sports and betting types as they can. Beyond this, WynnBET AZ has a competitive market for odds that lets them stand up there with other established online sportsbooks.

We are not only impressed by their ability to adapt to the online betting scene, we eagerly await just how they will inevitably pave the way for other mobile betting platforms.

Banking methods compatible with WynnBET AZ

WynnBET is compatible with most major banking methods, but the shortlist includes:

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • PayPal
  • Electronic bank transfer
  • Play+ card

Regardless of how you want to deposit money, WynnBET has a $20 minimum. Luckily, they do not charge any fees or scrape anything off of your deposits. The full amount of your deposit is usually available immediately.

(You can also add funds using a “cash at the cage” method, but this is nothing that is accessible in the state of Arizona.)

When withdrawing your money you have four major options:

  • PayPal
  • Play+Card
  • Online withdrawal
  • Check

If you need the funds ASAP then PayPal will be your best bet. The transfer is usually immediate, though you may be waiting up to 48 hours for the funds to hit your account. Otherwise, every other option takes about two days except for checks.

There is a $100 minimum for withdrawal via check, and you will need to wait anywhere from 3 to 7 banking days for the check to get to you.

Sports to bet on at WynnBET AZ

Despite a slow start, SynnBET now offers betting on all majors sports and even most major leagues within those sports.

Skim through to make sure your favorite sports and leagues are included.

  • Football: NFL and college football
  • Baseball: MLB
  • Hockey
  • Basketball: WNBA and NBA
  • Mixed Martial Arts: UFC
  • Soccer: MLS, EPL, and Champions League
  • Golf: PGA Tour
  • Tennis: WTA and ATP

WynnBET still has limited options beyond these, so you will not find much beyond major sports. If you want to bet on sports like darts, cricket, or rugby you might need to bolster your sportsbooks with another application.

Types of wagers at WynnBET

Just like their sports offerings, WynnBET has made it a priority to offer a strong baseline of the most popular betting types. This means that you are likely to find betting types like:

  • Moneylines
  • Point spreads
  • Over/unders (totals)
  • Prop bets
  • Future bets
  • Parlays

This wide variety of betting options is great to have in one place because you will not need to jump around to place different bets on the same event.

WynnBET is also great at ensuring the odds on these bets are competitive. You should shop around any time you have the ability to, but placing a bet on WynnBET is likely to stand in line with other sportsbooks as far as pricing goes.

Review of WynnBET AZ’s customer service

Of course, all of these features would be pointless if WynnBET had poor customer service, but they do not. They offer three different methods for contacting, ensuring that your issue can be addressed in a way that is both effective and comfortable.

If you need the problem to be handled immediately your best bet will be making a phone call or using their live chat feature. While their phone lines are only available at certain hours of the day, their chat option runs 24/7.

If you do not have the time to hold a conversation about the issue you can always send them an email so it can be addressed without you needing to remember to contact them later.

Summary of WynnBET Arizona Review

Despite their youth, WynnBET has proven to be a sound betting option for those who plan to do most of their betting on a mobile device. Their application is fantastic, and some may even consider it superior to other betting apps that are more established.

WynnBET has a great basic variety of sports and betting types that you can wager on, and their odds are in line with the competition. The biggest problem you will find is a lack of options, but that only seems to be an issue if you prefer more off-the-wall sports or types of bets.

FAQ’s About WynnBET Arizona

What operating systems does the WynnBET application run on?

WynnBET’s mobile betting application is compatible with iOS and Android operating systems.

Does WynnBET in Arizona offer customizable parlay bets?

WynnBET allows you to create your own parlays. Beyond this, you can also create teasers and round robin bets, and WynnBET will show you what the odds look like on the bet you have created.

What is a Play+ account?

Play+ provides a way to manage your bankroll that keeps your funds separate from your regular bank accounts. They are FDIC insured and reloadable. Apart from using your Play+ account to fund your WynnBET account, you can use your Play+ card anywhere Discover® is accepted.

Does WynnBET offer live betting?

Live betting is incorporated in the WynnBET menu. This means you can make your selections and place any open bets while your event is in action. Beyond this, WynnBET’s management prevents overcrowding that would otherwise inhibit your ability to bet in-game.

Does WynnBET allow early cashouts?

You can settle your bet at a given price before its conclusion on the WynnBET app on pre-match markets. You should also be able to check the current value of your bet on the bet slip, making it easy to decide whether cashing out early is a good decision.