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Arizona sports betting promos

Ever since betting launched in Arizona, bettors have jumped at the chance to use Arizona sports betting promos. Our guide will walk you through the best Arizona betting promos, as well as the sites that offer them and how you can get yours today.

Arizona sports betting promo codes

Bettors might be used to getting offers for sign-up promos on AZ sportsbooks, but what about once you’re already signed up? Arizona sports betting promo codes are the ongoing offers you’ll want to take advantage of once you’re registered and ready to bet on a licensed site.

Our guide homes in on BetMGM, Caesars, DraftKings, and FanDuel Arizona sports betting promo codes sites to give you up-to-date offers today.

Compare AZ sports betting promo codes

If you’re not sure which promos are the most popular, our next section will get you familiar with the top AZ sports betting promo codes. We even include specific by-sport and event sections with clear lists of promo codes you can use to bet on your favorite pro team.

Left with questions? Be sure to check out our Arizona sports betting promos FAQs at the end to top it all off.

Top Arizona sportsbook promotions


When looking for Arizona sportsbook promotions, be sure you’re betting on a licensed Arizona sportsbook promo operator. This ensures your money and information move safely and securely, also offering optimal customer service.

This type of betting site includes BetMGM, Caesars, DraftKings, and FanDuel Arizona. Let’s check out each of their current offers for those in the Copper State.

BetMGM Arizona sportsbook promotions

BetMGM offers superb customer service with a stable betting platform across states. Bettors can enjoy an “Edit My Bet” feature, early cash-out, live streaming, a give-$50-get-$50 referral program, and a $10 free bet every week if you opt into their Money Monday Club and wager weekly.

Caesars Arizona promos

Caesars Entertainment has launched with its Arizona sports betting promos with a ton of options. All bettors can connect their betting account with a Caesars Rewards account. It’s also offering AZ users a Friday Double special, doubling your stake if your team wins across sports types, as well as an over/under bet option with $1 won for every point scored.

DraftKings Arizona promos offers

With millions of users across the U.S., DraftKings keeps its promos up-to-date and evolving. Recent specials they’ve offered include $100 in free bets for any $1 moneyline wager. If you’re looking for a new account, their welcome offer is a $50 free bet and a 20% promo on your first deposit of up to $1,000.

FanDuel Arizona promo codes

FanDuel offers promos on both regular and fantasy sports betting. Some of their most common Arizona sports betting promos include free bets and odds boosts across markets. FanDuel users are all automatically enrolled in the FanDuel Points (FDP) rewards program which gives special rewards for each FanDuel Point you acquire.

Best sports for AZ sports betting promos


Whether you’re painting your face cardinal-red or waving a coyote jersey in the air, there’s plenty of sports to choose from when using AZ sports betting promos.

Arizona Cardinals promos

While betting on the Arizona Cardinals, you’ll be able to choose them as your favorite team on your BetMGM account to receive tailored bets based on your selection. BetMGM and the Cardinals have even established a unique partnership.

Bettors can also place an NFL prop bet on which Cardinals player will score the first touchdown and they’ll receive up to $25 in free bets if they lose.

Caesars sportsbook in Arizona is also offering a $10 extra payout every time the Cardinals score, and $1,000 in free bets if you wager and win on 8 or more Sunday NFL games.

Arizona Diamondbacks promo codes

FanDuel is offering Diamondback fans a risk-free same game parlay for MLB. If you place a 3+ leg same game parlay on the Diamondbacks upcoming game and your bet loses, you’ll receive a refund of up to $10.

FanDuel also offers entries into their Single-Entry Series when you place a bet on the Diamondbacks, and each entry includes participation in weekly contests and a chance for a seat in the $40,000 online final.

Phoenix Suns promo offers

Suns fans can enjoy 50% profit boosts on certain college basketball games and risk-free same game parlays up to $25 on the Arizona Caesars betting site. It is also offering a $30 free bet on any $10+ NBA one-game parlay bet.

BetMGM is offering a Returned Stake of up to $25 if your first-basket scorer bet loses.

If you’re looking for a new betting site with more Phoenix Suns offers, a new account on DraftKings will get you a 100-1 odds boost on a Phoenix Suns game bet – so long as one team scores, you could win up to 100x your wager.

