Pointsbet Arizona

We’re pleased to review Pointsbet Arizona – a betting site complete with rewards, promotions, and features like mobile betting. Read our review to learn about all of the great features that Pointsbet offers to Arizona online sports bettors. We will also answer frequently asked questions and divulge the details.

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Pointsbet Arizona bonuses


Pointsbet’s benefits break down into a few different categories – rewards, promotional offerings, and bonuses. The main bonus is the exciting welcome bonus offering more in its sign-up offer than most sportsbooks do.

Pointsbet sign-up bonus risk-free bets up to $2,000

Pointsbet’s sign-up bonus is a key selling point for Arizona bettors looking to join a sportsbook. The sign-up bonus offers risk-free bets worth up to $2,000 in value. In addition, you get a chance at a $500 risk-free fixed odds bet and a $1,500 risk-free Pointsbetting bet.

Pointsbet AZ rewards

The next area of benefit at the Pointsbet sportsbook is the rewards section. Rewards systems are important at sportsbooks because they almost guarantee that you will keep getting benefits even after the sign-up bonus ends.

Rewards at Pointsbet are very generous, allowing you to accumulate points every time you make a bet. For example, you can get one point each per every $5 fixed odds bet, $1 parlay bet, and $1 Pointsbetting bet.

Pointsbet AZ Promo code

And of course, we couldn’t review Pointsbet without reviewing its promotional offers. Pointsbet AZ promo codes for various sports categories, as well as opportunities to cash out early on bets and boost your parlays.

Some of the main promos include risk-free single game parlays, MLB boosters, Copa America boosters, parlay insurance, refer-a-friend ($200 in free bets for both you and your friend), Pointsbet Platinum and Diamond clubs, and more.

Pointsbet AZ sportsbook app


Mobile betting is a feature most sportsbooks now offer that wasn’t offered in the past. Mobile betting apps let you do practically everything you can do on the desktop version of the site and sometimes more. For example, you can download the Pointsbet mobile betting app for your Android and iOS mobile devices.

It’s free to download and lets you check in on betting statistics, win probabilities, and more. You can make cashouts, turn on betting notifications, and make bets just as you would on the desktop version, only faster and more conveniently.

withdrawals and deposits at Pointsbet AZ


When it comes to the banking methods a sportsbook provides to customers, quantity is important. When you have more withdrawal and deposit methods available to you, you have a greater chance of moving your funds quickly and effectively.

While online banking is the recommended method of depositing and withdrawing funds at Pointsbet, you also have plenty of other options. You need to make deposits in order to make bets, so this method is the one you should pay attention to first.

You can deposit your money into your account with major credit and debit cards, the Pointsbet Mastercard, online banking (network of over 2,000 banks), e-checks, Paynearme, and Paypal.

Withdrawals are important when you start winning your bets. You can make withdrawals with online banking, Paypal, e-checks, and the Pointsbet Mastercard. However, it’s important to note that some banking methods have a limit on how much you can deposit per day or at a time. Further, some of them put limits on how much payout you can withdraw per day.

Review Pointsbet Arizona

Best features and benefits offered at Pointsbet Arizona

Pointsbetting is perhaps one of the most exciting features of the Pointsbet sportsbook. It’s a special type of betting, unlike fixed odds. As a result, your potential winnings or losses are variable until the very end of the game or match you’re betting on.

It’s higher stakes because, essentially, the more you are correct in your predictions, the more you win. On the other hand, the more wrong you are, the greater your losses are.

There are also other exciting features to take advantage of, including social media updates on live game lines and events via the Pointsbet Twitter page. Or, use the site’s quick parlay feature, which allows you to quickly build parlay bets for tennis, soccer, baseball, UFC, or table tennis events. One feature that also stands out is the booster odds hub.

Other features

  • Live betting
  • Pointsbet blog
  • Toggle between different odds displays
  • Pointsbet Mastercard

Different bets you can make with Pointsbet sportsbook AZ

Betting at Pointsbet involves many different types of bets. Below, we’ll look at the different types of bets you can make with this sportsbook and the relative sports you can make them on.

Prop bets

Prop bets do not relate to the outcome of a sports game or event. Instead, they have to do with what happens during the game – statistics, milestones, player performance, disqualifications, and more. You can make prop bets on various sports events at Pointsbet, including baseball, basketball, boxing, and more.

Some examples of prop bets include:

  • Will there be a grand slam home run in a baseball game?
  • Will there be a fourth-quarter comeback in a basketball game?
  • Which round will the boxing fight end in?
  • At what time will the first match goal happen in a soccer game?

Moneyline bets

Moneyline bets are “straight” bets, meaning they are straightforward bets predicting which team or player will win the event selected. You can place money line bets on virtually all major sports since they all have a winner at the end of the match/fight/game.

Pointsbet sets the odds for the game line, and this is what you bet on when it comes to money lines.

Over/under bets

Over/under bets are when the sportsbook sets a “total” – the predicted combined total of all the game points – that bettors must bet around. Then, you predict whether you think the total for the game will fall over or under that number.

Bettors can place over/under bets on more than just the game total; there are also over/under bets for half points totals, quarter points totals, and more.

Other bets

Other betting possibilities at Pointsbet include live bets (bets placed after the start of a game), parlays (combination bets), and futures (bets placed on the outright outcome of a series, championship, or tournament).

Pointsbet Arizona’s sports betting categories

Pointsbet also offers bettors plenty of variety for sports betting. Categories include 20 different sports, e-sports, and various betting markets for different tournaments, series, and more. In addition, you not only have access to professional sports betting markets (such as the NBA, MLB, NFL, etc.); you also have access to college betting markets, like NCAA basketball and football games.

What’s more is that sports like table tennis bring in non-domestic betting markets, including Russian teams. Or you could be betting on the Rugby Union Internationals, which bring together teams in competition all over the world. So the opportunities for bettors are truly endless at Pointsbet!

Pointsbet Arizona customer service

Pointsbet also takes customer support very seriously. On top of the extensive Support Centre page on the website, which answers many customer queries, Pointsbet offers 24/7 customer support. You can email them or use the live chat function to get in touch and resolve your issues.


Pointsbet sportsbook gives Arizona bettors the chance to take part in a generous rewards system that just keeps on giving. On top of that, the exciting features and benefits of this site are worth your time and investment.

We recommend Pointsbet to sports bettors for its variety in sports betting markets, convenient mobile and desktop features, and so much more.

FAQ’s About Pointsbet Arizona

How does the Pointsbet “name a bet” feature work?

You must name a bet at least two hours before the start of a game in an eligible sports category, and Pointsbet will price it at their own discretion.

What is the difference between the three odds display preferences?

Pointsbet allows bettors to choose between American, fractional, and decimal odds displays. The fractional odds are British, the decimal odds are European, and American odds are moneyline odds. There is no real difference other than display and no difference in payouts.

What happens if a game I bet on gets canceled?

Pointsbet’s house rules state that any bet you make on an event that doesn’t take place (or doesn’t start after you place a bet on it) will result in a void and refund of your wagers.

How does Pointsbet handle customer complaints?

If you want to file a customer complaint, you must first contact Pointsbet via live chat, where you can speak with a customer service representative. You’ll get a ticket number and transcription of the conversation to provide to a state regulator if you need to.

How does the “no rollover requirements” feature work?

The “no rollover requirements” feature is for free bets specifically. If you place a free bet, you don’t have to turn over your deposit or bonus at all when you make winnings.