Arizona Coyotes promos

Some Arizona sports betting promos that are commonly offered while betting on the Coyotes include profit boosts, free live bets when you place a live bet, and NHL overtime insurance where you can get your stake back up to $25 if the Coyotes lose in overtime.

You’ll also find odds boosts and reduced juice on some betting sites during hockey season.

Best Arizona sports betting promos for events


We’ve listed the top events to watch, bet on, and find best Arizona sports betting promos for down below.


  • Super Bowl
  • NCAA playoffs
  • NFL Draft
  • NFL opening weekend


  • March Madness
  • NBA Finals
  • NBA All-Star Game
  • Big 3


  • World Series
  • Korean Series
  • College World Series
  • MLB All-Star Game


  • NHL Winter Classic
  • Stanley Cup Finals


  • FIFA World Cup (soccer)
  • UEFA Champions League (soccer)
  • The Masters (golf)
  • The Open (golf)
  • Wimbledon (tennis)
  • US Open (tennis)
  • Ultimate Fighting Championship – UFC (MMA)
  • Triple Crown (horse racing)
  • Daytona 500 (motorsports)

How to use your AZ sports betting promo


Experienced bettors are always scanning their sites for new Arizona sports betting promos to enjoy. Here are the steps to follow to find and use your Arizona sports betting promo code today.

1. Choose your Arizona sports promos

Just because a promo sounds good, doesn’t mean you should automatically opt-in and use it. If you hate basketball and don’t know a three-pointer from a lay-up, we don’t advise you to wager on the reduced juice promo for the upcoming NCAA game.

Choosing your sport creates your betting niche, and that is how you gain the experience to become a better bettor. Don’t be the jack-of-all-bets, be the master of one market (or two) and win big.

2. Find Arizona sports promos

If you have a betting account, check the Arizona sports promos page on it often to find offers around your preferred Arizona sports promos offers.

You can also find them through a quick Google search on affiliated blogs and websites. If you find the promo off of your betting site, make sure to write down the Arizona sports betting promo code for later.

If you already have an account on the betting site where your promo is offered, skip to step #4.

3. Create your account for AZ online betting promos

To create your new betting site account, you’ll need to be 21 years or older. Using your accessible email address and phone number, go through the steps to create a new account on your AZ site. Make sure to only register on licensed betting sites, such as the ones we mentioned above.

All sites will ask for a government-issued ID to verify your age and identity, so be sure to have that handy. You’ll also need to connect a deposit method to fund your account, such as your bank account, e-wallet, or credit/debit card.

4. Enter your code Arizona sports betting promo code

If the Arizona sports betting promo was offered on your site, head to their promos page and opt-in for the bonus.

If you found the promo through another website, head to the deposits page of your site and enter the Arizona sports betting promo code under the “promos” section of the page.

AZ sports betting promos FAQs

Which AZ betting sites offer the best promos?

We’ve heard your questions about Arizona sports betting promos and we’ve got the answers here.

What is a reduced juice promo?

Our top Arizona sports betting promos are found on the DraftKings, Caesars, BetMGM, and FanDuel betting sites. These are licensed and reputable sites with offers that are constantly evolving and catered to their users.

What promos are available for betting on the AZ Cardinals?

Juice is the fee charged by betting sites to use their services. Another word for juice is vig/vigorish. Every bet you place is charged a juice, which is included in the odds. Reduced juice promos get your odds close to +100, allowing you to bet less to win more.

Which Arizona sports betting promos are best?

Arizona football fans can take advantage of a $10 extra payout every time the Cardinals score, and $1,000 in free bets if you wager and win on 8 or more Sunday NFL games. Those promos are found on Caesars sportsbook, but you’ll find enhanced odds and other prop bet specials on sites like BetMGM and DraftKings too.

Can i use a AZ betting promo code for an existing deposit?

The most popular Arizona sports betting promos include reduced juice, refer-a-friend, VIP/Loyalty Club, and boosted odds promos.

How do I use an Arizona sportsbook promo?

Yes you can, make sure to read the terms and conditions for how it is applied.